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The 26th of December.

Bleah, bad sleeping again so I’m having Zopiclone tonight. Therefore, I have only had one glass of champagne today – sleeping tablets and alcohol are not the best mix. I still felt kind of wibbly this morning so thought it wise not to drink too much again.

I put my twosie on (I am so warm) and spent my morning writing about yesterday, watching the rubbish on tv and it has been mainly rubbish today, unfortunately. The Shaun the Sheep film was on, and I remember seeing that with Daddy – such a mistake. Wouldn’t put myself through that again.

Lunch was about half one; Boxing Day ham, then chocolate mousse for everyone (except Taid, too much sugar). Then for the rest of the afternoon I have been reading How to Stop Time, and have finished it. I had started it before, but when I knew I was getting the illustrated version, I stopped. So I picked up where I’d left off, and read the last 125 pages. Next will be one of the enormous books I got yesterday.

Tonight we are having cheese for dinner. Awesome.

The 27th of December.

Welcome to the Merrineum – the period between Christmas and New Year when all the cosy clothes come out, the television options before rather desperate and there isn’t much to do but eat.

So today I have watched Turbo, The Princess and the Frog, Moana and Big Hero 6. It’s been very animation-heavy. While I sat on my arse, Mommy and Christine returned Taid’s room to a state ready for kittens, and Daddy has been driving Taid back to Wales and should be back in about an hour and a half.

I’ve been crocheting a shawl, so worked on that. I think I’ll finish it this evening, then my next projects are things for people’s babies. I need to look and what wool I already have so I don’t waste money on more – I bought rather an expensive jumper in the Farfetch sale yesterday so going to have to be a bit frugal for a while (except on my birthday).

The Zopiclone I had last night worked, thank god, so I had a much better sleep. Let’s hope that’s a return to usual form. Podcasts all night is not what I want to become my norm.

The 4th of July. 

Kittens are gone! Well, three of them are gone. Hopefully Bree will cope alright because she still has her mum. Also hoping this makes her more amenable to being petted!

This morning, I filled in the paperwork for Betsy’s adoption, and realised that I didn’t have any more PetPlan forms for this afternoon. I also checked the PetPlan website to make sure Brodie’s heart murmur would be covered if it doesn’t fix itself and it will. Phew. 

Linda came to pick up Betsy just before twelve, and had a great carrier that could fold away. We filled in the last bits of the form, and we got Betsy in there pretty easily after I gave her a quick hug. I have had a video of her playing in her new home so it looks like she’ll be okay. 

Rosemary came for lunch, so I had a bit of a chat with her before food, but I was in with the kittens when she left. This afternoon, I have been doing the second lot of paperwork and doing a blog post. Plus a couple of episodes of Orphan Black. 

The family adopting the other two came at quarter to six, and I got the bouncy toys out so the kittens didn’t run away. Bailey got in the carrier without a fuss and I tricked Brodie into a cuddle before popping him in. Now they’re all gone, I just hope they settle in okay!

The 5th of July. 

It’s so quiet now. I don’t think we’ll hear any thumping into the wardrobe with just Betsy and Bree here. They both favour lounging around as an activity; Betty because she is so chill, and Bree because she is just lazy. They can be slightly forgiven for that today though, considering the heat and their level of floof. 

I think that most of my day has been spent in front of the tennis. So far, we are doing well! It’s bound to all go wrong at some point but I can cling on to it for now. I did take a break when I went to moisturise my legs (no one wants to see flaky skin) and I put on some music, had a little dance to George Michael. 

Had an early dinner of cheese on toast with sultanas (if you have not discovered this sweet and savoury combination, prepare to have your tastebuds blown) because I was out at The Glee tonight, seeing Fin and Kiri’s works in progress of their Edinburgh shows. I had no trouble with being let in this time, and went to have a chat with them both pre-show. It was nice to see them without oxygen attached to my face and being able to walk around a bit. 

Both shows were excellent; if you are able to see the finished products either in Edinburgh or on tour, you should. At the end, I managed to escape without assistance, and waited for Daddy outside the back door. Funny how much safer I feel in the summer in my chair than in the winter on my legs. Harder to abduct and murder. 

The 26th of November. 

A relatively more exciting day. This morning, Mommy and I went to the German market again as there were foods I wanted to get. On the way, I got a replacement Babydoll mascara from YSL, and a card for Fiona and Nick for Friday. 

I decided to have an ostrich burger with Jack Daniels onions which was nice enough but not worth £6, and a cinnamon/chocolate doughnut which was very tasty. 

Since we got back, I’ve been working on a scarf for Grandma for Christmas. Making good progress but it’s not tremendously exciting. 

Tonight I am really tired and I have to get up early as we’re picking up Grandma at nine to go to the food show. That will be lots of fun though – I plan on eating all the things!

The 27th of November. 

Good Food Show day! I had to get up early, so my body didn’t really rest overnight m and now I am drained. 

We arrived just after half nine, so after collecting my mobility scooter (necessary because Mommy was pushing Grandma so couldn’t push me, I can’t self-propel, ergo scooter), I went in search of a good coffee and I found a flat white of acceptable standard at The Shack Revolution. I drank it while planning my day, parked in the corner at the Saturday Kitchen stage, after I’d bumped into Miss Mold (my head of key stage 3 from school and terrifying back in the day) and so we had a chat. She is exactly the same, minus the terror. 

I watched Glynn Purnell do the omelette challenge, then I went off to go round all the stalls I had my eye on. I bought a set of 3 chocwiches from 5d chocolates, 2 brownies (Nutella and Oreo) and a corker from The Brownie Bar, a brownie from Gower Cottage and another one from Tarte and Berry. I also got some whisky marmalade, some shortbread and a bottle of carrot, orange and apple juice. I sampled nearly all the juices from b. fresh. For my lunch, I had a burger from The Naked Sausage and it was so much better than the one I had yesterday. Beef, sliced and cheese put in the middle, caramelised onions, Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. So good. After I’d stuffed all that in my face, I met up with Mommy and Grandma and we came home!

By the time we left, I was so sick of pedestrians and being in a scooter. Nobody has any spacial awareness and they just glare at you if they have to make any slight movement to accommodate you. At so many points, I just wanted to cry in frustration. Sometimes everything seems so difficult.  





The 8th of November. 

I am really lethargic today. I think it was the Zopiclone. Just complete apathy towards everything. Had to force myself to write things and do some crochet but my attitude to life is just “I can’t be arsed”. Becky and James came over to talk about what they did to her knee (the surgeons at Good Hope, not Becky and James). She’s hobbling about but not needing crutches. 
After lunch, I finally got round to reading the paper, but I was skimming it in all honesty. Not interested today. There was a good article about eating disorders in the magazine which held my attention but that was it really!
I have ordered three Christmas presents. It’s begun. 
The 9th of November. 
I feel a little bit wretched tonight, the way I feel when I know I’m not right. No temperature, no pain, just feeling generally shit. I suspect it’s to do with me having had another shit sleep. So Zopiclone tonight. I really hope this doesn’t become a cycle. 
Mommy, Alison and Grandma were going to the Hobbycraft event at the NEC, but before they’d even managed to collect Grandma, the back end of Mommy’s car got hit by a guy going over the speed limit and not paying attention. He went through a red light and hit her wit so much force that he spun her people carrier around with his tiny Corsa. We have his details and those of three independent witnesses so there should be no problem with insurance, it’s just massively inconvenient. 

I did make the greatest cheese toastie ever known for my lunch. Home-made bread, I buttered the inside and outside, grated a mixture of Jarlsberg and Red Leicester, then fried it and it was divine.

Becky and James were here for a while as we all had cups of tea/coffee and established the facts. Then they returned home and a second attempt at the Hobbycraft trip was made, more successfully. 
But as the afternoon has progressed, I’ve just felt more and more shit, tired and cold. No energy. Worried. Going to watch X Factor in bed, then straight to sleep. 

The 4th of April.

Oh my God my legs hurt so much. I had my first official session with Danny this afternoon and after what I did yesterday, I’m not sure how capable I’m going to be of walking tomorrow.

Anne-Marie came this morning to flush my line. I also got her to remove the stitch holding the butterfly on the line, so now it sits flatter under a smaller dressing. I was showing her pictures of Lil Bub ’cause she’s never heard of a munchkin cat.

As I said, Danny came this afternoon and we did many things. Squats, rows, sit-ups, dead lifts, curls…so many things. I remembered to stretch afterwards this time so I should (in theory) hurt less tomorrow. Afterwards, I had tuna and rice for lunch, the smell of which woke Oscar up and piqued his interest.

I wrote up some blog posts also, and the rest of my day has been spent catching up on tv and texting Christine.

Driving to Wales and back tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get out of the car.

The 5th of April.

I have spent my day sitting down. We left the house at half past nine to go to Wales. So we drove, we stopped for coffee, we drove some more, hit some traffic, stopped again for me to pee. I watched someone fight with the cubicle door (they hadn’t unlocked it properly and couldn’t get out, but thankfully they worked it out before I felt the need to intervene), then we set off again and eventually arrived in Llandudno!

Taid decided we would go to the Groes Inn, where he had plaice, Mommy had duck with rhubarb and gin sauce, and Daddy and I had burgers with onions, cheese and fat chips. Then we were all too full for pudding so we just had coffee.

Taid suggested that we got to Bodnant Gardens to see the daffodils. The sea of flowers was beautiful. When I see things like that, the beginning of a new season, I always wonder if I’ll get to see another one. It’s not the most optimistic of mindsets, but I can’t help ┬áit. What if I don’t get another Spring? I don’t know how to make the most of the cherry blossoms.

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