The 21st & 22nd; They stab me in the earlobe.

June 23, 2016 — 2 Comments

The 21st of June. 

Woke up in vast amounts of pain because I appear to have pulled a muscle in my back in the night. Just to really help matters. I was up for about an hour before Mommy and Daddy left, and since then I have moved very little.

Jen came round to pick up the kitten adoption forms and money, but she is also full of germs so did not stay. I did a post, then have spent what remained of the day crocheting. Not the blanket (I think that stitch I was doing contributed to the hand cramp), so I thought I’d go back to that doll I had been doing. I was working on the pyjama set and teddy bear, and decided to finish the teddy first. Unfortunately, I nearly got to the end of the head when I ran out of wool. Most frustrating. I started on the pyjamas, and did one leg before the postman came with more wool! I’m doing a manatee called Orlando to send to Emily, my American friend who sent me the big box of goodies. 

Once again, my afternoon has involved sitting in my armchair, watching Parks and Rec, and crocheting. I’ve been texting Christine because she still feels terrible so we have been commiserating with each other. I also had a phone call from Elaine about my scan results, and apparently the coil is in the right place, so I suppose I just have to wait and see how things go. 

I’m ordering Domino’s for dinner. 

The 22nd of June. 

I have been outside today, although to be honest I didn’t really have a choice. Oxygen clinic. We bumped into some unexpected people though, so that was a plus. First, we saw Ram, my haematology consultant, who appeared to be leaving the hospital, sporting an eye patch like the ones you see people wearing after cataract surgery. He saw us so we said hello, but he would only say he’d had some “emergency treatment” and was going home, not over the road to do his clinic. Very mysterious. Then who should we see but nurses Kirsty and Philippa from liver clinic! Philippa has returned from maternity leave, so she showed me pictures of her baby, and I showed her some of the kittens. We talked about seeing all the team on tv (Philippa works at BCH as well), then I really had to go as it was time for my appointment. 

I got called in quickly, and we weren’t there long. I just had to chat to a nurse about my oxygen usage, and they stab me in the earlobe (good blood supply there) to check the oxygen levels in my blood. They have gone up from 9.6 to 10.6 (ish) and apparently that is significant so hooray! That was all, then we went over to haematology clinic to ask about my back x-ray but it still hasn’t been reported on so more emails will be sent. SIGH.

We went home via the Bullring so I could look for some pyjama shorts that weren’t super short (you wouldn’t think it would be too difficult but you’d be wrong) and replenish my stock of facewipes. 

This afternoon, I have watched the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (!!!) and finished crocheting Orlando the Manatee. He is adorable. 

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    Hi Kathryn. I’m Bobby D. Came across your selfies a few days ago and started learning more about you. So… I work in healthcare advertising and education with a special focus in oncology. My colleagues and I are constantly amazed when we come across individuals like you. Your willingness to fight, and to put it all out there – we wish we had your courage. Please us know where how and where to donate to your cause. Keep being!!! Best!!! Bobby D!!!

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