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The 19th of November. 

Long, exhausting day, but ultimately worth it because annual Christmas trip to London! Up super-early because we were getting the train in and they have been untrustworthy of late. The Queen was opening Grand Central today so naturally the security was up to the sky. Sniffer dogs, armed police with their giant machine guns and a policeman who asked about a “lift engineer” he understood to be on the premises but it sounded to me like code. Thankfully we left before the Queen arrived, so we got to London with no hassle!

A taxi took us to Harrods which he was delighted about because going East was awful. Always start in the food hall so I got Christmas coffee, a gingerbread elf, a fondant fancy Santa in a bed and a Harrods version of a chocolate cronut which I had to try to protect from being squished all day. We looked around the Christmas shop where I bought a little yeti who has a special little arm and I love him. We had lunch in The Tea Room where I had Welsh Rarebit and it was vast. There was a terrible family at next to us; the children behaved awfully and the parents were too rich to care. I gave them reproachful looks. 

We checked the Christmas shop for anything we’d missed, then got another cab to Liberty. Stationery, scarves, Christmas shop, haberdashery. Actually what I ended up buying was a flat white cup and saucer and a cappuccino cup and saucer from Acme which I was thrilled about because I didn’t think it could be bought for domestic use. I’m going to have the blue one now and I’m having the red one for Christmas. All the wool in the haberdashery was very tempting but I can get that elsewhere and I have enough wool right now. There wasn’t a huge amount for us in Liberty, so then we went up Oxford Street to Selfridges and that was our last stop. Bought a salt beef on rye from The Brass Rail to take home, and spent forever searching for water in a plastic bottle, which is impossible to find. I liked an Alexa Chung nail varnish but couldn’t find it on its own, and I liked a jumper in H&M which they didn’t have in a small! Despite that, it wasn’t an unsuccessful trip – I had a fun Christmas day with my momma. 

I sat opposite a super attractive man on the train home. If I’d been alone I might have spoken to him. 

The 20th of November. 

I am very sleepy today. I woke up a little bit woozy and light-headed from the Zopiclone I had last night, so I took it easy this morning. Nick was very chatty, so I had my breakfast but couldn’t go to him until I had written about yesterday. By the time I was finished, I went to give him a snuggle for about half an hour until I had to go out again. 

Daddy had left his computer glasses at home, so I went with Mommy to take Grandma home from Fellowship, then we took his specs to his work. It was not pissing it down with rain today, so I got a sausage from the German market. I only get them once a year, and they are so good. I always get them from the circular place at the top of the market – it is the original. Only got poffertjes left to eat now! I also got some 0.38 black Muji pens because I think I am running low. Running low on facewipes too and Superdrug had them on offer so I stocked up on those as well. 

When we got back, we caught up on last night’s Masterchef, then I went to see the chatty kitty. He still gets upset when I leave the room but I think it’s improving. He doesn’t mew for quite as long when I close the door now. 

The 24th of January.

And back to normal waking up time – five o’clock today. I can’t wait until I’m off steroids. My face will return to its original shape, I’ll start sleeping past six am, and I won’t be ravenous all the time. I’ve put on a pound and a half this week and I’m trying not to freak out about it because logically I know there are more important things but my brain is just warping all my rational thoughts.

Anne-Marie was supposed to come to flush my line this morning but she never materialised, and the people who responded to the message we left really didn’t help at all.We needed to go to town to pick up the train tickets for tomorrow, so we weren’t going to hang around and wait for her to arrive, so Mommy flushed my line and off we went. It’s a good thing we’re old hands at this by now.

Town was not particularly exciting; just errands. Oh, we did see the tiniest mouse in the world outside HSBC on New Street to which everyone was giving a wide berth to and squealing “Oh its so CUTE!” That was fun.

This afternoon, Mommy washed my hair and I read my book, and Daddy tried to fix the tap he broke this morning.

I’m very excited about tomorrow.

The 25th of January.

Isn’t it funny how sitting in an armchair is completely different to sitting on a train or in a wheelchair all day? Actually I was in the wheelchair on the train too.

We had a good journey to London; assistance was timely, train was quiet, and the people at Euston were fairly prompt at getting me off the train which is unusual. We got a cab directly to New Bond Street and went to Chanel, looking in all the windows of the fancy shops we passed. I half-expected to see a member of the Made in Chelsea cast.

The Chanel experience was everything Mary said it would be. The doormen welcomed us in, then we sort of slowly meandered around, looking at all the things on display and saying good morning to every member of staff in our suddenly soft, posh voices. There was a section of the store that was up a couple of steps, and when I enquired about how to get up there, a man led us to what seemed to be a mirror, but was actually a door panel in the wall that opened to reveal a wheelchair lift! On the other side, we met a lovely man called Ulisses who I love. He just took care of us incredibly well, listening to what I wanted and was looking for, and after much discussion and viewing of a couple of bags, I have come home with a 2.55. He told us all the reasons behind the different aspects of the bag, and it was plain to see that he knows the brand and the story of Chanel inside out. I paid, and he went away to wrap it up, and we talked to a lady called Theresa who may have been the manager. She told us about how the store has been entirely finished by hand, from the different textures on the walls to the gilding on every single light fitting. Then Ulisses reappeared with the bag and his business card, and we said goodbye.

We found a little place called Everbean on Avery Row, where we had some really excellent coffee and we shared a chocolate cronut. I couldn’t eat a whole on, and though it was yummy, it’s not an experience I need to repeat.

Then we went to Selfridges where we met Amy at The Brass Rail for salt beef. Oh God it’s so salty and delicious. I really love meat. We sat and took up space for a while, updating each other on our families’ medical sagas, and suddenly it was 3 o’clock. We decided to go and look in the cook shop, but then only briefly toured round it before spending most of the next hour in the bookshop, marvelling at a particular book that cost £3,500 and flicking through all the cookery books.

When it got to 4pm, we needed to get a cab back to Euston. It was just starting to try and rain, so that was good timing. We said goodbye and had a big hug, then we were on our way home again. The train stopped because of a power failure which was slightly unnerving, and I nearly didn’t get off the train as no assistance came at New Street until we actively got someone, but now we are home and I am knackered.

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