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The 10th of November. 

It’s been a weird day. Nobody knows what Trump is going to do. We’re already hearing a multitude of stories of racist and sexist acts committed by hideous people. I just hope that there are enough decent people who have the balls to stand up to the attackers. FUCK. 

This morning was a blog post and crochet. I could at least bear to watch topical television which is a step forward. Just got to call people out when it’s necessary. Adam Hills on The Last Leg yesterday was insisting that everything will probably be okay but his doing so is just indicative of his privilege. As much as I would like it to be true, now he is ignoring the very legitimate concerns of the people who are afraid. I wonder if people told the Jews when Hitler came to power that “everything’ll be okay”. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. Unfortunately, everything was really hard because I was really cough-y for some reason, so I only stayed for an hour and a bit. I don’t know why I felt so crappy – I don’t think I’m getting sick. Hopefully it’s just a bad day today and tomorrow I’ll be fine. Got things to do. 

The 11th of November. 

Today has been very, very busy. I had a strange dream that I was singing Hallelujah while in a supermarket and when I woke up, I found out that Leonard Cohen is dead. Bizarre. 

I spent my morning filling in the paperwork for tonight’s adoption and realised I don’t have an email address for the lady. I texted her granddaughter to ask what hers was but she doesn’t have one! A 19 year old who doesn’t have an email address! How can she exist? Anyway. I filled in all the rest, then Daddy took me to Sheila’s house to talk about being the homing officer. 

When I arrived, she showed me her two cats (both old, one completely blind, bless her) and I met the ones she’s fostering who are very unfriendly. Then we sat down for an hour or so and she went through what she does. I will just be taking on the homing of CP cats, she’ll still do the directs and the website, so it will not be a massively arduous task. 

When we were done, Daddy picked me up and we went to see Arrival. It’s really rather excellent. Amy Adams again. I really can’t say anything about what happens because the surprises are part of why it’s so good. I definitely recommend it. Enjoyment of sci-fi not a requirement. 

Tonight: adoption, then Nish!

The 5th of October. 

I spent as much of today as possible with the tiny fluffball because Shaki texted this morning to say she’d be picking her up at half seven, while I was out. Probably a good thing as I wouldn’t have wanted to let her go. 

I wrote up a blog post, then went to let Olivia run around a bit. We had to set up a barricade of sorts so she couldn’t get anywhere she might get stuck. She runs and jumps like a tiny bunny and it is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I would like to keep her forever but have her remain the same size, and neither of those things can happen. 

This afternoon, Mommy and I wound a skein of wool into a ball which took nearly an hour – much longer than I expected. I think for the other four, I will have to use some kind of apparatus so she doesn’t have to kneel on the floor for that long again. 

She then went to Grandma’s, so I went and played with Olivia for another hour. I occasionally had to stop her from climbing down behind the bed, but for the most part we had a lovely time playing with newspaper. My back started to get pretty bad, so I popped her back in the cage with some food. When Mommy got back, we decided to make some muffins, but then Jonathan wanted to come and see the kitty, so Mommy baked and I sat with him and Olivia. She has had a whale of a time. 

At five, I needed to get ready to go out to The Glee, so he went home and I went upstairs to make myself slightly more presentable. We then had Jamie at the door returning some keys, and he got to see Olivia too. 

I arrived at The Glee to see James Acaster shortly before the doors were due to open, so I got myself a glass of wine and found a place to wait. Looking around, I realised the girl next to me had been in my class at school, and I had not seen her since we left nine years ago! We had a quick catch-up, and Sandhya is a doctor now, although it is unlikely I’ll bump into her because she works at Sandwell Hospital, not the QE. She wasn’t aware of everything that’s happened, but thankfully, being a medic, she understood everything I was saying. 

It was allocated seating, and for once I was actually in a decent place! A few rows back from the front, just to stage left. I had a nice chat with the chap on my left about James and other comedy gigs we’d both been to, then my fish finger sandwich was delivered so I ate that and he went to get a drink. It was really tasty! Excellent home-made lime tartare sauce. Capers, all sorts of business. 

The show was excellent, as I thought it would be. He had to cope with some curveballs, like coming onstage with burgers that the front row had ordered, a lady called Sarah who stood up because her back hurt, unfortunately right in the spotlight, and me and the lady next but one to me getting utterly hysterical at James’ praying mantis impression. Not sure why it tickled us so much, but it was glorious. My face hurt from laughing so much. We had a chat about it in the interval and ended up having a very jolly time along our row. Much more fun than the intervals usually are!

Daddy picked me up at the end, and when I got home, I considered watching Bake Off, but decided to leave it until the morning. Bed. 

The 6th of October. 

Tired today. Too much laughing. First thing I did this morning was watch last night’s Bake Off. Very pleased that Tom went. He was superfluous. I don’t know who will be an acceptable loss now though because I like all the rest!

I wrote about yesterday, which was a lengthier exercise than I originally anticipated. Jen rang to discuss our next cat delivery, which was determined to be this afternoon. Five kittens and their mum. 

After lunch, we waited for Jen to arrive with the clowder. She said between two and three, then I was going to go to the gym afterwards. Well, that was the plan. She arrived just before three, then by the time she’d left (we love a chinwag), there really wasn’t time. Nevermind!

We let them settle in, and I did a bit of crocheting before Becky came round. I introduced her to Amy (mum) and Archie, Alfie, Ava, Angelica and Amira. Obviously they are all still very unsure so we left them and had tea and muffin/hobnob chat in the living room. I haven’t seen her for weeks so she had a great deal to bring us up to speed with, what with her having moved to a new school. Much less stressful, or at least in different ways. We allowed ourselves a tiny bit of Christmas excitement. 

Got to get these kitties to be my friend. 

Eight years that I would not have had if the current rules had been in place. Patients will be denied the chance to have the same based purely on some bad luck, and that is fucked up.

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The 17th of July.

I do love summer, but it’s too hot in the sun. I enjoy being able to wear my dresses though. There are not many days a year that I can, so the next few might require outfit changes so things get worn. 

Got up earlier then usual for a Sunday because Victoria and Isobel were coming to look at kittens at half ten. They were very prompt and I ushered them in, so the kittens legged it to the other end of the room. We stayed where we were, and slowly Nova, Nettie and Noelle all came to say hello. Isobel was very indecisive (as 3 year olds are), stuck between Nettie and Noelle. I think the decision was made for her when Noelle really took to them both, having a great time playing with their fingers. 

They left after about an hour, and they’ll come back to take her home when they are back from holiday in a couple of weeks. Her name will be changed to Sophie so we’ll have to start calling her that. 

After Grandma had been taken home from church and we’d had lunch, Mommy and I went to the Cats Protection Garden Party and took some cakes for them to sell. We saw Jen and Lee, bought some cake, jam and raffle tickets, but couldn’t stay long because it was roasting and I needed to get back to feed the kittens. 

For the rest of the afternoon, I’ve been photographing the kittens for the website, filling in my Anthony Nolan expenses forms and composing an email to Mark Tami about mental health post-transplant. I will update my blog, I swear. 

The 18th of July.

More writing. I think this must be how actual writers feel, doing essentially nothing but. I didn’t get any done this morning because there wasn’t really time before I had to go out. I had my breakfast and coffee, fed the kittens (who are much friendlier now we’ve taken the cage down), then it was time to go to the gym. 

I was meeting with Vlad because now I’ve had this news about my spine, I don’t think it is wise for me to be putting any extra strain on it until I have seen the surgeon, know what’s going on and what we’re going to do about it. Mr. Harland might say it’s fine to exercise, or tell me what I can and cannot do, which would be great and I’d go back immediately, but it hurt every time I worked out and so for now, I will not be gymming. He asked how my diet had been, which I think is funny because I will not be changing that for anyone. It’s taken my entire life for me to cultivate a relatively normal relationship with food, and any obsessive monitoring of what or how much I eat will only end badly. Sorry but not sorry. 

After lunch: writing/blogging. I’ve written up two out of three, with the second one scheduled to be published tomorrow morning, and I’m going to try to do the third one this evening, because tomorrow I’ll have another one to do!

The weather is too warm. I cannot go outside because it just feels too close. The air feels heavy. Sleeping tonight will be a challenge. Daddy’s just got in from work and I remember just how gross the train home can be in this kind of heat so I do not envy him at all. 

The 2nd of May. 

I feel so perky. I love sunshine. I have heard news that the weather will get much warmer toward the end of the week which will be most delightful if true. 

I had a better sleep last night which was a relief, and spent this morning writing up a blog post and filling in my postal votes. Need to get them sent off so they’re in before the 5th. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. I am almost definitely getting new kittens tomorrow (three or even four, erk!) so I won’t be able to go for a few days while I’m trying to gain their trust. Considering it’s a bank holiday, it wasn’t as busy as I expected when I arrived, although it did fill up as time went on. I had to skip two things because the equipment wasn’t available, but I made do. Happy Clappy Chap turned up early and lurked behind me for a while, and the woman who gives me a headache with her body spray did it again. 

When I was finished and waiting for my lift, a woman came up to me and said she recognised me from my blog (hi!) and then we had a chat about crocheting and the gym, and I felt as happy as a corgi. If you’re a fan and you see me in public, do come and say hello! You’ll make my day. 

The 3rd of May. 

Kittens not here yet. But on their way after six. 

The day has been spent waiting for said kittens, to be perfectly honest. I didn’t know what time Shaki was going to arrive until she texted me just before one, so this morning we got the room ready. Adjustments will have to be made because they need to stay in a (large) dog cage until they are reacquainted with the litter tray. There are three of them; a boy and two girls, called Freddie, Frieda and Freya. Shaki was taking them to the vet for 4.10, then bringing them here, but the vet was really late and she’s had to meet someone at her house at 6 so she’s coming here after that’s done. 

I said I would crochet a version of Charlie, one of Shaki’s cats, so this afternoon I’ve been working on that until my hand hurt while catching up on tv from last night. The beginning of Masterchef was particularly upsetting – I don’t know anyone who wants to squeeze warm prawn brain all over their dinner of sea urchin gonads. I was delighted about who was sent home though. 

I also booked my train tickets to and from London on the 1st of June for more Anthony Nolan stuff. Looking for lovely people to have lunch with so hit me up. 

Freya in front, Frieda behind.


The 21st of March. 

Sleepy again but in a different way to yesterday. I went back to the gym so my body is pooped. 

It took what seemed like my entire morning to write up my blog post today. It was slightly longer than usual but not ridiculously so, but I did also get a little bit distracted when I went to see Monica because she was doing sad mews at the door. I need to take some photos of her for the Cats Protection website – all the ones of her I have are against the carpet and I’ve been told that’s not a good background. 

After lunch, I made my return to the gym. Jess was surprised to see me come up the stairs – I didn’t feel spectacular at the top but it was better than waiting for the lift in the cold. I did all the things fairly well and everything was dandy until the chest press, when who should walk past but No Pants Man? In the exact same trousers as last time and I just can’t be having that. If it were normal, I’d be able to see the penis of every man in the gym and that is not the case. I pointed him out to Jess and she said she’d see if one of the guys could have a word. Pants next time please. 

Tonight I’m on my own because Daddy has a work do so both parents are out at that. Microwave paella for me!

The 22nd of March. 

You know, you wake up in the morning and turn on the tv, expecting to see Lorraine gabbing away with some chap about pretty dresses, but the news is still on because some horrible bastards have blown themselves up and taken innocent people with them. There’s nothing I can say about it that would have any meaning. Social media has been inspiring and disappointing. People trying to use the tragedy for their own agenda. I’m just sad. 

I managed to get some photos of Monica on the blanket so I’ve sent those off to Lisa who does the Cats Protection website and database, and I’ll need to send her an update on Thursday because Shaki snd I are taking Monica for her second set of vaccinations, so we can consult the vet as to whether she still needs to be an indoor cat. 

Jamie came round to get a key for his house because he didn’t have one for the new lock, and he wanted to meet Monica so we went and had a chat in her room. While we were in there, Sadie, one of our neighbours, rang the doorbell and let us know that Joan who used to live next door died last night. In a way it’s better – her dementia had become quite severe and she wasn’t the Joan we knew anymore. More sad. 

Lastly, I’m in huge amounts of pain. All my muscles hurt post-gym and I’m hobbling like an old woman. I hope it’s better tomorrow; I’ve got to walk up the church in front of loads of people! I’d like to not look ridiculous.

The 15th of December. 

Slightly better night? Didn’t take me too long to fall asleep but woke up early. I haven’t written about my sleep this much since I was on steroids, but I can’t blame medication for this. 

I did a blog post this morning, and discovered I’ve done some sort of mischief to my right shoulder blade. Every time I cough, it hurts. My plan is to sleep on it and hope it goes away. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to arrange an emergency chiropractor appointment. I also had an excellent conversation why a chap called “Brian” (his name was not Brian) who wanted to inform me that I had downloaded a corrupted operating system. I made concerned sounds until until he didn’t know what to do so I called him out on the scam and hung up. He then rang back and I just said NO BRIAN NO MORE TALKING and he hasn’t called again. 

We also had some fun phone calls from the QE and the GP because Dr. Hewins has written me up for a diuretic and after some miscommunication, I’m basically going to end up with double the amount of tablets but that’s fine. 

Mommy had a Christmas lunch with Grandma until half past three (it took rather longer than anticipated), and when she got back we got through two of the four episodes of The Bridge we’ve got in the box. I have lots of feelings about Linn’s treatment of Saga but I am just hoping that it will be okay. I hope that a lot. 

Finally, Nick might be getting a home! A family are coming to view him tomorrow, and I am just hoping his shy demeanour doesn’t put them off. 

The 16th of December. 

My back is not better so I have an emergency chiro appointment tomorrow. Stupid aggravated rib. 

It’s been a busy day! Off out at ten to go to town for my ribbons and tags, several bits from Superdrug and my Pandora charms for my upcoming anniversaries. We were done in an hour (very efficient shopping), but had to make a couple of stops on the way home. Picked up my diuretics from the QE, went to Tesco for mincemeat ingredients, and the garage for kitty food. The place was overflowing! Leigh begged me to take as much as possible. 

After lunch, I went to hang out with Nick to try to get him in a good mood for the family coming to view him after the daughter had finished school for the day. He was just being mental which didn’t bode well, but when they arrived, he actually came out to see them and was very well behaved! So much so that they want to take him home with them on Monday. I’m so pleased he’s going to have a forever home for Christmas. 

When they left, I finished wrapping the presents I needed the extra stuff for, then started crocheting a hat for a snowball when Jonathan appeared at the door. He’s watching TV with Nick and trying to stop him eating his bagel. That’s not a euphemism.