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Anthony Nolan.

Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

NHS Blood and Transplant.

Sign up to be an organ donor.


I’m @kathryninstereo.

Email me at


I made a new Flickr of purely medical photos. WARNING some of the images are NSFW and quite gross; avoid if you are of a squeamish disposition.

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    Dear Kathryn, I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been thru.. I’m sitting here in London reAding grazia mag.. I missed. My appointment to get my hair done as a treat co my kitchen flooded.. Anyways I don’t buy mags anymore so I stayed at the salon enjoying having reading binge 🙂 I came across your story.. I too have been affected by cancer having had chemo and radio and frozen eggs to no avail .. But I found out thy lots of research that there are some powerfull alternatives that the medical are not allowed to advise you in ever since the cancer act was done in the early 1940’s anyways i have found in my last moment things arrive and I hope my info can help .. It was my dream Also to get married .. I’m not there yet .. Anyways I don’t know if you have heard the high potency of cannabis oil in helping with the healing of cancer and other illness .. It’s not the same as smoking it so don’t worry .. My batt needs charging .. I’ll be quick there’s also high high super doses of vitamin c powere in 100% at 1000g in hourly does .. My number if you would like to talk and I can point you in the direction 07956022041 Anna x Godbless lots love


      I’m not sure there’s much evidence of cannibis working on failing livers and superbugs unfortunately. What I need is antibiotics that haven’t been invented yet! Thank you for the information though, and I hope you see your dreams xx


    God bless you Kathrine

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