The 30th & 31st; Happy 10th Marrowversary. Again.

August 1, 2018 — 1 Comment

The 30th of July.

I’ve had really quite a shit day. My arm has decreased in size which is obviously good, but it means I need to be remeasured for a new sleeve because the current one is almost baggy. I spent all morning trying to ring the people who book the appointments for Julie at The Spire and left a message, but no one answered or got back to me. I rang the main number who bounced me from pillar to post before putting me through to the number that no one was picking up. It was only at lunch time when I tried the main number again (after another no answer) and voiced my frustration did I get to speak to someone. They said they’d been there all morning which just tells me they couldn’t be arsed to talk to me or any patient that called. I finally got an appointment for next week. Hopefully I’m not adversely affected.

Another reason for the shitness of the day was that I put up a post this morning about how I feel about having been in remission for ten years, which I’ve been working on for weeks and was really hard, but the overwhelming lack of reaction makes me feel like very few people really give a fuck. I have had a couple of comments but really I don’t know why I bothered.

Finally, I got a letter from the pain nurse who I talked to on the phone six weeks ago. Turns out the reason I’ve heard nothing is because she only just wrote to Dr. Blaney. Great.

Happy 10th Marrowversary. Again.

The 31st of July.

I feel better today. I got some responses which cheered me up and made me think a bit differently. Plus I went out and had a nice time which perked me up.

Didn’t have time to do much this morning belt going out to meet Sadie at 12. Daddy dropped me off, then went to work to pack up some more of his stuff. I got a text as I was going up in the lift, and it was Sadie telling me that the place we were going to eat wasn’t open yet. Boo. We had a look at what was available instead and settled on Giraffe. Sadie had some spicy rice thing, and I ordered tapas of bao buns, patatas bravas and chorizo. The chorizo ended up being too hot for me so Sadie ate that, but my buns were delicious and the potatoes were fine. Then we shared some churros. Yum. Talked about Love Island, her current/future job, our shared desire to and see The Meg, and stupid people in our lives.

When we finished, she was going the other way to me, so we said goodbye, then I went to Foyles to browse and ended up buying Hunger by Roxane Gay. I then texted Daddy come and pick me up, but traffic meant it took him 25 minutes to get about a mile. Bleah.

Since getting home, I’ve watched the most recent Sharp Objects and the pilot episode of House while crocheting the dress.

I nearly got Dolly on the chair with me last night! Two paws up, thought about it, but no. Soon!

One response to The 30th & 31st; Happy 10th Marrowversary. Again.


    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while. I am finding this awkward, but just thought I’d mention something.
    I used to comment, but stopped because I never got a response.
    The ‘like’ button is so often not really appropriate when you are sharing difficult things.
    Possibly many more people are reading than you realise.
    (I’m no computer whiz. You may make more sense of the stats and other statistics WordPress gives than I do.)

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