The 16th & 17th; He was just a joy.

November 18, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 16th of November. 

Today has been bookended with busyness with a nice, serene chunk in the middle. 

It began with a quick visit to Black Sheep for Michaela to trim my fringe. We had to chop off a good couple of centimetres. I feel much better about it now, but I’m waiting for a couple of weeks before cutting the rest. Would like to only have the one cut before Christmas. When I was done, Mommy and I went down into Sutton. I needed some facewipes, but they only had one type in stock so I got those. I also looked at some stationery for when I start having to keep track of lots of bits of paper for homing. I need a new crochet notebook too but all of Paperchase’s ones are wide-ruled which I hate. I miss the stationery Borders had. That was the best shop. 

This afternoon I just crocheted. Four out of six baubles done. I’m pretty much immersing myself in Christmassyness because everything else is so dreadful . 

Tonight I was back out, as there was a Cats Protection committee meeting. Now I’m going to be homing officer, I’ll have to go to them. It was not like a Hallfield meeting, which we usually manage to get through in about an hour. This one took three. I learned a lot and it was good to meet the other people with major roles. I was ready to leave by half nine though!

The 17th of November. 

Another day of the same! The night was punctuated by Daddy throwing up again – the labyrinthitis has flared up for no discernible reason. Poor Daddy. 

This morning, Mommy and I went into Birmingham. The German market has arrived so I had to go and get my pretzel (and ended up with two), plus I got my two little glass figurines to go under my tree when it goes up. I got my other facewipes, and some more moisturiser, with the bonus of a charcoal scrub mask sample thing. I do love a free sample. 

We arrived home about lunchtime, at which point I ate both my sweet and salted pretzels which have left me still incredibly full. Then this afternoon I wrote about yesterday, caught up on some tv and did a bit more crochet. I’ll take the scarf with me to hospital tomorrow because I don’t have to count stitches on that. Not going to be working on teeny tiny Christmas trees. 

Then back out for an Old Hallfieldians meeting and our AGM. The weather was appalling and turnout wasn’t great, but it was important to be there as I missed the last meeting because my back was so bad. The highlight of my evening was actually my Uber home – I had the most fun driver, Delshad. We talked about the moon, conspiracy theories, how he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is an angel. He was just a joy.

Now I have to sort out all my stuff for tomorrow. I really hope I get through problem-free. Boris (my old Latin and RE teacher) is going to say a prayer for me tonight so maybe that’ll help.  


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