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The 4th of November. 

I have taken to watching It Takes Two instead of the news because the real world is so depressing and awful. I would rather escape into the glitter. I cannot wait for the 9th of November. I just hope America don’t sentence the world to nuclear war. 

I spent my morning being invisible in the living room as Ed the financial advisor was here. I don’t know why, I was not listening, I just nod along when these things are explained to me. I just sat and crocheted Xaver and wrote up a blog post (which I nearly forgot about again). 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Nocturnal Animals. It is really an excellent piece of work. The opening is shocking and brilliant, I loved it. Jake Gyllenhaal still as splendid (and handsome) as always, Amy Adams is fantastic, especially when she’s not speaking. That sounds bad, but I just mean that she can express so much in her face, she doesn’t need to talk. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is absolutely horrible (in his character) and just yes, one of the best films I have seen in a long time. 

The 5th of November. 

Up way too early for a Saturday morning, but it was necessary if we wanted to be at the NEC for half past nine. Mommy, Becky, Alison and I went to the Crafts for Christmas/Cake International Show. When we arrived, people were queueing to get in, so I took my ticket and went to get a festive caffeinated beverage before braving the crowds. 

To be honest, the craft bit was not all that inspiring. I bought a couple of balls of wool, and a unicorn kit from Toft, where I had a very nice conversation with the girl who was working there. That was it, really. I spent the majority of my time in the cake show. The Brownie Bar were there, so I bought four from them (Rich Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Nutella and Oreo), and later on I saw another place selling all sorts of things I would’ve happily feasted upon, but I settled on just a gingerbread man and a cookie (which are enormous). 

The best thing was the cake competition – frankly unbelievable. There was a Dobby made of cake, a life-size ballerina, loads of owls, a huge BFG holding Sophie, lots of animals and people, and the most amazing sugar flowers. 

Finally, I met back up with the others, and we came home to have lunch because it had been many hours since breakfast. This afternoon I had a lovely crafty time finishing Xaver (minus his baubles) and I finally got round to watching The Outcast Comic, the documentary about Andrew Lawrencce which was really interesting. Waiting to see what he does now. 

The 2nd of April.

Woke up on my own terms, my favourite why. Washed my hair for the first time since it was dyed and there are some candy floss streaks now which is cute.

This afternoon, the little grey kitty with the smushy face and short legs came to visit! I went outside to try and say hi but it ran away. I also did a lot of squats, but then I sat down to rest and Oscar felt this was the perfect time for a hug.

This evening, Mommy and I went to see Andrew Lawrence at The Glee Club. It was a good gig – a weird group of people. Chap behind me looked like he’d not long since woken up in a skip, then I heard him saying he “definitely had a virus” and proceeded to laugh on my neck and it was gross. Also the lady who sat next to me smelled awful so I really had to sit as close to Mommy as possible.

The 3rd of April.

Ugh, last night I couldn’t sleep so I thought “sod this” and I went to get some Zopiclone and then I had a great sleep.

This morning, my central line was really irritating me – having the dressing in a stupid place, only one stitch was in, so I decided to remove the dressing, remove the stitch and place it in a more comfortable position so now it’s stuck down there. I’m sure all the nurses I see will be thrilled.

This afternoon, I mainly did exercise. I find the repetition of doing sets enjoyable, it passes the time, and when I’m finished, I feel like I’ve been productive. I also chased a kitty out of the front garden.

I have felt kind of hormonal and sad all day. Stupid timed period/HRT/Provera. Every three months for ten days I am scheduled to feel crap.