The 17th & 18th; My fingers feeling like icicles.

September 19, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 17th of September. 

And we are back to it being freezing. I do like getting to wear fluffy, snuggly jumpers but if we could have that kind of season without my fingers feeling like icicles that that would be great. The thermal bed socks will be coming out very soon I think. 

No sitting in front of the computer today – I had a better night, spent my morning with the weekend Guardian and enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t having to plug my phone in after using it for ten minutes. 

I had another one of my rainbow bagels for lunch because apparently the bakery man at M&S hadn’t made any pretzels today, then spent my afternoon waiting for Shaki to appear so she could give me Rufus’ paperwork and trim his pointy, pointy claws. She finally turned up an hour and a half late and it seemed the text she’d sent didn’t arrive, and Rufus was friendly enough but we couldn’t get hold of him. Still not a fan of being picked up which just means I have to do it more, to get him used to it. More injuries ahead!

The 18th of September. 

Last night I was so cold I had my duvet, blanket and dressing gown on. And my electric blanket to begin with. I’ve already got my full-length pyjama bottoms on, I think the long sleeves are going to have to come out too. Even the towel rail thinks it’s cold enough to try and warm up. 

This morning was Sunday Brunch and looking at Christmas crochet patterns. Got to decide on what I’m making people for presents (plus some other cute things), and I got an email about a sale, so some wool for gifts is on its way! I have two planned – working out what to make Mommy is hard because I have to be able to do it in secret. It’s fine. I have time. 

This afternoon, I watched several episodes of my new favourite show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Rebecca Bunch is my spirit animal), and I designed myself a business card. I keep meeting people at things and not having anything to give them but soon that will no longer be a problem!

Hoping Rufus has eaten all his lunch. He is such a finicky eater. Nobody is interested in him! Poor kitty. 

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