The 27th & 28th; I don’t trust my Zopiclone brain.

January 29, 2018 — Leave a comment

The 27th of January.

Ugh. Another bad night, and I am drained. Going to try Zopiclone again tonight – maybe two.

I dressed for the cold, in my knitted trousers and thermal poloneck jumper. Not going anywhere. This morning, I did not spill any water or coffee, and I wrote up a blog post. Then I had to finish Claus – he can’t be a candle without a flame. It’s over a year since I made these the first time and I have learned a lot since then, so these will probably be better than ours.

After lunch, I made a start on Xaver the tree, while watching another recorded film. This time, it was Shutter Island. I think I saw it in the cinema with Sophie, and not again since, so I’d completely forgotten how it goes.

I had planned on reading some more of Gnomon, but I feel so crappy I couldn’t concentrate. Bedtime soon please.

The 28th of January.

Stupid drugs. The Zopiclone kind of worked? It still took me hours to fall asleep, but then I stayed asleep until Mommy came in at ten to wake me up. I had set my alarm but apparently I slept through it. It does, however, mean I have been sleepy all day.

I came downstairs in my pyjamas because I was hungry, so after I’d eaten and had coffee, I went back to my bedroom to get dressed. By the time I was actually ready for the day, it was pretty much lunchtime.

There was no point doing any reading today because I don’t trust my Zopiclone brain to remember any of it. Instead, while I finished and assembled Xaver, I watched three of the Electric Dreams series Channel 4 did a while ago. Turns out, they were quite shit. They’re not long enough for any of the ideas to be really fleshed out so they’re like a weak Black Mirror. Maybe what they’re based on are better? I’ll look into the written works.

Maybe tonight I’ll have a normal sleep? I’m tired enough.

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