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The 19th of April.

So the shaved kitty is not so shaved. Only a few bits had to be done, so we actually have a rather large, incredibly floofy cat who needs a lot of grooming but he is super friendly and seems to enjoy being brushed so I’m confident that won’t be a problem. Plus he’s got zero health problems which is a bonus so hopefully we can find someone who wants an older cat!

A much less news-heavy day. This morning I had a chiro appointment, so I got my back stretched out and a few bits crunched here and there. I was much better than last time, presumably because I haven’t been having to use quite so much oxygen, so my muscles are behaving a bit more normally.

When we got back, Christine and I watched the new episodes of iZombie and Pretty Little Liars, still batshit as ever. Will we get all the answers in the next ten weeks? We can but hope. By the time it finishes, the election will be over!

Christine had to leave to get her train home, but when she got to New Street, she discovered there were no trains to Euston! She was okay though, she was allowed to get a different train to Reading, then get another one home from there.

Shaki arrived just after six with Sam the floof. He is gorgeous and I can’t bear the thought of him sleeping under a pile of leaves. People are awful.

The 20th of April.

I am covered in floof. He is lovely but I need industrial-strength sticky tape to de-fluff.

This morning I was at the QE for pre-venoplasty bloods. That was easily done – I went to haematology clinic and they bled me very quickly, then we went across the link bridge to the “new” hospital. I’d taken in the bear I made for Jenny’s baby, but she wasn’t in. Cody was though, so we went to check if she’d be there on Monday (she will), and we saw the doctors on their round. They seemed happy to see me being well, and Ben complimented me on my boots. He obviously has good taste. Then we went to ambulatory care to check what time I need to turn up on Monday. However, they couldn’t find me on their list. This was a little alarming, so I rang Tracy. We don’t know why I’m not on their list, but I definitely have a bed, I just need to arrive at twelve and it should be fine.

Dean was coming up to go to Heartlands for a pre-op, and I’d said we’d give him and Adam a lift there. We weren’t far away and it was nice to see him with neither of us feeling ghastly.

We dropped them off, then came home for lunch. Mommy then went to Grandma’s, and I watched The Magicians before going to see Sam, and I gave him a very good groom while we watched the first two episodes of Riverdale. Oh how I miss the days when my only worries were boys and girls and homework.

The 21st of August.

Argh I hate blood tests at unsociable times. I had to get up at seven to leave at half past eight for a test to check if I have hyperkalemia (high potassium). It’s because I started this new blood pressure drug which can elevate potassium, and as mine tends to run on the high side, Dr. Hewins wanted to check that it wasn’t being tipped over the edge. Hopefully it’s fine (I haven’t heard to the contrary) because it’s working. 

I was supposed to meet Vicky in town for lunch but she had to postpone last minute, but we went there anyway to collect train tickets for a trip to London in early September, when I’m going to meet Margot Martini’s parents. 

For the rest of the day, I’ve been rather lazy, watching things on the TiVo box, but in the past couple of hours I’ve been attempting to crochet a hat. We’ll see how it goes. 

The 22nd of August. 

It’s always a good day when babies are involved. This morning I only had time to read about half the paper before it was time to go to Elle’s. Mommy was going to take me but then Daddy offered so she she could watch athletics. After car-swapping and grabbing blue badges, we did eventually set off. 

When I arrived, Luna was just sitting on the floor, being ever so good, then she crawled to me! Last time, she refused to crawl. She even sort of stands now! We had some fun floor time while Elle packed up all of the things, then we went off in the car to get lunch because there was no food. We went to a little café near her house where I had a mozzarella and basil panini with secret tomato in which I had to remove. We just talked and swatted wasps away from Luna until a man sprayed them all (thankfully, not near us). While Elle paid, Luna and I played with my bottle of water (great toy) and at one point she just rested her head on my chest and we had a little hug. It was so lovely. 

When we got back, there was more floor play, and Luna tried to climb me a lot. Leggings are good for that. So she stood on my lap a lot and chewed on my necklace, and did her version of a cuddle which is just to kind of smash you with her body and face. She’d worn herself out a bit as she’d been awake since half five, and she was sitting on my lap while I scratched her belly, and she just dropped off! Just a little snooze, about half an hour, then it was teatime! Mommy came to get me just after, and I got more smashy hugs. I didn’t want to leave, I could squish her all day long.

Once we’d had our dinner, Becky and James came over post-honeymoon to tell us about it and catch up on what had happened while they were gone. Can’t believe it’s already a week since they got married. 

The 29th of April.

It’s been a rather dull day of waiting. I had a fairly crappy night after waking up just after one having had some terrifying dreams about Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen, not Anthony Hopkins). I did go back to sleep, but only after several podcasts. I was awake again at eight, then at half past nine, I had a phone call from Igor who’d looked at my blood results from yesterday km, and my haemoglobin was fine, but he was concerned about my white count being over 13 and my platelets being 740, which is very high. Mine are usually in the 400-500 range. High platelets can be a reaction to something, so he wanted me back for more bloods to check my CRP amongst other things, and if that was high then I might need a couple of days of IV antibiotics.

Our car was in the garage being fixed, but when Mommy explained to the man that we needed to go to the QE, he gave us a courtesy car because the QE saved his life. We got there around 12, I had all the bloods taken, plus a urine sample, and Igor sent a minion to have a look at me. We came home, and have just waited for phone calls – one for the car, one for my bloods. Mine came first, just after half four – my CRP is 47 so that’s fine, then the car was ready not long later!

I also had a phone call from That’s Life! to read back the story which comes out on the 14th of May. I had to make a few amendments but overall it’s good; I hope it does what I intend.

The 30th of April.

Better sleep, no terrifying Hannibal dreams. Mommy and Daddy both had bad dreams that night too so we are blaming the leftover lamb we are for dinner. I watched This Morning, then after lunch, Mommy took me to the gym. I have determined that the sweaty boy is the origin of the bad smell I have smelled, which is not super surprising. I leg pressed 20kg! This is the most I have done and I am very pleased. Nothing else particularly interesting happened, except for an old man (will, late sixties) doing a headstand on the mat next to me which I found slightly concerning, but thankfully he came down in a controlled manner, rather than crashing down like I feared.

I had a brainwave while there that the gym is a prime picking ground for blood and stem cell donors. All these fit people! I noticed a guy (who greatly resembles Tom Daley) lifting a barbell which made his veins hugely prominent and I thought he would make a really excellent donor. I think I will talk to Neil, the manager, about this.

The 27th of April.

Ughhh I am so sleepy. We think my haemoglobin might be low, so going to 621 tomorrow to have it checked.

I was awake at nine, and before Mommy went to see Grandma, we packed up some sandals to go back to Asos and the pig off to Buckinghamshire. I spent my morning writing a blog post and I found the iMac needed an update so it’s been doing that all day.

I was back at the chiro this afternoon for more lower-back/bum massaging. I’m back next Tuesday for more. The spasm has been a right bastard but I will be back at the gym tomorrow afternoon, working the muscle and stretching it out.

Once we got back, we watched two episodes of Criminal Minds. I am just so tired, I would like a massive sleep tonight.

The 28th of April.

Busy! Well, busy for me. I got up at half past nine, despite my possibly anaemic body not wanting me to. After breakfast and coffee, we toddled off to the QE to have my bloods checked to see if I do need blood before we go away next week. They couldn’t tell me straight away like normal as their analyser had broken, so I’ll check myhealth later.

After we’d had lunch and Mommy had taken Grandma to fellowship, she took me to the gym and I’ve spent all afternoon there. A good three hours of hard work, and very few youths today! The sweaty one was there, and either he or his friend smelled really bad which was upsetting.

When checking my email, I discovered that Fortnum & Mason have brought out a marmalade hamper, so I tweeted that if anyone wanted to buy me a random present, this existed, and bless them, someone is! My followers are great.

The 17th of April.

Awake at half past five. Why? Stupid brain. I tossed and turned for a llittle bit, started listening to the Today programme, then got bored and watched an episode of Dexter. Mommy day my light was on so she came in to say hello, and I asked her to bring up my Tramadol so I could take it and give it a chance to start working before I started moving around.

I spent my morning frantically finishing Michaela’s black sheep, working right up until quarter to one when Daddy and I had to go to hospital for more bloods. Clinic was totally empty as it hadn’t started yet which was lovely, and Igor appeared promptly. All my cultures came back negative, but my CRP (infection marker) was 200 (it should be less than 5) so he wanted to make sure it was going in the right direction. We looked at my x-ray which showed no fractures, but the spaces between my vertebrae are smaller than they ought to be. If the pain doesn’t go away then I’ll need an MRI. Got some antihistamines from pharmacy as Tramadol makes me itchy, then Daddy took me to Black Sheep!

I got to see baby Blossom (so small!), and it was so nice to see Michaela back! I told her and James that I wanted short and vibrant, so now I’m a pink and blue pixie and I love it.

The 18th of April.

Three episodes of Dexter this morning. Plus several podcasts before I actually fell asleep. I’m so mad at my body because I’m not even on steroids – I ought to be able to sleep! I had my Tramadol upstairs already so I had it about forty minutes before I actually got up. After breakfast, I went through the weekend Guardian which took up until lunchtime.

This afternoon, I have finished Anna’s elephant and taken a frankly absurd amount of selfies because I am obsessed with my new hair. I feel pretty great about the way I look right now. Super fly. Yesterday, Michaela couldn’t get over the change in my face, which Ram also noticed, and I’m just like “Yes! This is what I’m supposed to look like! Do you now understand why I get upset about looking different “?

My right foot is swelling again a little so I’m taking furosemide but it’s still quite uncomfortable inside my slipper, so I might have to lie on my back with my legs in the air for a while. I’d also really like to go back to the gym but the pain hasn’t improved enough yet. And I have ulcers in my mouth that are not cooperating with the treatment I am doing, so tongue injections are a possibility this week.

The 21st of July.

I am feeling slightly less stressed tonight. I was awake at four but that is just par for the course and there is nothing I can do. I am used to it now. We rang 621 first thing to explain my current worries about my liver/GvH etc which Sharon took very seriously and she said she’d find out who was where and what could be done. She rang us back very promptly and said that Igor and Susie would be on YPU, and to go and see them.

We packed a bag (if we didn’t take one, I’d need it) and toddled off to the QE, where we were greeted and I had all my bloods done, then in came Igor and Susie and Prem who’s obviously the consultant on at the moment, plus some sort of student doctor who I didn’t pay much attention to. I suspect Igor had warned Prem of my breakdown at him, and she listened to what I had to say. She thinks methyl-pred would be “like using a sledgehammer on a nut”, but to stay on 50mg of oral pred, keep using the cream and to have ECP again next week, so back to fortnightly. My bloods have all been sent so now I just have to be patient which I’m bad at. We also ended up having a conversation with a girl called Charlotte who has a brain tumour who had a really good real-hair wig and was going to this brain tumour support group type thing to meet other people with brain tumours as she hasn’t yet. And little nurse Laura came in who is now a clinical nurse specialist! So that’s fancy.

We decided to go investigate the Birmingham Boston Tea Party after my visit to the one in Exeter. We just had a flat white and caffé au lait, and Mommy also had half a chocolate and raspberry flapjack which lacked the advertised raspberries,

Came home for lunch, Mommy went to see Grandma, I worked out. Very hot and sweaty. At the end, I discovered that I am bleeding again! Going to ring Andy Toogood’s secretary tomorrow because I am not waiting until September for this so-called “urgent” menopause clinic appointment.

The 22nd of July.

One of the first things I did this morning was check my bloods from yesterday. We can breathe easy again – they’re all fine. My CRP is 0, and that’s what goes up if I am brewing an infection, so 0 is a very good number! It is just GvHD being ridiculous and a whole lot of wind. I’ve just got to be really, really careful not to overeat, even in the slightest, until all this burpiness calms down.

I had a productive morning, writing up a blog post, shaving my legs and tidying a load of boxes, books and shoes that were cluttering up the space in front of my bedroom window, all before lunch!

This afternoon, I wanted to be outside so I walked round the corner for a coffee cooler and some bits from Tesco and Boots. Upon my return, I sat in the warmth on the patio, read a section of Immortality by Milan Kundera (picked up in The Sanctuary in Lyme Regis, about different ideas of immortality via short stories? Not like anything I’ve read before), and then I took a lot of photos of the tree lilies because they looked glorious in the sunshine.

Then I came inside before I burned, read Heat, and watched the first episode of The 100 which is terrible so I’ve cancelled that series link.

Daddy’s knee has been weirdly broken today so he has worked from home and used Grandma’s old walking stick, bless him. It has been quite comical though. He and Oscar are a right pair, staggering around.

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