The 6th & 7th; She still hates me.

September 8, 2017 — 3 Comments

The 6th of September.

I am sleepy. Awake early for haematology clinic. We arrived at ten, and left at one. For once, I cannot complain about not getting enough of my book read, because that it all I did for nearly two hours. Charlie called me in, and to be honest, he hadn’t got much to do for me, just prescribe all the drugs, and he’s referred me to an immunology clinic to see how well my immune system is functioning, so that’ll be interesting. 

We got to pharmacy just after twelve, and then went to get coffee and sat around for 45 minutes, waiting for my prescription to be ready. Then a very quick trip into town; I needed another set of drawers, and Mommy decided she wanted some too, so she can put all her cross-stitching threads in them. I also needed toothpaste, and got some flat brew espresso chocolate spread. 

Finally got home just after two, and fed the hungry kittens and ourselves. Then I got to sit and crochet, while Mommy ended up taking Alison into Sutton for some errands, because with a broken wrist, she can’t drive or carry things. Then she was off to Grandma’s! She does too much. I worry. 

The 7th of September. 

It’s a good thing I got a good sleep last night as I’m unexpectedly going to be up early again tomorrow. Rang up the dental hospital to sort out my next appointment, because no letter has come through, and after half an hour on hold, I was given half past nine tomorrow! Wasn’t going to say no, after all that. God knows when the next one might be. 

I’d ordered a memory foam cushion for my wheelchair which we needed to pick up from the sorting office, so we did that, then went to Tesco for some Stork and milk (have some baking to do). 

At home, we found that the cushion doesn’t fit the chair, which was always a possibility as we didn’t know the dimensions, so that’ll have to go back. I also received a coat from ASOS, which I am not keeping – I need something with large sleeves that isn’t the fur (too much shedding) and they’re just not big enough. 

This afternoon, I’ve done a bit more make up sorting with my new drawers, wrote up a blog post, and crocheted some more doily. 

Shaki is coming to see the cats at the weekend. We’ve made zero progress with Henrietta – she still hates me and continues to attack me, even when I am giving her treats. She is probably going to end up going to some stables and catching mice. 

3 responses to The 6th & 7th; She still hates me.

    WriterInAWheelchair September 8, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Are you under your local wheelchair services? I know you didn’t get your powerchair from them but they have the responsibility of sorting out your seating regardless so they should be able to provide you with a suitable wheelchair cushion and anything else you need to make the seating suitable.


      Oh do they? I got my first wheelchair from the children’s hospital and then the wheelchair services couldn’t give me a powerchair because I didn’t need it in the house. I can look into it but part of me thinks it would be such a palaver and take so long it probably isn’t worth it?

        WriterInAWheelchair September 10, 2017 at 10:43 am

        I had the same issue with wheelchair services refusing me a powerchair. But I still see them for a manual. I think with the level of pain you have it would be worth it to get someone who knows wheelchairs to look at a cushion, seating etc. I had mine changed a while ago and now I can be in my chair all day everyday and rarely get pain. I would never have even considered what I ended up with because of the cost (retail it’s £541 for the cushion and I think another £500 ish for the solid backrest I have).

        Possibly you might just need a phone chat – a friend of the family recently had a stroke and they just assessed over the phone (well, I assume they had reports from physio etc as well but he didn’t have to go in)

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