The 5th & 6th; It hurt me to see.

August 7, 2018 — Leave a comment

The 5th of August.

I am tired again. It’s like I run out of energy by the end of the week. Not every week, but often enough for me to have noticed.

This morning, I did my blog post during Sunday Brunch, then crocheted the dress. I have tried it on and it fits so far – the most important part was where the armholes are and that’s fine, so I can carry on. If I had tried to carry on with the 2mm hooked yoke it wouldn’t have fitted so I’m glad I binned that one off.

After lunch, I sat with Dolly, watching House and continuing to crochet. She actually stayed under the chair for the whole time, sleeping, no matter who was in the room. Louise, the lady who’s going to adopt her, brought a carrier and some stuff that smells like them so Dolly can learn their smell and hopefully acclimatise a bit more quickly when she moves. We’ve spread the blankets and jumpers about and now I’m just hoping they’re not the reason she’s staying hidden.

My sleeve is really pissing me off – it’s either falling down, or if I pull it up it digs into my hand between the thumb and my forefinger. Can’t wait to get my new one that will fit.

The 6th of August.

Ugh my sleeve is so irritating! Just the place on my hand is really sore – it has rubbed the top layer of skin off so any time I remove it, I am covering it in handcream, although it’s hard to rub in because the skin is so sensitive. Bah.

Quiet morning – just crocheting the dress. Unravelled a round, only to realise I hadn’t actually made a mistake so I was annoyed at myself. It’s coming along nicely, I just need to pay attention to my counting.

This afternoon, I have been to the gym. The hot weather must have put everyone else off going because it was really empty! Barely any youths, and only one whose body spray caught in my throat. Still, I will be glad when the holidays are over and the amount of children returns to a minimum. When I came out, it was so sunny, it hurt me to see. I had my sunglasses on and my hand-visor but it was awful. I can deal with it being hot but when it physically hurts my eyes, I struggle.

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