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The 26th of December.

Bleah, bad sleeping again so I’m having Zopiclone tonight. Therefore, I have only had one glass of champagne today – sleeping tablets and alcohol are not the best mix. I still felt kind of wibbly this morning so thought it wise not to drink too much again.

I put my twosie on (I am so warm) and spent my morning writing about yesterday, watching the rubbish on tv and it has been mainly rubbish today, unfortunately. The Shaun the Sheep film was on, and I remember seeing that with Daddy – such a mistake. Wouldn’t put myself through that again.

Lunch was about half one; Boxing Day ham, then chocolate mousse for everyone (except Taid, too much sugar). Then for the rest of the afternoon I have been reading How to Stop Time, and have finished it. I had started it before, but when I knew I was getting the illustrated version, I stopped. So I picked up where I’d left off, and read the last 125 pages. Next will be one of the enormous books I got yesterday.

Tonight we are having cheese for dinner. Awesome.

The 27th of December.

Welcome to the Merrineum – the period between Christmas and New Year when all the cosy clothes come out, the television options before rather desperate and there isn’t much to do but eat.

So today I have watched Turbo, The Princess and the Frog, Moana and Big Hero 6. It’s been very animation-heavy. While I sat on my arse, Mommy and Christine returned Taid’s room to a state ready for kittens, and Daddy has been driving Taid back to Wales and should be back in about an hour and a half.

I’ve been crocheting a shawl, so worked on that. I think I’ll finish it this evening, then my next projects are things for people’s babies. I need to look and what wool I already have so I don’t waste money on more – I bought rather an expensive jumper in the Farfetch sale yesterday so going to have to be a bit frugal for a while (except on my birthday).

The Zopiclone I had last night worked, thank god, so I had a much better sleep. Let’s hope that’s a return to usual form. Podcasts all night is not what I want to become my norm.

The 31st of January. 

It feels like not a lot has happened today. Things started off well, with when flushing my line, Mommy drew back on the red lumen, and it bled! This was very unexpected so we both squealed with excitement, then composed ourselves and finished flushing it. 

Normal Saturday morning – Saturday Kitchen, blog post, paper, sudoku, crossword, magazine. Becky came over briefly to see the hats that Joan has given Mommy to potentially wear to Becky’s wedding. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Big Hero 6, which was lots of fun as expected. There is a tiny sad bit which obviously made me cry because I am slightly emotionally unstable. Very good though. I would recommend. 

This evening I have worked out how much wool I need to do 2/3 of the animals in Edward’s Menagerie, my theory being that I will have some left over, then I won’t over-buy to finish them. 

The 1st of February. 

Oh, I wish I had more to say about today but so little has happened. When I went downstairs, Mommy and Daddy were out taking Grandma to church, so I went to the kitchen to get my juice and water. It did not go well – I ended up rather exhausted. 

I’ve felt really rather grotty all day – something inside me has just felt off. I don’t think there’s anything physically wrong with me, I just felt crappy. I suspect I need a massive sleep so tonight might be an early one. 

To pass the day, I have been crocheting Georgina the Hippo. She has a body, head and three legs so far. 

God yep I have literally nothing else to say. My apologies.