The 29th & 30th; I am in the minority.

October 31, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 29th of October. 

I have just enough time to do this before we go out again. 

This morning was a rather relaxed one, crocheting the second Christmas mitten while watching both Saturday Kitchen and the man cutting down the tree in our front garden. Technically it belongs to the neighbours so they can do what they like with it, just a lot of it hung over the fence into our drive. Unfortunately (in only my opinion), the neighbours decided it needed major pruning, so a man going by the name of Mr. Beaver came with a chainsaw and chopped a lot of it off. It was a pretty tree and I liked it but I am in the minority. 

After lunch, Daddy and I went to see Doctor Strange. It is very weird – they may as well have called it Inception: 2016. So much warping of space and matter. Plus they drop in random topical references which I found really jarring. I managed the very impressive task of making a packet of Skittles last for the entire film. When I got home, however, I had to brush my teeth because they felt really gross. Bleah. 

Tonight we are back out, off to the Town Hall to see Miles Jupp. Looking forward to much hilarity!

The 30th of October. 

Not the best night to go out last night because getting back late meant none of us really benefitted from the extra hour in bed. Still, the show was lots of fun, and now I really want to try Duchy of Cornwall sausages. 

This morning I stayed in my pyjamas and wrote up a blog post that I should have done yesterday. When my parents got back from taking Grandma to church, we caught up on last night’s Strictly, and I could watch Ed Balls’ cha cha over and over again. Then, once they’d taken her back home, we watched (read: fast-forwarded through) X Factor while eating lunch. In the Four of Diamonds VT, they showed a clip of Sophia performing at Hallfield which made me feel very nostalgic. That great green curtain evokes a lot of memories. Thankfully their performance was excellent so one hopes they’ll get through this week. 

I spent my afternoon with the cats, trying to regain Amy’s trust and watching Black Mirror. She is still not happy with me after her trip to the vet and so I thought I’d spend some time in there but she’s not much better. I don’t know how we’ll get her back there tomorrow. 

All three episodes I watched were really superb – Playtest very frightening and continuously full of twists. Shut Up And Dance had me gripped and I was really not expecting the major twist in that one either. San Junipero just made me cry. 

One response to The 29th & 30th; I am in the minority.


    Is Mr Beaver his real name? If so it is very apt!

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