The 18th & 19th; I have done things!

August 20, 2016 — 5 Comments

The 18th of August. 

I finished the book last night, and I’ve just started Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin. I didn’t know the main character’s last name was Cartwright. Always a tiny bit weird when that happens. I also finished the blanket this morning! I was going to shower first thing, but the boiler man was coming to clean it (the boiler, not the shower) or something so I thought I’d wait until he’d been. To pass the time, I wrote a post, then got on with the end of the blanket. By the time he left, I was so close to the end, I figured I might as well finish, and I’d get in the shower after lunch. 

This afternoon, we baked some chocolate chip and sea salt cookies and a marmalade traybake because we had no cake left in the house and that just won’t do. While they cooked, I worked on a jumper I’ve started, and have just begun my new book. 

That’s all! Tomorrow will be longer; actual things are going to happen. 

The 19th of August. 

I have done things! Too many things, some might say. More about that later. 

Had an early start because Daddy was taking me to Worcester for an Anthony Nolan thing. I had to go to the head offices of one of our corporate partners, Parkwood Leisure, to officially receive a cheque and have some photos taken, say some words. They had a big cricket match, followed by a quiz and an auction which raised £2450, and they’re nearly halfway to their target of £25,000 which is great. I was presented with the cheque, we posed for the photos in which I may have had lipstick on my teeth, then I said a thank you and talked a little bit about where the money goes, and that was it!

This afternoon was fairly quiet, then Christine came home and got to meet the kittens. They were all very sedate and allowed her to pet them; well, Nova and Nola did, Nadia wasn’t having any of it. They are not sedate now. They are mental. 

Tonight, we went out for dinner at Cau. We’d said we’d go back there with Christine so to do it now to celebrate my diagnosis anniversary seemed the perfect opportunity. Started just with bread which I covered in spicy butter to my regret, then I had tapa de cuadril, which is very thinly sliced, flash grilled steak and it was really good – I would recommend. In-between courses, I had a phone call to talk about a potential adopter for one of the cats who wanted to view them this evening. When I told her I couldn’t because I was out for dinner with my family, she said “You know Kathryn, you do live quite a life for someone who…” and then quickly changed the subject. 

Who what? Is disabled? How dare I go outside and eat food with other people? Why am I not sitting at home all the time being ill? Man, if she only knew some of the other things I do, it would blow her fucking mind. 

ANYWAY. Then I had some churros for pudding and they were excellent so I am happy. 

5 responses to The 18th & 19th; I have done things!


    Dear Kathryn

    I think that that lady’s comments are disgusting! You are truly an inspiration and have every right to live a good life. After all that you have been through, at such a young age, you are certainly making the best of your life. I lost my husband to leukaemia some months ago, so I know how hard your battle has been, people don’t have a clue! You carry on enjoying your life and campaigning for Anthony Nolan and winning your health battle!

    My very best wishes and love to you and your wonderful family.

    Anne (Bingham) xxx


      If she had finished her sentence I would have given her both barrels but as it stands, I’ll let out go. Thank you, and I’m sorry about your husband, I can only imagine how that must feel xxx


        Thank you, Kathryn. My husband was a lot older than you and, sadly, his age was against him. He had a transplant but died from complications. He had the best care at Manchester Royal and a wonderful consultant. Life is not fair and we don’t ask for the cards we are dealt, as you know only too well! We just have to try to count our blessings.

        On a different topic, I share your love of cats! I’m not on Twitter/Facebook but may join, so I can upload some pics of my “Three Mouseketeers!” They would make you laugh!

        My best wishes. You keep battling on, it will get better.

        Love from

        Anne and cats xxx


    Did you wear your lovely new dress for the Anthony Nolan thing? I think it must deserve an outing 😉

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