The 20th & 21st; Slightly more comfortable.

November 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 20th of November. 

Feeling slightly more comfortable today. I still can’t sit cross-legged on the floor, but that will get better. 

I spent pretty much my whole morning typing up the super long blog post (making readers cross their legs in sympathy), then Becky came round for tea and a catch up. I told her all about Friday, and the saga we had with Ava and Amira. She’s having a much better time at her new school, and we allowed ourselves to get excited about Christmas. The Boldmere lights switch-on is on Thursday and the roads will be hellish, plus I’m pretty sure it’s all going to be audible from our house so there will be no escape. Bahhh. I don’t know if we’ll go; there’ll probably be youths everywhere and I can’t bear most people younger than me. Oh well! We are looking forward to the 17th of December though, when we go to see Muppets Christmas Carol at The Electric and we plan on visiting the new Cereal Killer Café. 

This afternoon, I tried the estrogen cream with the applicator. It was weird, but I think it was better than using the dilator. Then I had a lovely, admin-filled time setting up a database on my computer for all the cars, because the system of just using a spreadsheet is not adequate for me. Finally putting my Applied ICT GCSE to some use!

The 21st of November. 

It has been a very quiet day in the Cartwright household because I have been the only one here. Mommy and Daddy have spent today driving to and from Peterborough, because it was the funeral of my second cousin once removed. I was not in a position to be sitting in a car and on uncomfortable chairs for hours on end so I stayed at home. 

This morning, I bimbled about, having to give the kittens a second breakfast because they were apparently starving when Mommy got up at half six. I got an interesting email from a guy I know who works at the BBC and is looking at making a series involving accessibility for disabled people when trying to get around, things that able-bodied people don’t have to think about. I tried not to get too ranty about how terrible most places are. 

After lunch, I was back upstairs at the computer, working on Cats Protection stuff and talking to various people about little issues I’ve noticed in some of the information I’ve got. I rang my first potential adopter, but she wants a very specific kind of cat and we currently have none like that, so she’ll be having to wait. 

Mommy and Daddy got back not long after four, while I was on the phone to Christine, so she got to chat to all of us, and now I am waiting for the people who are coming to see Archie tonight. Hopefully the dreadful weather won’t impact upon their travel time too much.

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