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The 3rd of April.

I am making up for the less-than-chocolatey weekend today. I feel like Üter from The Simpsons (“Don’t make me run, I’m full of chocolate!”).

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then I ate a chunk of my Dairy Milk egg while we watched people fling drinks on Sunday night’s TOWIE. Then it was time for Christine to get to the station to go back to Twickenham, so I put on the first episode of the new season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Austere Academy. Neil Patrick Harris still absolutely perfect.

After lunch, Mommy went to Grandma’s, and I made the remaining legs and tail of the sausage dog while catching up on some TiVo recordings. Upon her return, we watched Marcella and I finished my egg. I still have a second Lindt bunny and the whole Lindt egg to eat. I feel like it’s almost a chore to get through them, but it’s one that I enjoy.

The sausage dog is now assembled, and I have a little pack ready to go!

The 4th of April.

Well, the weather today is absolutely hideous. Absolute pissing rain which has caught me once, and I am just hoping I escape it this evening.

Had a quiet morning, taking photos of the group of dogs I’ve made for Nish, Suzi, Sara, Josh, James and Felicity as thank yous for doing my gig. I want to say they’re very good boys but the sausage dogs, the poodle and the boxer are girls (according to the book). Then I watched some of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony which was rather good, unfortunately. That means we’ll have to do something quite special when they come to Birmingham.

After lunch, I went to the gym to burn off some of the vast amounts of chocolate recently consumed. So many youths in there today, one of whom had doused himself liberally in body spray which my lungs did not appreciate. Thankfully I did not choke but I wasn’t far off.

When I finished, I whizzed back to the car at the highest speed that was safe, shielding myself from the rain with my brolly. Tonight I’m at The Glee seeing Ellie Taylor and I do not want to get wet.

The 1st of March.

I’m almost ashamed to say I haven’t actually opened either of my Easter eggs yet. I just haven’t had the space/time. I only had the Lindt one to begin with (Alison brought a Dairy Milk one round later), but if I’d started it between breakfast and lunch, I wouldn’t have any room in my stomach for the meal. Even now, at six o’clock, I’m still quite full from said lunch, so I really don’t fancy stretching myself. How very adult of me.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then got back to my jumper sleeve. Lucky for me, lunch was late, so I got to the end of the seam in time for food.

We finished about four, and since then we have been watching the Nadiya series of Bake Off on Netflix which is so pure and lovely. I do miss Mel and Sue ever so much. I’ve sewn up the sides of the jumper, attached the sleeves, and done the edging of the neckline. Just the hem to do now, then we’ll see where we are.

The 2nd of March.

I have eaten some chocolate!

Not this morning, because for some reason, after my coffee, my stomach decided to be super painful. Therefore, I spent the whole morning with one of those microwaveable heat packs on my belly, squishing it in with my knees. I tried to start the all-brown sausage dog, but it was too sore for me to even do that.

By lunchtime, it seemed to have abated enough for me to want to eat something, so I had a slice of toast and that seemed okay.

This afternoon, I had a hairwash, then I put on the new crochet jumper which I finished last night! It looks good, and thank god I made the sleeves longer because they would have been way too short.

However, the wool is quite itchy, so I think I’ll have to wear a long-sleeved thermal underneath.

Back downstairs, Christine and I watched My Neighbour Totoro (which I had forgotten has some really weird bits) and I ate one of my Lindt bunnies. Hooray!


The 27th of March. 

I need a lie down. So full of chocolate. 

Usually I hate the clocks going forward, losing an hour of sleep, despite it meaning we’re just reverting to the way things were before. However, I was quite happy to wake up early because I had been having a very distressing dream that I won’t go into the details of but I’ll just say that I was being held captive by an extremely unpleasant man. 

This morning, I watched Sunday Brunch while I blogged, and successfully resisted the call of the two Cadbury eggs with my name on. Well, there’s one now. 

Grandma came for lunch, which was lamb. It was supposed to be venison but tradition won. Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. Then everyone had lemon meringue pie except me because I am not a fan – I had lemon drizzle cake. So at least I stuck with the theme.

After food, I went to sit with Monica and we watched Olympus Has Fallen. That is one bloody film. I mean a serious amount of death. Even more than Deadpool. I also found it concerning that no one in the White House changed security codes in 18 months. 

Now, back to reading The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, and stretching out my excessively full-of-chocolate stomach. 

The 28th of March. 

Finally, I got a decent sleep. No scary dreams, no waking up super early, just a lovely lie-in (well, until half past nine).

Instead of all the stuff I usually watch, we relied on recorded shows on the TiVo box. Thank the Lord for Marvel Mondays. Nothing particularly dramatic in today’s episodes though.

I have nothing of much interest or excitement to say. I decided to do some more crocheting, so I finished the schoolgirl dress, and I made two socks. They’re so small and fiddly, I couldn’t do the shoes too. My eyes can only work so hard for so long. 

When I’d completed the second sock, I went to see Monica and ended up getting to the end of Pretty Little Liars and I don’t know if I am done with it or even more intrigued. Monica tried to play with my necklace, and when I took it off her, she sunk one of her claws into my finger. Now sporting a plaster. We need to clip her claws but I think it might be a team effort. Those little daggers are dangerous. 

The 25th of December. 

Merry Christmas! Not the best of starts – I woke up at 5 to 5 and tossed and turned but couldn’t get back to sleep, so Christine came in with stockings at about half eight. I got a little snowman that you make with chemicals, hand cream, tiny Lindt Santas and bears, nail varnish, a mini Hotel Chocolat slab and a pencil. Then Christmas breakfast! Game pie, meats, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, breadbuns, just all the foods! Best breakfast of the year. 

Went back upstairs to get all dressed up in my sparkly Christmas attire, and spent a long time trying to get a good photo that didn’t show all the mess currently inhabiting my bedroom. Mommy and Daddy went to get Grandma, and by noon we were in our usual positions, champagne in hand, ready for me to dole out the presents. They weren’t very evenly distributed so I could find loads for Daddy and Christine but none for me! It turned out all of mine had been hidden round the back of the tree and I had to crawl underneath to find them. I did then get to open them all at once which was lots of fun. I got The Crochet Bible by Jane Crowfoot, lots of wool and three birch hooks, an amigurumi book, Buck’s Fizz marmalade, a star-shaped skillet and cookie mix, The Little Prince moleskine diary, Rob Ryan calendar, a huggable microwaveable pug, a red Acme cappuccino cup and saucer, Christmas London Starbucks mug, fudge, biscuits, chocolate, a felting kit, Pandora stocking charm, Chanel Troublante nail varnish, candy cane earrings, gloves made of mohair, possum fur and silk, the new Michael McIntyre DVD, thermally socks and gloves…I think that’s it? By the time we’d got through all of them, it was nearly time for turkey! We had a whole one this year because we couldn’t get hold of a crown, and apart from a slightly too peppery stuffing, it was a great success!

Afterwards, Taid fell asleep in the living room right away and snored all the way through the end of Brave, Stick Man and Doctor Who. We had to keep turning it up to hear it over him. The Easts came over at the start of Strictly, and we swapped gifts and heard how their radiator had started leaking while they were out at church this morning, but luckily not for long so there wasn’t much damage. Grandma went back home not long after they did, Taid went back to his room to watch Downton, and we had Christmas cake and watched lots of the comedy we’d recorded over the past week. 

My favourite part is still reactions. Everyone was happy – I did well this year. Best day. 

The 26th of December. 

I had a much better sleep last night – I didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off. I gave myself ten more minutes but then I forced myself out of bed. I bit my tongue yesterday so hard it bled, so it was very tender this morning. I decided porridge would be a safe breakfast, then spent the rest of my morning writing about yesterday, as I didn’t really have time then. 

I’ve been up and down the stairs all day because Daddy’s needed me for laptop japes. He bought Mommy and new-but-used one for Christmas and he was migrating stuff before erasing everything on the old one. The most important thing was the keychain, and I wanted to do it manually, but then we thought that just migrating the apps would work. It turns out it hasn’t, all of Mommy’s keychain is gone and I feel like I’ve ruined everything because I should’ve done it the way I wanted to in the first place. 

We had a ham for lunch, plus hasselback potatoes, mashed swede and red cabbage, and tonight is essentially Christmas breakfast for dinner. Mommy and I have finally watched the final episode of The Bridge and I do not like how it’s ended but there’s naught to be done about that. Taid has been watching and he likes Linn, which makes me think he is a terrible judge of character. She was a dreadful person. 

The 5th of April.

My right foot looked good this morning, but it has got puffier as the day’s gone on, despite furosemide. I had a reasonable sleep, staying in bed until about nine. I watched Sunday Brunch in my pyjamas, then after Grandma had been brought over, we washed my hair and I got properly dressed.

I did a blog post, then it was lunchtime! Much lamb, then much chocolate. I’ve got through one egg so far. Sometimes I do wish I could eat more – my stomach is so small, and I think my liver contributes to it as well.

I’ve made two aardvark legs while munching chocolate. I’m not sure I’ll fit anything else in tonight.

The 6th of April.

Keeping a close eye on my right leg. It seems to be less bad as I’ve got socks on that aren’t tightly gripping my calf. I actually slept reasonably well last night – I think I was catching up on the sleep I’ve recently missed. So I was in bed until nearly ten, didn’t get downstairs until gone half past, so by the time I finished breakfast, the morning was nearly gone. I made an aardvark leg while catching up on TOWIE, then after lunch and half an egg, I thought I’d better go to the gym.

I spent a couple of hours there, just doing upper body work as I’m wary of stressing my legs too much right now. The bruise near the exit site is developing into many colours now. Delightful. Neil commended me on coming in a) on a Bank Holiday and b) while the weather is so lovely. It has been so warm today! I can’t wait for summer, it is my favourite. Sun on my skin, dresses, walking (if I can). I feel alive and warm and free.

The 26th of November. 

A relatively more exciting day. This morning, Mommy and I went to the German market again as there were foods I wanted to get. On the way, I got a replacement Babydoll mascara from YSL, and a card for Fiona and Nick for Friday. 

I decided to have an ostrich burger with Jack Daniels onions which was nice enough but not worth £6, and a cinnamon/chocolate doughnut which was very tasty. 

Since we got back, I’ve been working on a scarf for Grandma for Christmas. Making good progress but it’s not tremendously exciting. 

Tonight I am really tired and I have to get up early as we’re picking up Grandma at nine to go to the food show. That will be lots of fun though – I plan on eating all the things!

The 27th of November. 

Good Food Show day! I had to get up early, so my body didn’t really rest overnight m and now I am drained. 

We arrived just after half nine, so after collecting my mobility scooter (necessary because Mommy was pushing Grandma so couldn’t push me, I can’t self-propel, ergo scooter), I went in search of a good coffee and I found a flat white of acceptable standard at The Shack Revolution. I drank it while planning my day, parked in the corner at the Saturday Kitchen stage, after I’d bumped into Miss Mold (my head of key stage 3 from school and terrifying back in the day) and so we had a chat. She is exactly the same, minus the terror. 

I watched Glynn Purnell do the omelette challenge, then I went off to go round all the stalls I had my eye on. I bought a set of 3 chocwiches from 5d chocolates, 2 brownies (Nutella and Oreo) and a corker from The Brownie Bar, a brownie from Gower Cottage and another one from Tarte and Berry. I also got some whisky marmalade, some shortbread and a bottle of carrot, orange and apple juice. I sampled nearly all the juices from b. fresh. For my lunch, I had a burger from The Naked Sausage and it was so much better than the one I had yesterday. Beef, sliced and cheese put in the middle, caramelised onions, Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. So good. After I’d stuffed all that in my face, I met up with Mommy and Grandma and we came home!

By the time we left, I was so sick of pedestrians and being in a scooter. Nobody has any spacial awareness and they just glare at you if they have to make any slight movement to accommodate you. At so many points, I just wanted to cry in frustration. Sometimes everything seems so difficult.  





The 16th & 17th; heat day!

November 19, 2014 — 1 Comment

The 16th of November. 

In London! This morning I was just excited about this afternoon and tomorrow, so I really was just killing time until we left. 

The assistance office at the station was more entertaining than usual as there were some very angry people who had missed their trains for various reasons. We got on ours and it was all fine. There were some delightfully lairy women who started drinking vodka and being very loud, so I was grateful to have my earphones to drown them out. 

Upon our arrival in London, neither of us wanted a heavy meal, and that was all we were going to get at Euston or the hotel, so we went down the road to St. Pancras where we went to Le Pain Quotidien. I had a butternut squash and feta frittata and it was as lovely as the French waiters accommodating us. Plus we saw the pretty Christmas tree but there are no F&M hampers on it this year. 

We got a cab to the hotel which was nice and functional. It was comfortable and had what we needed so we were quite happy. 

We watched Strictly and were pleased that Judy is finally gone, then X Factor and were indifferent about Jaz’s elimination, then I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Gemma is not going to cope. I feel very prepared for heat tomorrow!

The 17th of November. 

Heat day! It has just been incredibly surreal. Plus I woke up at four but never mind. Duck & Waffle breakfast didn’t happen because they didn’t get back to Jo, so instead we went to Curators Coffee, where I bought a bag of ground coffee because the flat white I had really delicious and I actually correctly identified country of origin which I felt a bit smug about. Then we went to Association Coffee and I had a pain au chocolat for my breakfast and Mommy had a ham and cheese croissant. We watched people’s rain faces from the window. The rain did abate eventually, and we went to Rinkoff’s and I got a cronut and some mini fruity biscuits. Paul A. Young has done some toast and marmalade chocolates to celebrate the Paddington movie so we wanted to get some of those. 

I wanted to get some treats for the team at heat, so we got a cab to Covent Garden where we had more coffee at Timberyard and I bought twelve cakes and cookies – just one of everything really! Then Mommy left me at Bauer Media and I was greeted by Gwen and we went up to heat which was exactly as I imagined, and everyone was very apologetic about the mess. We put the cakes on the crap table and I was introduced to everyone and they were all so sweet and lovely. I want to work there and be best friends with them all. I left at one and Mommy and I went to have lunch at Nordic Bakery (ham, cheese and mustard in rye) in Golden Square, then at two I met Lucie Cave in the radio building for Jason Manford and Olly Murs interviews! Jason was there very promptly so we went to find the appropriate studio and while Lucie and Rachel set up, I had a little chat with Jason about TCT and life etc and he is very nice and funny in real life. I had to suppress my laughter during the interview because random chuckling would be weird on air. Then it was over and we had a selfie, and we went to wait for Olly Murs! He wasn’t until half three, so I spent some time eavesdropping on his team’s conversations about his schedule and Lucie and Dan the photographer did some test shots for an interactive Christmas card pulling a cracker, which Olly then wanted to actually pull so we did! I won a tiny photo frame. Then he wanted to read me the joke, make me name the four US states that begin with I (which I did – Iowa, Illinois, Idaho and Indiana) then he did the charade of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which I did get after a wee while! A lion is the opposite of a tiger, apparently. He’s great fun, very down to earth – the interview was vastly entertaining; porn star names and sex faces were discussed. Listen to heat radio on Saturday to hear it! Another selfie and many hugs, then Lucie and I returned to heat for Samaritans Club 7! I got to meet them all and it was like I was nine again. I was complimented on my hair and glasses, and I talked with them about how Bring It All Back was my first ever single that I bought. I talked to Paul, Rachel and Jo, then they had to do some filming so I went back to the office where I was presented with a bag of many goodies! I was leaving at five, so had lots of hugs and got a selfie with three of S Club as they were rushed out to go to Manchester, then I met Mommy back in reception and we left! I wanted to stay forever. 

We were fairly exhausted so just went back to Euston and had dinner at Ed’s Diner, then I ate my cronut and read my advance copy of heat on the train. Daddy picked us up, I crawled up the stairs and it was oxygen and sleep time. But so happy.