The 3rd & 4th; She is perfect.

October 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 3rd of October. 

Ugh. There has been a cloud over today as I found out last night that a woman I had become friends with over Twitter who had recently had a transplant, Amber Fox, has died. I knew she had pneumonia, but I really thought she’d pull through. It’s a feeling of disappointment I know far too well, but it never gets any easier. 

So this morning I just ambled around, feeling generally shit about the world and this fucking disease that just never seems to be diminished by the fight back. I wrote up the very long blog post about Christine’s birthday weekend, and made myself a cheese toastie for lunch. 

After lunch, I pretty much sat and worked on the crocheted present constantly. Nearly done. It will be very cute. Although I had to redo one part because I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t read the instructions properly. 

The lady from the new family next door came round with baby George to give us their phone numbers in case we ever see a burglar or something, and we gave them the keys Joan had given us. George is cute but he was grumbly because he is a bit poorly so I did not squidge him today. 

Shaki phoned to ask if I could take a kitten for a few days, so she’s bringing this five week old one round at some point this evening. It’s going to be so small!

The 4th of October. 

Shaki did not appear last night because her evening turned into a total disaster, so we had kitten delivery at ten o’clock this morning. Oh my god she is perfect. Her name is Olivia and she is so small and cute and soft! I could just look at her for hours. It’s such a shame we only get to have her for a few days while Shaki’s away. 

This afternoon I’ve been back at the gym and Vlad actually left me alone! Nice to not have to stop what I’m doing to have a conversation I don’t want to have. I didn’t see anyone who irritates me, and was even gently amused by the enormous toddler wearing cycling shorts under his normal shorts. What is it with guys at the gym who like to pull up their shorts so you can see their entire thigh? Not necessary, thank you. 

Upon getting home, I went straight back to the kitty. Looks like she will need lots of company because right now she is climbing the bars of the cage and doing tiny sad mews because she wants to escape. We can’t let her roam around too freely because she’s so small, she could get stuck anywhere.  

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