The 7th & 8th; Made by gods.

July 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 7th of July. 

Finally got to have my pancakes! Balcony mapley goodness. Mommy, Daddy and Christine came with me, but they just had smoothies and coffee because they are boring/had already had breakfast. When we came out, it was trying to rain so we darted into M&S so Christine could pick up some lunch to eat on the train as she went home today. We then returned home with a stop for coffee because I hadn’t had any yet, and that has been my only trip out today. 

I figured I should capitalise on the less-than-ideal weather and work out what I am going to say at my next Anthony Nolan talk. Not the parliament one; I don’t need to give any speeches there, just chat to people, but on Thursday I’m talking to 250 Anthony Nolan staff about my transplant “journey” and patient outcomes. What I’ve said before won’t quite work so I need to rejig it slightly. 

Mommy went back out to buy presents for people, but also came back with a milkshake for me made from chocolate and espresso gelato. It tasted like it was made by gods. So, so good. 

And that is all. Outside my bubble, everything is terrible. Black men are being murdered by police officers in the US, and our next Prime Minister will be Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom, both equally dreadful human beings who will do nothing to improve the lives of vulnerable people. 

The 8th of July. 

Last full day here. This time tomorrow I will be nearly back in my own house (or even already there, depending on how long we spend at the Dorset Seafood Festival before we leave).

Really bad sleep last night, because next door were having some sort of loud musical shindig which kept me awake. I am so glad we don’t live in a terraced house; the noise from neighbours is constant during the day. It would drive me insane. 

I spent the morning in the house, typing up a blog post which I have yet to add the photos to because the WiFi here will take forever to upload them all. Then I had to wait for my parents to return from a bimble so someone could apply suncream to my back before I could go out to get my lunch. Very warm (when not windy) today and I didn’t want to get caught out again. 

I went to Coffee#1 first, but they didn’t have any sandwiches that looked appealing. However, I’d already kind of settled in and didn’t really feel like I could just leave, so I had a flat white and read a chapter of my book. After what I deemed an acceptable amount of time, I left and thought I’d just go to McDonald’s, so I had McNuggets and fries because I am a child. 

When I finished, I went to have a last trundle down the seafront, but getting there was such a slog, I seemed to choose the most inaccessible route possible. When I finally got there, I got to see some donkeys and an enormous amount of puffy dogs, which were most fun, but I had grown tired of the wind, so returned to the house where I must now pack. 

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