The 22nd & 23rd; Such a life of glamour I lead.

August 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 22nd of August. 

It feels weird not having any sport on tv now the Olympics are over. I watched the closing ceremony this morning and Tokyo looks like it’ll be great fun. I do hope I’m still alive in 2020 to see it. I realise that’s not a normal thing to think but it’s something that concerns me. 

Another thing that concerns me is the Paralympics still to come in Rio. They’ve got no money, are dismantling stadia and cutting things like transport which disabled athletes obviously actually need more of. There were hundreds of empty seats already – I can only see it being much worse for the paras. 

I have finished crocheting the front (or back) of the jumper and am about halfway through the other side. I am so very productive. 

The 23rd of August. 

Well it’s been another very productive day – crocheting interspersed with going to see if Nova had been sick or done a poo. Last night she was sick twice after I gave them new food and didn’t seem able to do a poo, no matter how many times she tried (I know you come here for this kind of information). So today I had to keep going in and somebody has used the litter tray but it’s a mystery as to who. Will have to watch them tonight and see what happens. Such a life of glamour I lead. 

Mommy took Grandma to see Prof. Clarke (her Parkinsons consultant) who asked how I was, and when Mommy explained about my back and mentioned Mr. Harland, he got quite excited and said he is “the best” and he’d want him to operate on his spine of that were necessary. Everyone is so positive about this chap! Now if I can just see him asap. His popularity makes me suspect his list is quite long though. Sigh. 

When not checking for kitten poo, I have been crocheting and watching the two Big Fat Quizzes that have been recently broadcast. Finished the front and back and stitched them together, so now I just have to do the sleeves and then all the final tidying bits. I shall have myself a jumper!

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