The 26th & 27th; It could have been different.

November 28, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 26th of November.

It has not been a good day. I woke up in the night to pee and nearly fell over because I felt like I was drunk. When I was woken up again by an angle grinder being used by the builders next door, I still felt like my head wasn’t connected to my body and it has not got better as the day’s gone on. I just tried a travel sickness tablet and it hasn’t worked. It’s so weird – my blood pressure is fine, I don’t know what’s going on. I’m hoping it’s purely a 24 hour thing. 

To then make matters worse, we had some really terrible news. Our friend Keith, who has been waiting for a liver transplant for over a year, got the call yesterday morning and went into theatre in the afternoon. We found out today that he died on the table. There is always a risk, of course, but you never expect it to happen to someone you know, and it has gone from being the best Christmas present to total devastation. I am so sad, and even more so for Mommy, who made the most agonising noise when she read Gareth’s (Keith’s husband) message. I just wish that more people were donors. It could have been different. 

So I’m sad, I feel weird, I have no kittens to pet, and I don’t like life today. The only good thing that happened was that my Biscuiteers advent calendar got delivered. 

The 27th of November. 

I still feel weird today. Not as bad as yesterday, but I’m still not 100% okay. 

So this morning I did things very slowly, no fast movements and no turning my head too quickly and I’m alright. I watched Joe on Sunday Brunch and did a bit of hat crocheting but that was all. 

Daddy and I went to see Amber, one of the other fosterers. She had a problem with the electrics in her cat pen (it’s like a lit, heated shed for cats to live in) so we went to see if Daddy could fix it. I had no real input, I just stood and petted her enormous floofy Maine Coon while Daddy took things apart. It turned out to be pretty easy – her plug was full of water and some of that wires had corroded. We just had to go to B&Q where Daddy got a new plug, then we went back and he made it work again! Shaki will be thrilled that we now have more space. 

When we got home, I had time to do a tiny bit of prep for tonight’s CP meeting before we had our rather late lunch. I had about twenty minutes after that and it was time to go to Lee’s. Now I’m homing officer, I have a lot more to do with these kind of things. I might have some cats soon, it depends on what happens with the viewing at Nicole’s tomorrow. 

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    So sad to hear about your friend Keith 😦

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