The 4th & 5th; Pretty garbage.

June 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

The 4th of June.

Well, today has been pretty garbage. I had thought I would go to the gym, but I woke up and my back was immediately terrible. Literally, I got out of bed and there was pain. So I wrote up a blog post, but photos aren’t syncing between phone and iPad, and I left that. Hoping I’m not going to have another iCloud saga. Moved on to my crochet and I’ve discovered that having finished the collar, it looks weird, and I subsequently found it is the wrong size! So I have sat for the whole morning, unravelling the entire thing and spooling it into neat balls of wool. And Mommy scraped the side of the car swinging it into the drive because idiots made it extra difficult today. So it’s been bad!

This afternoon, I started the cardigan again multiple times, so it now ought to end up being the right size. Bit of tennis, bit of crochet, then I sat with the sleepy cats and watched Bates Motel. They at least got something right with the CF girl today because she jumped in some water without her oxygen which I knew would be bad and her reaction was appropriate. For once.

The 5th of June.

I suppose today has been an improvement, in that it was not dreadful. Slightly less pain, so I went to the gym.

What happened this morning? Not a huge amount. I stayed in my pyjamas to begin with, because I wasn’t sure what activity I might be doing, dependent upon my back. After coffee, and putting up the blog post from yesterday, I went upstairs to get dressed in my gym clothes and listen to a Friends with Friends. Back downstairs, I returned to crocheting the cardigan until lunch.

Obviously, the afternoon was spent at the gym. I had a reasonable time, nothing excessively difficult. I found myself getting emotional while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and thinking about death (specifically, mine) so had to stop myself from crying during my tricep dips. Then later, I was recovering on the leg curl and I think the staff have had a meeting about me because I looked up and there was a woman there asking if I was alright. Believe me, if I’m having a problem, you’ll know. I also had to make a child move because he was just sitting on the last machine I wanted and passive-aggressive staring wasn’t working. So I was polite but pissed off in my tone and he moved. Victory.


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