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The 17th of August.

I am really not into this weather. It is unacceptably cold for August.

This morning, I wrote up two blog posts, covering my crocheted dress, trip to Wales and anniversary yesterday. I’ve received so much positive feedback about the piece I posted, I’ve been really quite overwhelmed. I’m not going to start churning stuff out immediately, but if the words strike me then I might do some more.

After lunch, I braved the chilly wind to go to the gym. It was really quiet today, barely any youths or children so I was pleased. I got to listen to the new Death Cab album in its entirety and I love it. Thank you Ben Gibbard for continuing to be excellent.

The 18th of August.

This is going to be pretty short and pretty boring. I must have slept badly because I fell back to sleep after my alarm went off, and I’ve been tired all day.

Another thing that’s been going on all day is that my left eye has been acutely painful. It’s bloodshot, despite me liberally pouring Thealoz in like there’s no tomorrow. All I’ve been able to do is sit in relative darkness, listen to episodes of House and occasionally do some crochet. I’ve put some prednisolone drops in and I’m trying to believe they’ve helped so it won’t hurt all evening too.

That’s all. I really hope tomorrow it is fixed.


The 15th of August.

Such a long day of travelling and oh my back hurts so much.

Off to Wales to see Taid! Set off just after nine, and I spent the whole journey listening to the Hidden Figures soundtrack and reading The Beautiful Cure. When we arrived, Taid was wearing a very jazzy orange shirt. Apparently he has two more in the same pattern! He is full of surprises. Anyway, we let him finish getting ready, then we went to a pub for lunch (not the one in Conwy so no dogs).

It was quite a nice place, and I ordered a “light bite” of fishcakes which ended up being incredibly filling, so what a full meal might have been I dread to think. It was good though! No complaints from me. That might have been different if I’d had a coffee like the others – they came with squirty cream instead of milk and was apparently disgusting.

When we got back to his house, Mommy and Daddy did his washing up, and I made a space in the living room amongst the piles of post so I could sit and do the puzzles in the Telegraph.

We were on our way back in good time for once, so we got home about seven. I love my comfortable chair.

The 16th of August.

Today is the 11th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. It’s been a good day.

I was up early again because I had clinic with Andrew. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to my arm because last time I saw him, he said he didn’t think I should have lipo. Thankfully, he was delighted! I think he is just happy that I am fixed. He’s still confused, but he said I made his day so I’ll take that.

Went into town for anniversary treats. I got a new lipstick from Huda Beauty, a cruller from Krispy Kreme, and The One Who Wrote Destiny by Nikesh Shukla from Waterstones. While we were in there, we saw Mr. Tobin from Hallfield! That was a lovely surprise. He doesn’t age, I swear.

This afternoon, I have had a lovely time starting a baby blanket and watching House. I even got some early strokes in with Dolly! She doesn’t usually allow that until the evening. I’ve also been getting lots of nice comments on a poem I have written about this day. I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything vaguely resembling poetry so I wasn’t sure how it would be received by it seems that people like it!

We are having venison for tea. Happy.

The 13th of August.

It feels like autumn now. Just because it is a more normal temperature, but it seems particularly chilly. I’ve put my bedsocks back on at night. Full length leggings at the gym. And in a few weeks I’ll be complaining that it’s too cold.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then started the next part of the dress – I think I might actually finish it this evening. Got through a couple more episodes of House, too. It’s only on NowTV for 17 more days I think, so by no means will I see all of it but I can probably do another season.

After lunch, I tried to pay for my new Blue Badge over the phone, but the system seemed to break down so I’m going to try again tomorrow. Then I went to the gym and had a very nice productive session – I think Mondays are the quietest day. Unless it’s just because everyone’s on holiday. Whatever the reason, I am happy.

The 14th of August.

Finished the dress! Technically I could do some more edging but it’s not vital – I like the way it looks. This morning, after my breakfast, coffee, and paying for my Blue Badge (it worked this time), I went upstairs to try the dress on and take some photos. That took a while because I had to keep resting after moving the mirror and getting changed. But happily, it fits, and looks good! And if I wear a black vest and black tights underneath then I don’t need to purchase a slip.

I spent my afternoon a bit upstairs, a bit downstairs. I played a little more Rayman, but not as much as Saturday – thankfully neither of the levels I was doing were as difficult or annoying as that one! Then I came down to do some more of that cardigan I was working on before the dress and watch House. I’m nearly at the end of season two and I did some crying when Foreman nearly died. I really ought to not get so attached to functional characters.

Off to Wales tomorrow! Taking Taid for lunch in Conwy. Hopefully that means I will see some good dogs.

The 11th of August.

Well, it has been a very curious sort of day. I got up early, because I was going to meet Selina at Windowbox Café at ten for breakfast. When I got there, I saw Carl (from Aston back in the day) was working so we said hi and I ordered a coffee to drink while I waited. However, Selina did not appear, or reply to my texts, which was worrying. After forty five minutes, I was hungry so I ordered some French toast with pancetta and maple syrup and another coffee and it was delicious. At about half eleven, I left, but I texted her again to ask her to let me know she was alright. When I got home, I received a reply to say that her mum had turned her alarm off to let her sleep in! Little bit annoying but her intentions were good. She gave me a ring this afternoon, so we had a lovely chat about the piece of art she is in the process of creating. Normally I hate talking on the phone, but actually it was really nice.

The rest of my afternoon was incredibly wearisome, playing a level of Rayman that killed me a frustrating amount of times, and it took me about three hours, but I am really glad it’s over. I do not know how ten year old me dealt with how utterly fucking useless Rayman is sometimes. I just knew I had to get to the end because you can’t save in the middle of a level and the thought of doing it all again was intolerable.

The 12th of August.

Most of today has been super boring. Well, for you to read. For me, it has been a bit tedious but enjoyable simultaneously.

Crochet and tv. This morning, it was Sunday Brunch, and when that finished, it was House. I just needed to get to the end of the back and forth rounds of the dress, and I finally have. Now I have to do the final decorative bit, which will be more interesting.

That has been literally all I have done today. However, I did stop at about five for two hours because one of my old friends from school, Sam, came round. She was in Birmingham for a psychology course and I saw this and asked if she wanted to meet up, so we did! I have not seen her for about nine years I think, so it was good to a) find out what she’s up to (training to be a psychologist) and b) reminisce about school, mainly good stuff but also some of the less good stuff – our class was not known for our exemplary behaviour. We obviously talked a bit about medical stuff too, and I have impressed upon her the importance of becoming a stem cell donor. She’s going to do it. I’m going to check. It is so cheering to be able to talk to someone that I know, have known for so long, we’ve both grown and changed, but can come back together as if no time has passed at all.

The 9th of August.

The blanket is back on my bed. Today it is grey and damp – no more summer. I am wearing leggings and a cardigan.

This morning, I did a blog post, then painted my nails, keeping an eye out for the window cleaner and the roof man. Window cleaner came first, but I was alone and last time I opened the side gate for him I nearly expired, so I asked him to come back later when someone with functioning lungs would be in. The roof man was due to arrive at lunchtime, which is apparently noon. He wanted to see my room, so he could see where he needed to go on the roof, then he got his ladder and put a big patch up there. Temporarily fixed.

After lunch, Becky came round. She is much happier with this weather than the heatwave. We got some stories from camp, and they’re all off to Jamie’s wedding on Monday! Big fun. Then Alison came because Mommy was going with her to the GP and Becky went home to see her floofs.

I then played some more Rayman and saved my whale friend. Now Dolly is crying, got to go be her friend.

The 10th of August.

I am wearing my new sleeve and oh boy I can tell the difference. Thankfully Boots did not fuck up my prescription, although they did only start putting it together when Mommy went to pick it up. Psh.

This morning, she was out at the quilting show at the NEC, so I had to do painful things like make my own coffee. Lunch was even worse – I just physically cannot stand up straight for more than a minute without absolute agony. Fucking discs. My only other activity has been crocheting while watching House. Getting through season two!

When Mommy got back, she took me to the gym (Daddy couldn’t because his car is being serviced) and I spent a couple of hours there, lifting things and listening to a new podcast, The Teacher’s Pet. There is no way Chris Dawson isn’t a murderer. How he has not been charged is completely beyond me.

The 7th of August.

Today seems to be the last really hot day. I hope so – last night I slept terribly. I should have had a second coffee at some point but I just never got round to it so now I’m very sleepy.

This morning, I got my blog post done before we went to The Spire. My appointment was meant to be at 11.45, but I ended up swapping with another lady who had another appointment elsewhere and wouldn’t make it. That was fine; I had nowhere else to be.

When I got called in, Julie was amazed at the size difference. She had a look at the sleeve I’m currently wearing and decided I need to go a size and class down, so I’ve got a prescription for that and hopefully Boots have ordered the right one. She also showed Mommy how to do the massage to deal with the remaining fat.

I have spent my afternoon being really cool, playing Rayman. Well, until four o’clock. I did the stupid next level, then a couple more, got The Elixir of Life (after a very frustrating bit) and thought it best to stop there.

Then, back to my dress. Now it’s a lot of back and forth, and I want to go to bed.

The 8th of August.

It is less warm for sure, but when it’s sunny oh boy it’s too much. I’m fairly sure I’m so sensitive because of photopheresis – I always had to wear sunglasses for 48 hours afterwards to try to prevent photophobia. I must admit I was not very diligent so it’s probably my fault that I can’t cope with brightness.

I kind of frittered the morning away doing a whole lot of nothing, apart from a bit of crochet. Keep plugging away at this dress, no matter how tedious this part is.

This afternoon was gym-time. Quiet again – maybe everyone has gone on holiday? I think the very committed girl must have because I now haven’t seen her for two visits on the trot. I had a weird sort of session – I did what I normally do and everything felt the way it normally does but my heart rate wasn’t going as high as usual. I think my heart rate monitor might have been having a wobble because I don’t think I’ve suddenly got better at everything.

The Janelle Monáe tickets came today and I could not be more excited.



The 5th of August.

I am tired again. It’s like I run out of energy by the end of the week. Not every week, but often enough for me to have noticed.

This morning, I did my blog post during Sunday Brunch, then crocheted the dress. I have tried it on and it fits so far – the most important part was where the armholes are and that’s fine, so I can carry on. If I had tried to carry on with the 2mm hooked yoke it wouldn’t have fitted so I’m glad I binned that one off.

After lunch, I sat with Dolly, watching House and continuing to crochet. She actually stayed under the chair for the whole time, sleeping, no matter who was in the room. Louise, the lady who’s going to adopt her, brought a carrier and some stuff that smells like them so Dolly can learn their smell and hopefully acclimatise a bit more quickly when she moves. We’ve spread the blankets and jumpers about and now I’m just hoping they’re not the reason she’s staying hidden.

My sleeve is really pissing me off – it’s either falling down, or if I pull it up it digs into my hand between the thumb and my forefinger. Can’t wait to get my new one that will fit.

The 6th of August.

Ugh my sleeve is so irritating! Just the place on my hand is really sore – it has rubbed the top layer of skin off so any time I remove it, I am covering it in handcream, although it’s hard to rub in because the skin is so sensitive. Bah.

Quiet morning – just crocheting the dress. Unravelled a round, only to realise I hadn’t actually made a mistake so I was annoyed at myself. It’s coming along nicely, I just need to pay attention to my counting.

This afternoon, I have been to the gym. The hot weather must have put everyone else off going because it was really empty! Barely any youths, and only one whose body spray caught in my throat. Still, I will be glad when the holidays are over and the amount of children returns to a minimum. When I came out, it was so sunny, it hurt me to see. I had my sunglasses on and my hand-visor but it was awful. I can deal with it being hot but when it physically hurts my eyes, I struggle.