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The 10th of June.

Is been a weird sort of day. Back home, back in my own bed (which was beautiful), but outside of our lives, the world is imploding. Part of me wants to avoid the news until it is all sorted but part wants to get up and fight for what is right because five more years of what we have been enduring is a death sentence , and that is not an exaggeration.

I might be feeling buoyed because I have just watched Wonder Woman. I am ready to kick the asses of a thousand men. We went to a 2.20 screening, and about five minutes before we were due to leave, Mommy got a phone call from Grandma’s home because she had fallen (her dining chair broke), she’d hit her head and was refusing medical treatment, so she had to go down there to convince her otherwise.

There was nothing Daddy and I could do, so we went to the film. There were some pretty terrible people in the screen (who takes a seven year old to a 12A?) so I had to ignore them but that wasn’t too difficult. It is a decent film – there are some holes and I had major issues with continuity and Ares just doing the whole “villain explaining his plan” – but I still enjoyed Gal Gadot being super badass. I liked the beginning part the best though. All the women being strong and awesome. More of this all the time! Show little girls we can fight.

Grandma has gone to hospital and is having a CT. I think she is going to be okay.

The 11th of June.

My bed is so great. I won’t mention it again (until my next admission). I have just missed it a lot.

This morning was Sunday Brunch and apparently the finale of season 2 of Scream, although there is another one left on Netflix? I don’t really understand. However, I feel quite smug as I had thought that Kieran might be the killer since he showed up at the funfair (sorry if that’s a spoiler but oh well). He was too quick.

Grandma came to join us for lunch – she is fine, just a bit bruised. I say “lunch”, but it wasn’t until five. She sat in the back room and watched the tennis (good thing we have no kitties at the moment), and I did much crocheting. I’m making another bear, this time for Jodie who was in the year below me at school and is expecting her first child.

Got my hair washed, and I had a really nice lie down with traditional Sunday afternoon radio. I also achieved quite a milestone – I climbed the stairs without oxygen and didn’t feel like I was going to die! Well done me. Maybe there is some hope for the rest of this year.

The 15th of August.

Becky and James’ wedding day! I got up at 7:15, got dressed, did my hair, had a crumpet and a coffee before going over the road. Alison was having her make up done when I arrived, then she and Danni went to get their hair done and I got in the chair for my make up. So much stuff on my face! I even had false lashes because why not? It was a very busy morning – cakes being picked up, flowers arriving, getting dressed, arrival of the car. Suddenly it was time to go! Lorna, flowergirl Chloe and I sat in the back of the car, then the two seats in front folded out so Rachel and Danni could sit in them, and Alison sat in the front with the driver. We felt very fancy!

We had to hang out in the vestibule at the back of the church until Becky and Chris arrived, not too late! I started us off, trying not to walk too fast or smile too ridiculously. I did a tiny cry during the ceremony, while we sang the second song. I mainly held it together though. After the service, we had some photos, and one of the photographers was a guy I knew from school, Malcolm! Weird coincidence. Then some cake in the church before we chucked confetti at the couple and they were driven to The Boathouse. Rachel, Danni and I swiftly followed, got ourselves a Pimm’s and found our seats. I spoke to a few people while I waited for the rest of my family to arrive. Shortly after they did, I needed to be in a couple of photos on floor that was very stony and painful, so I was glad when those are done. 

Everyone congregated in the restaurant, all waiting for food. I was with Christine and some of Becky’s church friends who I’ve met at parties previously, so we had a jolly time. We all got on the wine and ate our food which was really good, and we were nice and sozzled for the speeches. 

Chris’ was a lovely poem, James’ made me nearly cry when he talked about Becky (and knock over my Prosecco when he said how nice we looked, then made a face), and Tim’s made me slightly hysterical with a story of when James wrote about violins instead of villains for his English GCSE. 

After that, things are fuzzy. There was the first dance, to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, the cutting off the cake, photobooth fun times, some heart to hearts with total strangers, sparklers, and far more dancing than I should ever do. Now very, very sleepy.

The 16th of August.

Hangovers suck. I woke up in serious tummy pain, which I thought might be heartburn, but I really didn’t feel I could take any Gaviscon. At about half five, I was calling Mommy for help and shortly after, I threw up several times into the bin. Since then, I’ve felt pretty shit, trying to sleep until about ten. Mommy stayed with me until she needed to help Alison take Gordon and Margaret to the station, so then Christine came to sit with me while I whimpered. 

I started feeling vaguely reasonable at some point this afternoon, when I had some toast and marmalade. I watched three episodes of Dexter, and decided to come downstairs at about five. I’ve had some scrambled eggs and I think I’ll be okay tomorrow. I’m not going to pilates though.