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The 7th of April.

It’s been a day of marathons – crochet and Scandal. Although, I did start off with a blog post. Then, the crochet began. Had to create a pattern for the bunny’s ears, basically by trial and error, then made the second one. Once they were done, it was time for bunny assemblage. Assemblage, then lunch. However, I then realised I hadn’t made a tail, then I had to make it twice because the first one was disproportionately large. Attached that, and bunny was done!

Took a break to go upstairs and sort out my gym/leggings shelf in my wardrobe, because it is a mess. I really need to go through all my clothes, but at the moment it is just too painful. Once I am pain-free, I can chuck out many things.

Back downstairs, I started on a cinnabon I am making for Adam. It has been a palaver because the pattern has mistakes in, plus it is written by someone who likes to go off on tangents and tell stories that I have absolutely zero interest in. I’ve had to make the top four times! I am happy to have put it down.

The 8th of April.

I have had such a lovely and wholesome day. I went to see Elle, Ben and Luna at their house that I’ve been meaning to visit for over a year, but it has been repeatedly postponed for various reasons. Anyway! I finally got there, had to remind Luna who I was, then I introduced her to the bunny I had made her, who she has named Michelle. We’re not sure where that name came from but hey.

We started playing a game of Frozen snakes and ladders, but after about two and a half turns, Luna got hungry so we put that away. Lunch was a mezze, which Ben has to have for lunch tomorrow too. Baked cheese and bread, prawns, vegetables, fruit, crisps, all sorts of business. I coped with all the food okay, then when I took my Aciclovir, I choked on it and scared everyone (well, Luna didn’t notice). I thought I was okay, then the tablet popped out. It went into a tissue, then in the bin. Haven’t choked in ages! The rest of our time was very pleasant though – lots of talking and playing. I have to try not to laugh when they are doing active parenting – not because of anything they’re doing, just that it still feels odd to see my friends transition into grown-up mode.

Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up at about half three, and came in for some tea and to say hello. They’d gone to see some National Trust-type place with a house and garden, which it sounds like the Winnington-Coes will be visiting too!

The 3rd of January. 

Last night was the worst yet. I didn’t sleep at all until some time past seven this morning, then it was only for an hour or so. My chest wouldn’t stop rattling, and I couldn’t find a way to ease the coughing. It has been awful. I was cold, but didn’t want to get out of bed to get my dressing town. I have a thicker blanket for tonight.

I stayed in bed all morning, listening to Sunday Brunch and trying to find comfortable positions. There were some brief periods of respite. I thought I’d better get out of bed at maybe half past eleven? Mommy got some clothes out for me, I slowly made my way downstairs and we had some lunch while watching Alice in Wonderland from 1951. I think we used to have it on video, back when I was wee.

I’ve spent the afternoon mainly on the floor, listening to films and failing to subdue the rattle. It is so very tiresome, forever bringing up junk from my lungs. It never fails to amaze me just how much phlegm my body can produce (attractive, I know).

Zopiclone tonight. 

The 4th of January. 

The Zopiclone worked, thank God. I am never sure it’s going to. I tried several positions and actually slept with my head on my pillow for the first time in days last night. Mommy came in at ten to wake me, then again at ten past when I actually sat up and agreed to do things. Mommy put all my little glass Christmas ornaments on a tray on my bed and I wrapped them all up in tissue and put them in the boxes. They will not spend the year on display again like the last time I was poorly post-Christmas. 

I got downstairs earlier today. I don’t remember having lunch but I know I did – I took a picture to remind myself. It was a toasted cheese bagel. I was very careful about chewing it all and trying not to cough while I ate. I got through it without choking, victory! The amount of trepidation I feel about eating crummy foods is higher than is probably rational but last time it happened was so terrifying, I really don’t want to repeat it. 

I have done a tiny amount of crocheting, but this afternoon I think I’ve been mainly on the floor. Sounds bizarre, but it works.