The 1st & 2nd; I have a kitty!

April 3, 2017 — 1 Comment

The 1st of April. 

I have a kitty! His name is Spike (although we think he looks like a Samuel), he is six months old-ish, and he is a very pretty tabby. Shaki brought him round this afternoon and he’s going to be in the cage for a couple of days until he gets used to us, but he’s been happy for me to stroke him and he has done lots of purrs so I think he will settle in pretty quickly. 

I have not felt too bad after my outing last night, and this morning we went over to Kings Heath to get some cake from the Bake guys. I saw they’d made a chocolate churro bundt cake and I simply had to have some. I also got Brooklyn Blackout Baby Bundt, a cookie dough brownie and a creme egg brownie.

Back home, I ate lunch (including my slice of churro deliciousness), then waited for Shaki to arrive. When Spike was comfy in his bed, I explained a bit more (to Shaki, not Spike) about the pneumonia, and we talked about my current volunteering capacity. When she left, I stayed in the room so Spike didn’t feel abandoned and he was very happy to be petted and have his tummy tickled. Gonna have a new friend!

The 2nd of April. 

Really, ever so tired. Spent my morning in my dressing gown because I hadn’t got the energy to open my drawers and find clothes. When I did finally get dressed, it was hard to muster up the impetus to go back downstairs. Moving is such an effort. However, I did manage to go and see the new kitty a few times. He’s still skittish but as soon as the food comes out, so does he. I was even able to pick him up and we had a hug, but he got distracted by Daddy in the garden so I had to put him back in the cage before he escaped. But I gave him some more strokes so he knew he was a good boy. 

Thank god SyFy are doing Buffy marathons to celebrate twenty years because it has made for such a nostalgic soundtrack to my afternoon. I fondly remember watching it on BBC2 at 6 o’clock every weeknight with Christine, and being so mad when it moved to Sky. 

During the Buffy, there has been crochet. Recovery does not make for interesting reading. 

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