The 9th & 10th; It is my job to make them friendly.

October 11, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 9th of October. 

I don’t know how to start this entry. I don’t know why; nothing unusual to say, just not feeling particularly inspired. 

This morning, I wrote up a blog post while watching Sunday Brunch. Not supremely productive, I’m sure you’ll agree. So this afternoon, while Mommy and Daddy went to look at a new car, I went to the gym. The car was in Loughborough, so I really had no option but to stay at the gym until they got back. Thankfully that gave me plenty of time to listen to A Seat At The Table in its entirety. Such a lovely album, so perfect for a Sunday. I didn’t even see Vlad, so I didn’t have to avoid him. I did see Sweaty Boy, who I haven’t seen since I’ve been back. Still as sweaty as ever. It’s almost impressive. 

I managed to finish with spectacular timing, as Mommy texted to let me know they’d arrived just as I was coming out of the changing room. It sounds like we will be getting this car – why we need a new one, I don’t know. I just nod along.

I have petted the kittens a bit since getting back. I even stroked Angelica, although I only managed it because she wasn’t looking. As soon as she realised I was touching her, she tried to get away. Unfortunately, she was already in the corner so there was nowhere for her to go. 

It is my job to make them friendly. Or at least not anti-human. 

The 10th of October.

I am so sleepy and I have no reason to be. Working very hard on keeping my eyes open. It’s not like I had a particularly bad night or woke up super early either. Oh well. 

This morning I got round to reading Saturday’s Guardian Weekend magazine. It was interesting to learn that Tim Dowling has labyrinthitis like Daddy, but his column didn’t offer up any more information so not very helpful. Tried some more kitten stroking. We thought about letting them out of the cage today but they’re still so skittish, having to grab them to get them back in would not be fun, plus Amy would probably try to get between me and them and I think I would come off worse. 

After lunch, Mommy was out at Grandma’s, so I had a mini Nashville marathon (there were three episodes on the box) and crocheted a lot. A very busy bee I was, beavering away. Thankfully my hand didn’t cramp up like it has been doing of late. Not good when I was trying to eat cake with a fork and had to do it left-handed. It will be finished soon!

Oh, I am so happy to be getting my hair cut in the morning. The long bits are just too long and it is maddening. 

One response to The 9th & 10th; It is my job to make them friendly.


    Some very yummy looking cakes there šŸ˜‹

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