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The 15th of April.

Sweet baby Jesus my back has never hurt this much. I spiked yesterday evening and again at 1am, so I’ve had barely any sleep. My back now just hurts constantly at a fairly high level, then I get breakthrough pain when I move and sometimes when I do nothing.

I had clinic today, so we arrived at about ten, waited for three hours and was finally seen by Ram at one. I was almost in tears by this point, and nearly broke down when trying to describe the pain. I’ve got loads of Tramadol, starting on 200mg a day and if that doesn’t work, I can double it. We had to get a massive order from pharmacy, three huge bags, so I gave them my prescription and we went for lunch while we waited for an hour. I was starving.

Oh and no results from any of my tests were back yet, so we have to ring up tomorrow. Ram said depending on what the x-ray shows, I’ll probably need an MRI which I can’t currently imagine as lying flat is incredibly painful.

Getting out of the chair after five hours was no fun at all, I was incredibly stiff, and since getting home, I have just stayed in the armchair. This is just awful.

The 16th of April.

Things are better today. I had two lorazepam last night which did help – I didn’t get up until about ten. I was a bit stiff, but once I’d got the Tramadol on board, it started building up inside my system and I can walk around a bit better now. The constant ache I had its basically gone, which is a huge relief. I also haven’t spiked since 1am yesterday, so I’m hoping that continues.

Today I’ve just watched tv that I don’t need to remember (Lorazepam makes me forget what’s happened in the day after I’ve taken it) and made the last two legs for Anna’s elephant. I’ve put that on pause for the night as I’m going to make a black sheep to give to Michaela tomorrow. I’ve also been through the new Hummingbird Bakery book which arrived in the post today, and there seem to be many tasty things I want to make, like the birthday cake cookies and chocolate doberge cake.

Igor just rang to see how I am (bless him), so I told him, but none of the results are back yet and there’s no record of the urine sample being at the lab, so he wants me to go in tomorrow at half one to have more bloods done and do another urine sample. He knows I need to leave by half two.

Right, back to the black sheep!


The 13th of April.

Oh dear, this is not going well. I had another really bad night, tossing and turning. I realised the reason early this morning, when my back was killing me. I presume I did something at the gym on Saturday but I’ve no idea what. I had Mommy come upstairs to rub it for a little while before I had to get up. Every time I did move, I made noises like “Nrrghhh”. 

We had an appointment at the Apple shop for the laptop. Frustratingly, it didn’t show the issue, so it may be that it just needed a proper reboot, which is a wee bit embarrassing. We also bought several birthday cards, then I got a gingerbread man from Greggs to cheer me up.

After lunch, Mommy went to see Grandma, and I went upstairs to lie in bed with the electric blanket to try to warm up the muscles while I watched two episodes of Dexter on Netflix. It didn’t work. So I came back down and we watched the Oliviers, and I just have to hope that a good sleep tonight will help.

The 14th of April.

I didn’t have a good sleep. Instead, I had a temperature. The Zopiclone didn’t work, so I barely slept, and have been awake since about six with another temperature. I was still in pain, and felt totally awful. Mommy came up and helped me a bit, and she rang the hospital at half eight, spoke to one of the clinical nurse specialists, who said she’d ring back when she’d spoken to a doctor.

I managed to get myself out of bed and dressed, and slowly came downstairs. We got a phone call at about half eleven, saying to go to 622 where I’d be seen by Sandeep. So off we went! I was actually feeling much better by this point, but considering how unusual it is for me to spike, we thought we’d better go on anyway.

I was in a small side room, and while waiting for Sandeep, Igor walked past, so he came and saw me instead. We talked a bit about my symptoms and pain, so I’ve had bloods done, plus cultures of both lumens, a urine sample and he sent me down for a back x-ray, in case I had a crushed vertebrae, which could apparently account for this level of pain. I have clinic tomorrow, so we’ll get the results then. In the meantime, I’m on augmentin.

After we got home and had lunch, I had a visit from Alice who I have come to know via Twitter, and who I made the aardvark for. We had a lovely time just chatting about stuff, life in general, and it was just nice. I don’t often get to meet new people.

The 11th of July.

Oh Jesus I am so tired. If we didn’t have to be out by ten tomorrow morning I would have lorazepam tonight. My legs also absolutely kill from the amount of walking I’ve done this week – yes I’ve been independent, but it’s come at a price.

I got a lovely message from Joanna Brighton who I used to go to Brownies with, and she has managed to wangle a delightful breakfast and viewing experience at Duck & Waffle for me and Mommy for whenever we want and I’m super-excited, just need to decide when we go!

I had breakfast of American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at Hang Ten this morning, overlooking  the harbour and being terrible at the crossword in the paper. A small boy was desperate to play Jenga, but compromised with his parents’ suggestion of Connect 4. Then I decided I would make an attempt at health for once this week so went to Elixir and had a Side of Kale which contained kale, parsnip, apple, mint and lime.

Then Espressini time – my last visit! Just one flat white today, but I also bought some of their Knock Out blend to take home. I have loved going there this week – Rupert is lovely and I wish they were in Birmingham! Luckily, Faculty Coffee have just bought some Sweet Shop espresso which is the other blend I’ve had all week.

I met up with Mommy and Daddy and we went to Dolly’s for lunch where I had a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich which was perfect for the really hot weather today.

I did a bit more walking around, trying to find a card for Elle and Ben unsuccessfully and had some orange and mascarpone ice cream, then got Mommy and Daddy to accompany me back to the flat as they’d finished and I needed moral support to get back up the hill.

Since we returned, I have flooped.

The 12th of July.

Home again. Inevitably. But it means my bed, my memory foam pillows, my duvet, and my coffee in the morning.

I got up at half seven and made sure all my stuff was ready to be packed. I had my breakfast, then had my final wander down to get papers for me and Daddy, and a flat white from Picnic (it’s closer than Espressini and my legs are just agony now).

We set off before ten, but it took us until lunchtime to get to Exeter because there had been an accident where two cars had gone into a ditch. which was unfortunate. So we went to the Exploding Bakery on recommendation of Rupert, but they hadn’t much lunch stuff left, so afterwards we went to Boston Tea Party down the road where I got a sandwich and an orange juice, then we carried on our drive!

We stopped once more at Gloucester Farm Shop and Services which is practically a destination in itself! So much to buy and eat, although I didn’t buy any of the amazing looking cake because I knew it would make me uncomfortable and burpy which I did not want. However, I did buy some coffee, some soup, some chocolate, a mug and a necklace.

After about another hour of driving, we were home! Have unpacked and got my Stack magazine in the post and the CD with the PDF of my notes from BCH on! I’m really excited to look at them.

Tonight is lorazepam because I don’t need tomorrow and on Monday I need to be up early to have breakfast before I have to be nil by mouth.


Last morning view over the harbour with coffee.


American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.


Vague attempt at fruits and vegetables: kale, parnsip, apple, mint, lime.


Hebe, the dog in the pearl necklace.


Orange and mascarpone ice cream.


Monmouth coffee at Exploding Bakery.