The 5th & 6th; It’s agonising.

September 7, 2016 — 2 Comments

The 5th of September. 

All the sitting at the table yesterday was a very poor decision. Getting out of bed this morning was excruciating, and it has only got worse as the day’s gone on. I am supposed to be at an Old Hallfieldians meeting tonight but I can barely walk so I’ve had to email my apologies. Every movement has to be carefully considered. 

I was up early for Shaki to arrive with Rufus. He is teeny-weeny! Mainly black with some white bits on his face and feet. He has smelled my hand and not hissed, but he has resolutely stayed hiding in a box all day, only emerging to eat in secret. I keep going in to say hi and see if he wants to say hello but he just sits very still and stares at me. Sigh. 

So, not moving much means crocheting. I think I’ve finished the blanket I’ve been doing, but now I look at it, I’m not sure it’s wide enough. The chevrons make it wrinkle up, so I need to squish it under some heavy books and see how I feel then. If I need to, I can unravel it all because I haven’t cut any ends. 

I have to get up early tomorrow too because Radio WM called and want to talk about Harry Potter again. I don’t really understand why but whatever, I’m available. Quarter past seven. 

The 6th of September. 

I didn’t think it was possible but today my back has actually been worse. Like when I take a step I can feel the force of my foot on the ground shooting up into my back and it’s agonising. We finally got through to Mr. Harland’s secretary and she couldn’t even find me on a waiting list for an appointment with him. This was very disheartening news. We decided to speak to Trine and see what she thought/recommended. She really didn’t like the sound of my appointment not even existing yet, and she knows everything that’s been happening, so she’s making a referral to him privately for me today. It’s going to cost some money but honestly this is intolerable and we at least need to know what’s going to happen and he might be able to do something about the pain until the matter is resolved. Really hoping his private secretary rings very soon. 

I’ve moved very little again, just occasionally going to see Rufus. He mews a lot but doesn’t want to be stroked so I say hello and sit for a while before leaving again. Think we’ll let him out tomorrow to explore the room a bit more. 

Oh and my early radio thing was fine. I was awake because I had a terrible night – every time I turned over, I felt this violent pain in my back. I thought I’d check out these Pottermore ebooks that were mentioned yesterday and it was a good thing I did because that was the main topic. Five minutes of chat and I was done. 

2 responses to The 5th & 6th; It’s agonising.


    Hoping you get that appointment and not too long to wait.


    Such a cute kitty! I’m sorry to hear about the terrible pain in your back – I hope that you can get some relief.

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