The 1st & 2nd; Let the relaxing commence.

July 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 1st of July. 

July already! It has felt like it occasionally today, and hopefully the weather forecast stays good for Hallfield Day tomorrow!

Today has not entirely gone to plan. I was expecting Shaki sometime around nine with the larger carrier for us to take the kittens to the vet in later. However, she had to go elsewhere, but she had seen Jen at the vet and had given it to her to bring round. So all morning, I put off getting in the shower and shaving my legs pre-holiday, waiting for her to come. After lunch, it really couldn’t wait any longer, so I went upstairs and hoped she’d materialise while I was in the shower. 

Once I was done, she still hadn’t been, and it was half past two, so I called Shaki to see if she knew what was going on. She then rang Jen and went by her house, but she wasn’t in, so she was going to come here at half three with a different carrier and we’d go together. However, Jen arrived shortly after, so I let Shaki know, and we herded all five kittens into the carrier (tempted them in with food). 

Had a great time at the vet; met a Labrador called Mabel, a big orange Oscar lookalike called Ferret, a little puffy dog and a TINY PUPPY. I had to control myself and not get too excited. I think it was a spaniel? Super cute. The kittens were all fairly well-behaved with Rory the vet, then we gave them to Shaki, and she took them plus two ferals from this morning home with her. 

The 2nd of July. 

Another day that has not really gone as expected. No problem though. On holiday now – hooray!

I got up at eight (earlier than usual) so I had plenty of time to get all my things ready for holiday. I had a list, because otherwise I would definitely forget things. I have previously forgotten to take pyjamas so lists are important. This time I’ve missed spare eye ointment. I won’t necessarily need it but it’s better to have extra. Ergh. 

I was as ready as I could be by twelve, so I ate a toasted teacake (I needed something to keep me going until we stopped at the Gloucester services for lunch), and Daddy took me to Hallfield Day. My arrival coincided with a very heavy rain shower, so I stayed in the marquee where I saw Mark Velangi! He is my haematology consultant from BCH whose children go to Hallfield, and I finally got to meet his daughter who is a delight. She’s also best friends with the daughter of Shiva, who is on the OHS committee. The rain came and went, and I spent my time talking to Mark and his family, Old Hallfieldians, and people with dogs – they had dog agility going on so I got to pet the nice ones and stayed away from the scary barky ones. 

Mommy and Daddy picked me up at three, but they wanted to talk to Mark so we started for another half an hour, gassing away until we really needed to leave. Four hours later, after a stop for lunch and a fight with the garage of the property, we are here! Let the relaxing commence. 

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