The 7th & 8th; We just bought lots of cake.

October 9, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 7th of October. 

Made some progress with kittens. I have been able to pet three of them, plus Amy who is pretty amenable. Jen came this morning to pick up the cat carriers, and she was pleased to hear that I concurred with her evaluation of them. Not very sociable. 

I wrote up a blog post, and sat with the kittens a bit. Amy had to be tempted out from behind the curtains with a treat, but once out she let me give her head a scratch and even purred a bit, but she will only allow it for so long before she changes her mind. Fickle cat. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see The Girl On The Train. We saw some good trailers – some for films I want to see, like The Accountant and Passengers, and some films I think look good but do not want to see because I think I will cry a lot, like The Light Between Oceans. Emily Blunt is excellent as Rachel, and although they changed the story a little bit, I think it was still true to the book. Fans will not be disappointed. 

Having got home, I’ve been able to pick up and stroke Archie, the ginger one who looks like baby Oscar. I had to, because he’d pulled apart a toy and was trying to eat a bit of string. We do not want that. Thankfully I got to him before he’d swallowed any. Bloody kittens, trying to give me a heart attack. 

The 8th of October. 

It’s been a good day. This can be determined by the fact that our cake box is full enough to keep me going for several days. 

This morning was kitten feeding (it’s a lot easier to feed this five than the last lot because they have no interest in escaping from the cage) and newspaper reading. We went out at half eleven into town to visit the new Brum Yum Yum site, essentially just to see the guys from Bake. The yard it was in isn’t great for wheelchairs, but thankfully it was quite small so I stood and walked around. The only savoury options were chips or spicy stuff, so we just bought lots of cake. I commiserated with the chaps over the death of Mr. Jones, their cat, and told them about our current lot. I bought (deep breath) a Brooklyn Blackout Cookie Sandwich, a Pumpkin Spice Oreo Brownie, an Oreogasm, a Custard Cream Blondie, a Cookie Dough Brownie, a slice of Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake, and a New York Crumb Cake. We went to Paul’s to get some tasty sandwiches and brought it all home to eat. I had the crumb cake after my chicken sandwich and it was so delicious. I might have to extort the recipe from them. 

This afternoon, I’ve been in and out of the kitty room a couple of times – have picked up and stroked Archie (the ginger one), Alfie (black and white) and Amira (white with tortie bits). Ava and Angelica don’t want to be friends with me yet. 

The rest of the time, I watched The Lobster and crocheted. It’s an odd little film. One of those ones that you like but didn’t actually enjoy, if that makes sense. 

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