The 6th & 7th; No side effects but no relief yet either.

August 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 6th of August. 

Day 1 of oxycontin. No side effects but no relief yet either. I’ve started on 10mg twice a day with scope to adjust it as I see fit. I have oxynorm too, and I’m just hoping between them, I might start feeling better.

I had a much, much better night. All sleep, no vomiting. This morning I watched the Olympic opening ceremony while I blogged and read the paper. I got suddenly, surprisingly emotional at the part with the Olympic Laurel, and the lone girl running down the aisle with her dove kite. I don’t know why; I’ll blame tiredness. I think the games will probably take over our lives again. I loved London; 2012 was a really excellent year and it was so different to how I saw Beijing, which was being trapped in an HDU cubicle, having just had my second transplant. I remember very little. 

This week’s Saturday cinema trip was Jason Bourne. I enjoyed it for what it was – mainly fighting. Fighting and running. And car chases. There is one in Vegas which is too long – you could easily have a nap in the middle. I very much enjoyed Alicia Vikander’s fashion; she has a grey jumper and a grey coat that I am coveting. I live for good knitwear, even when it’s boiling hot. Roasting outside, yet in the house I need a cardigan. 

The kittens are being mental tonight. The heat has sent them bananas. 

The 7th of August. 

I’m really hoping that the upsetting dreams I had last night were just my brain being weird and nothing to do with the new painkillers. One involved our garden being full of cats but not in a fun way, in an ominous, scary way and the other one was about a man in our house who was made of bags of skin. We’ll soon find out. 

I have had a very quiet day. Sunday Brunch this morning, painting my nails and sorting out the care package that will be posted tomorrow (well, that’s the plan). I just need to choose a book to put in, then pack it with tissue paper before it is all taped up. 

After lunch, I finished season 4 of Fringe while I weaved in the ends of the small blanket I made weeks ago. It’s meant to be for a kitten but I like it so much, it’s going to have to be a very special one. I have been deleting more photos from my phone and coming across lots of Nick and Neve. They were so cute and funny. I wonder how they are now. Hopefully they have learned how to behave with water; they were forever splashing it everywhere, making loads of mess. 

Mommy was in with ours this afternoon, trying to get them used to her because they’re still not big fans. I’m not sure how well that went when she spent a lot of time shouting at the women’s rugby sevens team – Christine does training with two of them so we’re rather invested in their victory. Nothing quite riles my mum up like sport.

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