The 5th & 6th; It has been a beautiful day.

July 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 5th of July. 

You know it’s been too long since you used your camera when it’s being uncooperative and you can’t remember how to fix it. It might actually be the lens. I don’t know! 

It has been a beautiful day. I was supposed to have a chat with Cassie from Anthony Nolan about the parliamentary reception next week, but then I got a message saying she was poorly so would have to reschedule. The place I was planning on having brunch at was closed to have air con installed, so I had breakfast at home and we watched last night’s Sewing Bee final, which we were delighted with the winner of. 

Mommy, Daddy and Christine went on a trip to some sort of abbey/castle in which I had no interest, so they left and I went out on my own. First stop was Coffee#1 for lunch, where I had a reuben toastie and a St. Clements while I read Animal. I also made friends with a baby who was very squidgy. 

Last night, on the way back from dinner, we went past a gelato shop which I decided to go and investigate today. I purchased a tub of two scoops; one salted caramel gelato, one chocolate orange sorbet. I took it down to the harbour where I watched people and their dogs while I ate. I ended up having a chat with two ladies who wanted to compare paleness with me, and we concluded that we were the same. 

I then went on a bimble up to the beach so I could see the sand and the sea, where I took some photos and saw a lot of small dogs. Then I went to Boots where I was finally able to get my Lacrilube, and now I am home again, watching tennis and wanting to have a nap. 

The 6th of July. 

Not so warm today. Probably a good thing because it became apparent yesterday evening that I had burnt my right arm and the top of my left shoulder. This is incredibly rare. I have not changed colour in years. I assumed from all the UV in my blood, I could now repel it from within. 

I couldn’t go for my brunch today because we had lunch plans, so this morning I stayed in and Christine and I watched the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. More insanity in Rosewood. 

Lunch was at The Crab House Café in Wyke Regis. Pretty much all the seafood you could want. Service was excellent – super speedy. I started with fish fritters which were secretly spicy so I only got through half before having to swap the rest for some crab from other people’s plates. Then I had ling with salt beef and sea purslane cream which was delicious and not spicy so I could eat it all. Ling is an excellent fish because you can spear it with a fork and it doesn’t fall apart which is most pleasing. 

We decided not to have dessert because I had recommended the gelato place, so we had coffee then went on our merry way. Today I had pink lemonade and chocolate orange sorbets and we ate at the harbour again, watching all the boats and dogs. By this time, everybody without a cardigan was getting chilly from the wind, so we returned to our abode where we’re watching Murray vs. Tsonga and I do not like it at all. 

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