The 30th & 31st; It won’t be boring.

January 1, 2017 — 2 Comments

The 30th of December. 

Success! I went to Blenheim and my toes did not become agonisingly freezing. 

This morning, Jen came round to visit the kittens. She hasn’t seen them since she fell, so she was amazed by how much they’ve grown. That was a good four weeks ago now, and kittens can grow a lot in a month. Looking back at photos of them when they first arrived, I can certainly see it. Tiny Tim settled in on her lap, which makes sense as he had to be hand-reared by her separately for a while because he was a tiddler. 

She left about midday, then after lunch, there wasn’t a great deal of time to do much except give the kittens their worming medicine (which they have learned they do not like) and feed them before going out to Blenheim.

I love long drives because I get to listen to entire albums while watching the world go by. On the way down, it was Elements by Kina Grannis, and Pillars by Josh Record on the way home. We arrived earlier than our allotted time, so went for a hot chocolate before going to the trail. We took the manual wheelchair, which definitely the right decision because there was loads of mud, tree roots and dodgy gradients. It would have been impossible. But we got round, occasionally requiring teamwork, but it was very pretty and I’m really glad I went. At the end, we had “posh dogs” and hog roast sandwiches, before removing as much mud from my wheels as possible and driving home. Good evening. 

The 31st of December.  

New Year’s Eve and nobody we love has died today. Soon it will be over. As long as nobody major dies in the next few weeks, 2017 might be alright. However, things are looking dodgy for the Queen so it might all go tits up early doors. 

It has been a very quiet day. Pyjama morning, painted nails, all the puzzles in the weekend Guardian. We had roast rib of beef for lunch, which took some time because eating anything that requires much chewing is still quite problematic. 

Most of my day has just been sitting in front of the tv, crocheting my blanket. I had to order another ball of wool to do the fin of said blanket and had an email to say it had been left in a safe place but it very much has not. Stupid lying courier. So far I’ve got an orange stripe and a yellow stripe. Green next – it’s going to be a rainbow. 

Although in the grand scheme of things, it’s been a terrible year, personally, it has not been too dreadful. I made a lot of cute things, hung out with a lot of cool people, took care of many tiny floofers, and got to start working with Anthony Nolan for a cause that I am really passionate about. 

2017 holds the promise of better times, only because I am not sure the world can get a great deal worse. At least we know it won’t be boring. 

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    Happy 2017. X


    Happy 2017.

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