The 28th & 29th; Welcome back ye classic British summer.

August 1, 2018 — Leave a comment

The 28th of July.

Ugh I am so frustrated. I spent my entire afternoon working on some crochet which I realised was twisted so I had to unravel the whole thing and argh.

The rain has been brief, and I haven’t even needed a cardigan. The big storm has been somewhat of a let down, at least here.

It has been pretty much crochet all day. This morning, after Saturday Kitchen, I went to sit with Dolly and watch some more of Zoo while I worked on the cardigan some more. After the first episode, I came out to have lunch while we caught up with 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown from last night. During that, my wool for the dress arrived. Put the cardigan on hold; that can wait.

So I then sat for several hours, finished Zoo (ambiguous ending? That’s brave) and saw a film called Happy Death Day. In this time, I worked up a gauge square, undid that, did the foundation chain which turned out to be too small, did it again, marked each fifth chain, thought I’d got it sorted, did the first two rounds, only to find I’d fucked it up. Start again. Sigh!

The 29th of July.

I am wearing socks for the first time in weeks. And a cardigan. The rain has come; welcome back ye classic British summer.

Most of the day, I have been crocheting. I redid the bit I messed up yesterday, and checked it fits over my head, then I just powered on. For the morning, I sat in front of Sunday Brunch, then while we ate lunch we got up to date with The Handmaid’s Tale. I was expecting to do a big cry from what I’d heard, but the separation was kind of predictable. Was not expecting Nick’s abduction though. What is June going to do now?

After lunch, Dolly was mithering, so I went to sit with her and carry on crocheting. We listened to Gardener’s Question Time and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea which was all very relaxing. I got to the end of the round I was working on, then decided to take a break. Daddy had downloaded Rayman 2 onto the PC, and I was very excited to give it a try. I played it a bit on my phone when it was on iOS, but it’s not the same as the big screen. I beg to get used to doing it with a keyboard though, because we used to play it with a joystick. It’s tricky! But I got through the first two levels. It’s like being ten again. 

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