The 18th & 19th; Still waddling.

March 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

The 18th of March.

I have felt really weirdly full since lunchtime, when I had a slice of Bruce Bogtrotter cake. It wasn’t big, but I still feel like I couldn’t eat another bite even though it was hours ago.

It hasn’t snowed at all today, but it’s been so cold that the snow from last night has yet to melt. I’ve been in the cat twosie all day, so not felt it at all.

Still in a lot of pain. Still waddling. Arms are not quite as bad as yesterday, but my bum muscles are really very unhappy. I’d thought I might be going back tomorrow but that doesn’t seem likely now, unless I make a miraculous recovery overnight.

Today I have finished the body of the jumper! I’m now doing the first sleeve, although it took a bit of head-scratching to decode the pattern because they don’t explain what you’re supposed to do very well. But I worked it out and hopefully they won’t take as long as the body. I’ll have to try my arms in them before they get attached because my arms are too long for a lot of jumpers.

I feel like I need to stretch by bending backwards but I don’t think I physically can.

The 19th of March.

Feeling better today, on all accounts. My stomach settled down about bedtime, and I can walk pretty normally again. Not everything is 100% fine, but much improved. I probably would have gone back to the gym, but Mommy has felt weird, as if she was feeling the after-effects of a sleeping tablet, all day, and didn’t trust her reactions to drive, which I understood. Plus it’s still pretty cold so I don’t mind staying inside.

I’ve been doing the sleeves of my jumper, since I wasn’t going anywhere. Bones, Riverdale (honestly so ridiculous – it’s like the writers never talk to each other at all), a bit of Hemlock Grove. One and a half sleeves done, half to go.

I think that’s all today! Just crochet and TV.

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