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The 3rd of May.

I woke up at 5am. Like I’m not going to be sleep-deprived enough this weekend. I couldn’t even force myself to stay in bed as long as I normally can so I was up at half past seven.

Still, it meant things got done. Mommy made some bread, then we went into town where I got some lipstick from Selfridges and a box from Paperchase so I could send Esmée the fox to John and Maddie. We were home by half past eleven. Then Mommy went to vote (I already sent off my postal vote ages ago) and I watched Riverdale.

After lunch, I sorted out some clothes to take to Mach, then sat and watched more of Scandal. I’m nearing the end of season 5 so if I commit I think I will do this. I don’t think I’ve watched so much of anything so quickly before. I also put the luggage tags on the dogs, so all that’s left to do is pack in the morning! I’m so excited.

The 4th, 5th & 6th are pictured.

The 7th of May.

Oh boy, I am so tired. Beyond tired. I think I had about five hours of sleep and considering that’s on top of two short sleeps, I am wiped. We had to be out of the house by ten, so I got up as late as possible, but still spent most of the journey home with my eyes shut, cold from the air-conditioning and in agony from my back. When we got to the services, I had a second coffee and broke out the Pom Bears I bought yesterday which perked me up until we got home.

I curled up in my armchair as soon as we arrived, and we watched Professional Bake Off while having lunch. Then, while the rest of the country was basking in the sun, I went upstairs, shut my curtains and had a ninety minute nap. I am never tired enough to nap unless I am ill, so fingers crossed this is an anomaly.

I couldn’t stay up there all day, so I had an iced coffee to try to make sure I stay awake until bedtime. I’ve put up a bunch of photos and videos from the weekend. I don’t know how to write about it. Maybe just photos.

The 8th of May.

Sleep last night was so good. A solid ten and a half hours, oh it was beautiful. My bed is the best.

It’s been a quiet day – the start of a week of recovery. I have a couple of appointments and a gig on Friday, but the rest of my time is going to spent doing not a lot. I might go to the gym on Thursday, but that’s only if my early morning lung function tests haven’t worn me out.

So, I have been sat in front of Scandal, keeping my fingers busy crocheting nothing of note, resting my back. This evening I had a chiro appointment, and that was incredibly necessary – so much kneading of knots in my neck and stretching out my back as far as it would go. I’ve had the ice pack on my neck since I got home. Looking up for three days straight is really bad for one’s muscles. 


The 15th of May.

Tonight has been the most fun. I have come back on a clue.

This morning we packed up everything in the house and drove straight to Axminster. We bought a couple of sandwiches from Tesco for the train journey, then killed 45 minutes in the River Cottage Canteen before Mommy and I needed to get the train to Waterloo. Our assistance man bore a strong resemblance to Nick Hewer and he had to move loads of pushchairs and suitcases to get me on the train, so I stared at a wall of luggage for three hours.

Upon arrival, we went to Alchemy for a quick coffee before getting a cab all the way to our hotel near The O2. It was so far! We asked the driver how much time we should leave to get to The O2 and he said 45 minutes, so we basically checked in, dumped our bags and went out again! We were early, but I’d rather that than be stressing about lateness. I’d just picked up our guestlist tickets and wristbands when Christine and Kim arrived, at which point we went straight to Byron. I essentially inhaled my smoked cheddar cheeseburger and Oreo cookieshake, then we went to our seats.

We had a pretty great view and there isn’t a great deal to say about the show itself apart from that it was ace and you should watch it when it’s on TV. The men in front of us kept leaving and coming back, as did much of the audience it seemed, all throughout the show! It was so bizarre.

Afterwards, I spoke to Aisling, and we had to go practically all round The O2 in search of the green room. By the time we arrived, Christine and Kim had to go to the tube, but I was left in capable hands. I then got to spend the evening hanging out with most of my favourite comedians and their friends! Aisling Bea, Sara Pascoe, Katherine Ryan (plus her daughter who is adorable and enjoyed my and her mum’s names both sounding the same), Rob Beckett, Romesh Ranganathan, Jack Dee, Jason Byrne, Josh Widdicombe, Seann Walsh and Becky Humphries, plus the people whose names I didn’t hear but pretended to. They are all such gorgeous people and I feel like I am their actual friend which I ridiculous but never mind. Writing down what actually happened sounds so mundane (e.g. Josh talking me through signing up to Uber) so just imagine I had a wonderful, magical night which culminated in wangling a free Addison Lee car back to my hotel with an absolute delight of a driver.

Tingling with joy.

The 16th of May.

Officially one of the best weekends ever. Slept in a little, and just had a croissant at the hotel before going to Timberyard for proper breakfast of a crodough! A chocolate crodough and a flat white, and I also got an Oreo cheesecake one which is purely for research purposes, you understand (ETA: the chocolate one was way better). When we came out, we happened upon Dawn O’Porter’s BOB by DOP shop and I absolutely adore her clothes particularly the skirts. We went in and there she was! I tried on the geese one that she was also wearing and we had a photo in our matching skirts and Tatty Devine name necklaces before I tried on the dogs one too. I couldn’t decide so I bought both.

We spent the remainder of our time looking around the forensics exhibition at The Wellcome Collection where we also had lunch (apple, celery and kale juice and a toasted Brie, bacon, onion marmalade, Dijon mayo and rocket sandwich). Grabbed another coffee from TAP then headed to Euston and almost immediately were on the train, and now here I am, home.

Exquisitely happy and so in awe of how simply astonishing and sweet people can be.


The 16th of February. 

A much quieter day! But just what I needed. I was woken up by Radio WM calling to hear about my weekend so I told the story in brief in a rather sleepy, groggy state. I was then completely woken up from my Zopiclone slumber so I spent my morning writing about yesterday and pinching myself to prove it was real. 

After lunch, we went on a brief trip into Sutton to swap Grandma’s hearing aid (such excitement, I just know) and for me to get some new cleanser as my skin has gone completely mental. I blame HRT. 

This afternoon, I have made the arms of a bunny and written another summary of my life post for the new masses. I shall probably get the feet of the bunny done tonight during Only Connect. Joe Lycett was interviewed on WM this afternoon to talk about yesterday, and he was so lovely. Oh and Aisling Bea tweeted me to invite me to Channel 4’s Comedy Gala! Bwahaha I will slowly make all of the comedians my friends. 

The 17th of February. 

Pancake Day aka one of the best days of the year. Did not begin brilliantly. Mommy had gone out to take Grandma to Parkinson’s clinic by the time I got downstairs but had left me batter and other kit including the perching stool. However, I completely failed at making them – mine were more like omelettes. They were consigned to the bin. I had got out some prosciutto though which can’t really go back in the packet so I put it in a toasted muffin and had that for breakfast instead. 

For the rest of the day, I have been finishing the bunny I’ve been doing for a lady on twitter, so that needs to go in the post. Must start the aardvark now,that’s next on the list. 

For lunch, Mommy had a go at the pancakes and succeeded, so I had them with crispy parma ham and maple syrup. And yes, we’ll be having crêpes for dinner too. 

Alison came over while we were watching Super Cute Animals because we haven’t seen her for a while as she didn’t want to bring any bugs from school round. We heard about the saga of Jamie’s new phone, and basically, Yodel are incompetent. 

I spoke to Andrew Willis’ secretary this morning, but she doesn’t organise the procedures. She said she’d email the coordinator with my number and she’d call me. I haven’t heard anything, so tomorrow after my PIP assessment, we’re going to clinic because things are just getting worse.