The 24th & 25th; My arms physically cannot straighten.

March 26, 2018 — Leave a comment

The 24th of March.

Well, today didn’t go quite as planned but was okay all the same.

I was about to get dressed, when I got a text from Selina asking if we could move our coffee date on a week because she’s not well and neither of us want to get together if that’s the case. So I put those clothes away and got my gym stuff out instead.

I’d typed up my blog post last night before Tiff, so this morning I just had to put it up, then I could get back to work on my next jumper. This one is a bit more tedious, as each stitch is a bit more effort than in the pattern for the previous one.

After lunch, Mommy took me to the gym, where I was able to try out my new headphones. The sound was good, I just have to take my earrings out because they dig into my head.

There were loads of children in today, as in under 16 year olds, and I just wanted to gather up all the girls and tell them they don’t need to be running on the treadmill, they are precious and should sit around eating brownies on Saturday, not be lifting weights.

The 25th of March.

I am very tired. I have not coped well with the clocks going forward. It will be a struggle to keep myself awake until ten.

This morning I was coughing probably a normal amount, but being so tired, I struggled. Plus my muscles hurt from yesterday, so getting dressed was more effort than it was worth, at least straight away.

I put off having my coffee until the chest wind’s arrival, to see if eliminating it stopped it from coming. That didn’t work – it began about half ten, so coffee came shortly after. When I had finished that, I thought I would climb the stairs to stretch a bit and get dressed. Fun fact: my arms physically cannot straighten today.

This afternoon, I have been doing the tedious jumper. I do hope it is worth it in the end. While working, I’ve watched Astro Boy and Despicable Me 3, because Sunday afternoon family films are very wholesome. Now I’m watching the Bake Off from the other day and I really want to try to make Viennese biscuits.

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