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The 1st of December.

Food show day! So I got home last night about eleven, didn’t get to sleep for ages, and was up early at seven. Bleah. I’m having Zopiclone tonight.

We were at Grandma’s for 9 and it was freezing. I had to put a blanket over my legs for the car journey. When we arrived, I went straight to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha, then I got a programme and worked out where I wanted to go. Mainly cake-based stalls.

I bought three brownies – one from Gower Cottage, two from The Brownie Bar (triple chocolate and Nutella), a slice of chocolate rainbow cake from a coffee stand, a box of drinking fudge and a slice of salted caramel fudge from Fudge Kitchen, and some filter papers for my advent calendar. Then I was done! So I had to kill time until Mommy and Grandma were done, which I did by watching cooking demos and reading a book on my phone. I caught up with them for lunch (wild boar burger), then we came home.

I got to finally open my advent calendars! First coffee in my Christmas mug and biscuit. Super tasty. Then this afternoon has been lots of planning, and Ann and Tom came to visit the kittens again.

So tired. 

The 2nd of December.

Today has been exasperating and tedious. I had planned to spend my day doing loads of crochet, but very little has happened at all.

It was all because my phone kept crashing whenever I tried to use it, which was obviously infuriating. After trying the basic resetting, to no avail, I thought I was going to have to spend the day at the computer trying to back it up. So I put my diary (so I could type up a blog post), some crochet and some other bits and pieces in a bag and took it upstairs for the slog.

After having it plugged in for over an hour and the progress bar not moving while I typed, I gave up on that. I managed to somehow score a Genius Bar appointment at half three, so I then sat on my bedroom floor and plugged it into the wall while I tried to back it up over the WiFi. It actually got to about halfway, and part of me wanted sack off the Apple Store but thought I ought to go and get it checked out. If they told me to go away, back it up and come back that was fine, I just wanted to know how to resolve the issue.

Town was horrific, as expected on a Saturday afternoon, and I hated everyone, meandering aimlessly in my way. Still, got to the Apple Store, waited for twenty minutes, to find that many people have had this problem today! It’s Apple’s fault – they did something that made lots of phones crash and the way to fix it was a software update. Because I hadn’t had a notification, I didn’t check for an update. Boy, did I feel like a willy. So the chap who was looking after me sat there and we waited for the update to happen while talking about security. Riveting.

Now I am home, all is sorted, and my back kills.

The 30th of November. 

Blargh. You know how when one thing gets better, something else gets worse? My back has been really bad today, for no real reason that I can think of, and tomorrow will make it worse because I’m going to be my wheelchair for most of the day. 

Obviously, being in pain, I have not been very busy. This morning, I wrote up a blog post, and made the other two unicorn legs. He (She? Its name is Chablis) just needs assembling now  

After lunch, I did some Cats Protection stuff – I got to speak to a lady who liked one kitten who is now reserved with his brother, but I told her who is coming up soon and she seemed happy with that. Still couldn’t get hold of a different woman on the phone, and I’ve already emailed her, so today I’ve sent her a text and just hoping she’ll get back to me. Then I synced my iPhone (so tedious) and updated the music on my iPod so I can listen to it on the train tomorrow. 

We’re going to see my friend Will Barton in The Libertine and have some tasty foods. It’s going to be an excellent way to start advent. 

The 1st of December.

It’s advent! Be prepared for my unrelenting festive spirit all month. It’s been a very busy day, down to London and back, and next week we do it all again!

This morning seemed like it might be stressful because there were train issues between Wolverhampton and Birmingham International, but thankfully we were unaffected, so we arrived at Euston right on time. We were then supposed to pick up our tickets for the show before meeting Will for lunch, but the traffic was terrible so he got the tickets and we met him at Chop Shop. We all ordered steak (medium rare, natch), then got to talking. He told us a bit about the show and the guy it’s based on, and we talked about my parents’ lives working in theatres before they settled down. 

Will had to leave early to go and have his wig put on, so Mommy and I had coffee, then made our way over to the theatre. They let me in an accessible side door, and we took our seats in the stalls. We read the programme, and discovered a few other names/faces I recognised, like Will Merrick who was in Skins, Lizzie Roper who was in Hollyoaks and is one of the Aunt Bessie’s women, and Ophelia Lovibond who was in Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone was really excellent and the show is so good – very wordy, funny, horrifically rude (if you’re easily offended, I wouldn’t recommend it) and made all the more fun by the presence of the (puppet) monkey and the dildo song. 

After the show, we went round to stage door to meet Will, and we climbed all the stairs up to Dominic Cooper’s dressing room because I have to prove that I can do things. By the time we got there, I needed to sit and breathe, but it was worth it because I got to see the very fancy room. 

Dominic was very lovely, but we didn’t have long because the cast were having Christmas tea. We talked about the show, and we had photos and they both signed my programme. Then we said goodbye, they went for their tea, and we wrapped ourselves back up to go out into the cold. 

We went to Fortnum and Mason, where I got my Buck’s Fizz marmalade and Mommy bought some florentines for Daddy, so now we don’t have to go there next week. I also got a cinnabon from the actual Cinnabon shop in Piccadilly Circus. We then very happily fell upon an available cab, and were taken back to Euston. 

While we chuntered home, I listened to the Elf soundtrack while reading New Scientist, then when we were actually at home, I had a Skype call from Christine. She had left her phone at work, and her work was on fire. Someone had set fire to Founders building at Royal Holloway, so we were talking while both looking at Twitter. Hopefully her phone is not burned to a crisp. 

The 3rd of September. 

It feels ever so strange to come downstairs in a morning and not to have to feed any kittens. Got a new guy coming tomorrow afternoon though – his name is Rufus and he needs socialising so more persistent petting is going to be required. 

I read the weekend Guardian, skipping the Nick Clegg interview because I knew it would make me too sad/angry, and I only remembered I actually needed to write up a blog post after lunch. Thankfully, I had time to do it because there was no cinema trip today; the only film I wanted to see was Morgan, but Daddy was not a fan of that idea so that was off. I am not that bothered; I’ll read the plot on Wikipedia. 

So, instead of going out (admittedly in the pissing rain), Mommy and I have baked. A batch of brownies from the Gü cook book, and some vanilla biscuits using the recipe from the Biscuiteers book, the icing of which I will do tomorrow. Whether I go the whole hog of doing the lining and flooding business, I do not yet know. They’re all cat shaped because I just love living up to stereotypes. 

The 4th of September. 

I have had a very productive day. I can tell because my back hurts a lot

This morning was not so much, just washing my hair and Sunday Brunch. Mommy had bought some kippers so I ate those for breakfast and burnt my fingers getting the plate out of the microwave. Just before lunch, we made some royal icing for the biscuits we made yesterday. We dyed some of it orange, turning our hands red in the process (milk once again coming to the rescue as a stain-remover), and I piped the outlines of all the biscuits. 

We let them set while we ate, then I went back to flood them all with more orange while I listened to the new Frank Ocean album. That took a while to set, so I left it again and did some crocheting. Jen came to pick up the kitten paperwork and drop off some homing blankets, then I went back to add details while I watched the repeat of Bake Off. First I used just white to do the feet of the whole cats and cheeks of the cat faces, then I had to make some black. The closest I could get was a very dark grey, then I had a palaver with putting it into a squeezy bottle which hurt my hands, so then it got decanted into a piping bag, and I did all their faces. They are so CUTE! I am thrilled with how they’ve turned out. How they managed to do them on Great British Bake Off within the time limit, I have no idea, because it’s taken me about five hours just doing the icing, nevermind the baking. 

Rufus is now coming tomorrow as Shaki is still out trapping, which actually is most convenient, as we still haven’t eaten our tea. I am pooped. 

The 13th of August.

This week seems to have gone by so quickly. I woke up at half past nine, dressed for the gym and Mommy was already baking. My only aim this morning was to paint my nails for the wedding, then I did my blog. Mommy threw two batches of cake in the bin because the food colouring made them go weird. 

My UK Mail delivery came at the end of its allotted window. Just a day late! Ugh. I hope Biscuiteers don’t use them again. 

After lunch, I went to the gym, where my heart rate monitor watch decided to die which was frustrating. I only saw the sweaty boy and the one who looks like Tom Daley today, so not much amusement. 

We saw Becky and Alison on their way out to Tesco when we got back, so I’m waiting for them to get back so I can take the biscuits over. 

The 14th of August. 

Busy! Woke up at about seven and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and ambled around the house. Mommy was supposed to take Grandma to a funeral, but when she went to pick her up, she found she had a flat tyre so Daddy had to go and pump it up before they both came home. We then all went out to drop Mommy off at Wylde Green to go and meet Christine, then take me to Black Sheep and Daddy go to Kwik-Fit to get the tyre fixed. 

I was there about an hour less than I’d thought, so there was more time for us to ice cakes before the rehearsal. I ate lunch, then did all the vanilla, chocolate and pink cupcakes before going to rummage through all my bags to find an appropriate one for tomorrow. I’m taking the 2.55. 

Lots of people were late to the rehearsal because the traffic was utterly dreadful. We got started eventually. We have to walk so slowly! 

We’re having a meal at Pizza Express tonight, then potential pub time? We’ll see how I go.

The 30th of August.

Been having to remind myself that it’s Saturday all day. Lorazepam does knock me but it’s useful. Only once a week though. 

I spent my morning writing up some blog posts and looking at long sleeved pyjama tops online as we’ve discovered that I in fact only have one. Mommy took me to the sorting office so I could pick up a parcel that came yesterday while we were out, which was some biscuits that I ordered for myself from Biscuiteers. They are in the shape of cupcakes and the main one said “You are awesome.” because I am.

This afternoon, we went into town where I got some pretty underwear from Ted Baker, a pyjama top from Gap (I’m going to wear it tonight and if it’s alright then I’ll order some more online), then Mommy went to look for some skirts for Grandma as her leg is too big for her trousers right now, so I sat in Waterstones and looked at all the food books. We got Jamie Oliver’s new one and it is basically everything I want to eat over the autumn/winter. 

Hamilton is having lots of fun rolling around in his ball. X Factor tonight! I’m almost more excited for the Twitter reactions than trying to spot myself in the audience.

The 31st of August.

I woke up at about half three and have felt fairly shitty for most of the day. I came downstairs around nine with major trembles, difficulty breathing and some very localised fluid retention in my right ankle and the upper half of my forearms. It hasn’t got worse over the course of the day, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

So I’ve had my feet elevated all day as the skin on my ankle had split and was painful. This morning I watched Sunday Brunch and I read the interesting bits of yesterday’s Weekend Guardian.

I had beans on toast for lunch, as it really was that sort of day, and this afternoon, Mommy and I watched some TV shows we’d recorded. I also read a lot of The Miniaturist so I’m about halfway through and enjoying it enormously. I have no idea what is going to happen.

I managed to coax Hamilton out into my hand today! I held him on my lap in a blanket and stroked him for a little bit, and now he’s in the ball again. He seems to like that a lot and he’s less agitated in his cage. 

X Factor was interesting! Saw Chloe Jasmine, and the internet seems to agree with me in that she is fake. We felt her whole character was so contrived and she isn’t even a very good singer. Her arena audition is even worse than what they showed last night. We didn’t see any of the other featured contestants. It’s on again tonight so we shall see who appears!

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