The 29th & 30th; Cinnabons in my immediate vicinity!

October 1, 2016 — 3 Comments

The 29th of September. 

Oh dear I am so very tired. Had to get up super early this morning because Rufus was being adopted at half past nine. I filled in the paperwork before Junisha arrived, so we could just finish it off before going to try to get Rufus into the carrier. He was surprisingly amenable – I was able to pick him up and pop him in without much of a struggle! He is not going to be happy tonight but he’ll get used to his new home quickly, I am sure. 

For the rest of the morning, I wrote about yesterday, then put all that on my blog. Plus a little bit of crocheting before lunch. 

After eating, I went to the gym. Vlad was going to do some core stuff with me, but I wanted to get through my usual routine before that. I didn’t see many familiar faces, but I did see a new chap who kind of looks like a six foot toddler, like his body isn’t ready to be that tall. Vlad essentially just did planks with me, front and side, and the bridge. I was pretty impressed with myself being able to do a standard plank for 1 minute 43 seconds – going to try to get that up to 2 minutes. At the end I made it quite clear that I don’t want a trainer right now, so I think I’ll be able to get on by myself now. 

So sleepy. 

The 30th of September. 

Oh my god my ribcage hurts. That normally only happens when I have a terrible cough; what the fuck did Vlad have me do yesterday that has caused this pain? So glad I am not actually going to be training with him because I do not want to spend money to become this stiff and sore. 

This morning, Jen came round to pick up the kitten paperwork, and I did some work on the crocheted gift I am doing. Mommy and Daddy were in and out, going to Sutton, the GP, the pharmacy…so busy! I just got to watch the new neighbours moving in next door. I refrained from going and introducing myself (although I will soon – they have a one year old and I want to squidge him). 

This afternoon, I went into Sutton with Daddy. He had an eye test at 2, and if he was done in time, we were going to go to the cinema at 3. While he was at Specsavers, I went to get some chocolate buttons to eat during the film (yes they are my snack of choice), but incredibly, none of the shops had the ones I wanted. I had to go and meet Mommy so she could hand over Daddy’s tablets that he’d forgotten to bring, then I went up to Under Pressure where I got a flat white and a cinnabon. I tried not to show my excitement but I can’t lie; this has improved life greatly. Cinnabons in my immediate vicinity!

Daddy had to get new lenses, so by the time he’d had all his measurements done and got back to the car, there wasn’t time to go to the cinema. Not a totally wasted trip though. Cinnabons!

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    What exactly is a Cinnabon please?

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