The 23rd & 24th; It’s only taken three days.

September 25, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 23rd of September. 

I can move much better today. Not completely normally, but much improved. It’s only taken three days to recover. 

This morning I was not in a great mood, I think because I had a terrifying dream about Voldemort. Never found him scary but obviously my brain came up with something. I wrote up a blog post and booked tickets for Daddy and I to go and see The Magnificent Seven this afternoon, then crocheted two squares of the patchwork blanket I’m making. 

After lunch, we went to the cinema. It was not the best trip. In WHSmiths, I went to buy some chocolate buttons to eat during the film. However, there were none to be seen. I asked the man at the counter, who had to go in the back to find some, and this was fine, if time-consuming. I became irked when we had to phone someone to accompany us in the lift because it seems the public can’t use them alone. Then the machine wouldn’t let me pick up our tickets and we had to go to a counter. In front of us were an old couple having a very long discussion with the man serving, and I eventually gleaned that they were buying tickets for a screening on the 27th of November. They were taking forever and I sat behind them doing passive-aggressive sighs until they were done. Finally we got our tickets and went into the screen, where the only other two people there were sitting right behind us. When the film started, they were still talking, so I turned around and stared at them until they shut up. 

The film itself is great fun. A good old-fashioned, rootin’-tootin’, sharp-shootin’ Western. Denzel Washington does some fancy horse riding, and I greatly enjoyed Martin Sensmeier’s cheekbones. If it’s your kind of thing, I recommend it. 

The 24th of September. 

Waiting for a potential adopter to come and see Rufus. She said “after 5pm” and it’s nearly twenty five past six. She just phoned and said she’ll be 15-20 minutes. I hope she makes a better impression in person because currently I’m annoyed that I’ll probably miss Ed Balls dancing. 

I spent my morning in my very cosy new pyjamas – I got them in the 40% off sale in Gap and they are so soft; I am as snug as a bug in soft pyjamas. Read the paper and did appallingly at the puzzles while waiting for the result of the Labour leadership election. Delighted that Jeremy won, as expected. I voted for him, as did everyone else I know, but that usually means I’m wrapped in a bubble that isn’t reflective of the electorate. Not so, this time!

This afternoon I crocheted some more squares, and redesigned my blog (as you may have noticed). The colour scheme is the same as that of my business card. Now I’m sat waiting for this lady to arrive with her five year old who’s just been at a birthday party. 

*time passes*

Well, they’ve just left and it went surprisingly well! Rufus hid at first, but he came out and happily smelled their hands and played with them. They seem to be pretty keen, so I await confirmation. And I haven’t missed Ed Balls!

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