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The 3rd of November. 

I keep waking up earlier than I want to. So I put the radio on and the Today programme infiltrates my dreams, it’s rather irritating. 

This morning was routine blog post, chat with kittens, then back to Christmas gnome. Finished off the cuffs on the arms, then Mommy had made cinnabons so I iced them and we had lunch. After we’d given the kittens theirs, the buns had cooled down sufficiently for me to have one. Oh man, they are my favourite. 

Once I had finished and licked all the icing off my fingers, it was time to do the final pieces of the gnome. Rather large hat, nose and beard. Few more episodes of The Blacklist down. And I had a couple of phone calls – one from the QE, checking that I was still going next week to get my eyelashes done, and from St. Giles, because I’d rung them with another sleeve query. The sleeve on the prescription is not the one on the box, but we have solved the mystery and that’s all fine. 

The 4th of November. 

Well today I had to get up early and my alarm woke me up, such is life. Up, breakfast, coffee. Picked up a bunch of tote bags to put any shopping I might do in, and we went out when Becky and Alison arrived. Christmas Crafts ahoy!

I split off from the others, because we have different interests and it’s easier for me to go around on my own in the wheelchair. I had a bimble up and down the rows of stalls, growing frustrated because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Eventually, I had to buy a show guide for a map. So then I found Toft and had a nice chat with the girl there, and I bought a kit to make Hank the Dorset Down Sheep. Then I bought some heavily discounted merino wool to make some socks, and went in search of some stuff to make a necklace. I have a crocheted patch to use as a pendant but it was impossible to locate what I needed. Will have to go to Hobbycraft or something. 

I met back up with Mommy, Becky and Alison, and we went to look at the fancy cakes. Some of them were incredible, like this dog wearing a raincoat. But after a while, the smell of sugar in the air was giving me a headache, and it was time to go. 

When we got back, Becky came in to meet the kittens. She could not deal with their tiny size. Got a lady coming to see Chester tomorrow!

The 4th of November. 

I have taken to watching It Takes Two instead of the news because the real world is so depressing and awful. I would rather escape into the glitter. I cannot wait for the 9th of November. I just hope America don’t sentence the world to nuclear war. 

I spent my morning being invisible in the living room as Ed the financial advisor was here. I don’t know why, I was not listening, I just nod along when these things are explained to me. I just sat and crocheted Xaver and wrote up a blog post (which I nearly forgot about again). 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Nocturnal Animals. It is really an excellent piece of work. The opening is shocking and brilliant, I loved it. Jake Gyllenhaal still as splendid (and handsome) as always, Amy Adams is fantastic, especially when she’s not speaking. That sounds bad, but I just mean that she can express so much in her face, she doesn’t need to talk. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is absolutely horrible (in his character) and just yes, one of the best films I have seen in a long time. 

The 5th of November. 

Up way too early for a Saturday morning, but it was necessary if we wanted to be at the NEC for half past nine. Mommy, Becky, Alison and I went to the Crafts for Christmas/Cake International Show. When we arrived, people were queueing to get in, so I took my ticket and went to get a festive caffeinated beverage before braving the crowds. 

To be honest, the craft bit was not all that inspiring. I bought a couple of balls of wool, and a unicorn kit from Toft, where I had a very nice conversation with the girl who was working there. That was it, really. I spent the majority of my time in the cake show. The Brownie Bar were there, so I bought four from them (Rich Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Nutella and Oreo), and later on I saw another place selling all sorts of things I would’ve happily feasted upon, but I settled on just a gingerbread man and a cookie (which are enormous). 

The best thing was the cake competition – frankly unbelievable. There was a Dobby made of cake, a life-size ballerina, loads of owls, a huge BFG holding Sophie, lots of animals and people, and the most amazing sugar flowers. 

Finally, I met back up with the others, and we came home to have lunch because it had been many hours since breakfast. This afternoon I had a lovely crafty time finishing Xaver (minus his baubles) and I finally got round to watching The Outcast Comic, the documentary about Andrew Lawrencce which was really interesting. Waiting to see what he does now. 

The 26th of August. 

Today did not begin brilliantly but has greatly improved. I woke up super early for no discernible reason, so I put on the Today programme which usually sends me back to sleep, but then more NHS cuts was the main story and it just made me so mad that then I was awake. 

I watched Zoo on Netflix until it was a socially acceptable time to get up, then I spent my morning writing a blog post and avoiding the news. I cannot listen to it because it just enrages me so. 

Sadie is home for the bank holiday, so I met up with her at Yorks for the afternoon. We had a great time discussing her housemate’s very-swiftly-moving relationship, the saga of getting Nadia in the cat carrier, Bake Off and The Chronicles of Nadiya. She is like a Nadiya in her family, as since she has been backpacking on her own, now some of the other women in her family have been able to go travelling (but only to places she’s been). She loved the Cookie Jar Cat and can’t show her dad because he’ll be jealous and annoyed that it’s not for him. When he specifies what he wants, I’ll make him something!

Mommy picked me up, and on the way home we stopped at Tesco so she could get some orange jelly because she’s making Jaffa Cakes, and I bought ice cream because reasons. 

The 27th of August. 

Woke up today to the sound of Daddy throwing up a lot. That went on pretty much all morning, until Mommy went to see the pharmacist who gave her some travel sickness tablets which seem to have worked. He has this thing called Ménière’s disease which is a disorder of the inner ear. Usually he just feels a bit off-balance and it affects his hearing – he’s felt a bit sick before but never had the kind of severe vertigo and vomiting he was having this morning. He’s downstairs now, has had some toast and is now going to have an egg because he’s wild. Good thing we had no cinema trip planned!

I have had a quiet day of mainly crocheting; I’m making a sheep for one of the daughters of Philippa, who is the Youth Worker for the liver team. Then I’m doing a cat for her other daughter. I’m also supposed to make Oo Oo the monkey from Raa Raa the noisy lion for the son of James, my liver consultant, but there are literally zero crochet patterns for that on the internet so I don’t know what I’m going to do instead. 

I also had a phone call from Sheila about a potential adopter for Nola. I’ve rung her and she’s coming round tomorrow!

The 16th of February. 

I am very chilly. However, I can’t be bothered to get more clothes so I’m not helping myself. It’s because I’m in gymwear which is never as warm as I’d like. Leggings, vests, hoodie. 

This morning I did a blog post, then I finished assembling the paddling pool for the doll. Sod the lilo, it can be a towel. I am very pleased with the outcome, so it has been worth it. Next is an outfit for “In the country” which involves a jumper, dungarees, boots, a hat and a bag. I’d just finished taking pictures of her in the pool when Rosemary arrived. We had a chat for about half an hour before she and Mommy went to have lunch in the dining room while I ate mine and watched Pretty Little Liars. 

She left at two because she had to get home to walk her dogs, and I went to the gym. Neil let me in today, looking very dapper in a pale blue waistcoat and trousers combo, and I went through my usual routine. Still none of the chaps I used to see; I wonder where they all are. Nevermind, I get to do everything I wanted, just have to wait and see how I’m affected tomorrow. 

The 17th of February. 

Cold again and I can’t blame the gymwear because I have a jumper, long sleeved thermals and jeans on. My body is just incapable of staying warm, it seems. 

Becky came over this morning while I was still having my breakfast, and stayed until lunchtime. We had updates on Jonathan in Canada on his ski trip and Chris and Alison in Strasbourg, visiting Jamie. She has to go and pick them up from the airport tonight. We heard about all the recent fun at school (I just the term “fun” loosely) and the progress on the house, in particular the trouble she and James both had with curtain poles. She also demonstrated the latest noises her knee is making and it was very upsetting, I did not like that at all. 

This afternoon has been very quiet – Christine rang and the episode of Pretty Little Liars she watched here has got her into it so we chatted about that, and I hoped Gail might deliver my wool so I could start the next outfit for the doll but she did not materialise. I emailed Black Sheep and got myself a crafty appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow which is very pleasing as it’s getting a bit tufty, and I can’t be having that. 

The 15th of January. 

I have had a very productive day. I got up when the alarm went off and dressed in long-sleeved thermals under my jumper, as when I opened my curtains, I was surprised to see a light eiderdown of snow covering the street. 

During my coffee, I wrote up a blog post, and spent the rest of the day crocheting a pair of mittens. I was doing them to a pattern of supposed “woman-size”, but looking at them part-way through, they looked massive, so I decided to unravel it all back to the cuff, and redo it in the “older child/teen” size which is a much better fit. 

After lunch, we watched the first of a new series of Project Runway that we discovered on Lifetime last night after Britain’s Next Top Model. I then dove into Netflix and got through three more episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Since I found out a second part of season 6 arrives on Netflix next week, I really need to get watching if I’m ever going to get through it – I’m currently nearly at the end of season 2, so I’ve still got two thirds of the show to go!

My rib has been really sore today, so I took a Tramadol earlier. It didn’t take the pain away, but it did help. I think. It certainly made me very chatty. 

The 16th of January. 

Not the best start to the day – crying at an old man on BBC Breakfast reciting a poem he wants reading at his funeral, saying not to be sad because he’s now with his wife and they’ll be together forever. So sweet but so sad; just weeping. 

I was quickly cheered up by some messages from Suzi, requesting a couple of crochet items, so we chatted for a little bit and that made me feel better about the old man. 

This morning was the paper, in which I was good at the sudoku, then outraged by the crossword because they spelled Tsetse with “z”s, which is American and therefore wrong. I took great umbrage at this. I also did a bit of a wool audit to check if I had the right stuff for Suzi or if I need to order more. I do, but for the giraffe I’m doing for baby Esme. 

This afternoon, after being delighted by Miriam Margolyes on Graham Norton, I barged through three more episodes of Pretty Little Liars, leaving me with just the final two of the second season, while I crocheted like a machine. Pretty much finished one of the things for Suzi (I don’t know why I’m being cryptic as it’s unlikely that the recipients of the things will read this), I’ve just got one last bit to do after dinner. 

I only took co-codamol for the rib pain today. It was super painful when I woke up. Bloody cough. 


The 7th of November. 

Oh I had a very bad sleep. Way too hot, coughing fits, and I woke up an hour before my alarm coughing and didn’t stop. I got up and dressed and packed all my stuff, then made myself a cup of tea to try and soothe my throat.

We went over to the tea room for breakfast in the pouring rain. I had porridge and honey which I couldn’t finish as it was so filling m then we went to the farm shop where we got lots of Christmassy fayre, some butter, cheese, chocolates, I don’t know what else bbut Mommy had to be dragged out or we’d be late to Taid. 

When he arrived at his house, Daddy climbed up onto the roof and was removing loads of muck while Taid supervised. Mommy and I stayed out of the way and I just read the paper, once I cleared some space to sit down. When Daddy was finished on the roof, he had to change his shirt as it was absolutely drenched from the rain (his waterproof was not as waterproof as he thought), then we sped off to The Queen’s Head for lunch. 

I was still stuffed full of porridge but I thought I could manage some plaice, spinach and new potatoes, and Taid had the same. There was a lot of discussion of Christmas because he is coming to us this year. He’s diabetic so we have to do him his own Christmas cake and mince pies.

When we got back, we couldn’t stay for much longer as it was getting dark, so Daddy re-packed the car and after a little bit more chat, we were off. I watched the stars and fireworks with Amber Run on repeat.

The 8th of November. 

So tired. I had a Zopiclone last night, but then was up early so I haven’t slept it off if that makes sense. Mommy, Becky, Alison and I were off to the NEC this morning for Crafts at Christmas, so we picked them up and were there before ten. It costs us £12 to park now, regardless of how long we stay, and it is a fucking scandal because they say they are providing a “service” for the disabled but in fact all they provide is a fucking shed. 

Anyway. We split up, because I was only interested in wool/crochet things. I got a Lucy the Hare kit from Toft (makers of Ed’s Menagerie) and had a lovely chat with the girl there. They use silk embroidery thread for miniature crochet which I will keep in mind. I also got nine balls of wool for a hat, snood and some mittens for a lot cheaper than I would have online. Ahh so many projects! My other purchases were Christmas things – some earrings and a gingerbread house that opens and plays a tune. 

That was me basically done, but I texted Becky and they weren’t even half-way (granted, they were interested in a lot more than I was) so I went to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha and had a ten-minute massage from some people who were set up next to a large, knitted Christmas tree. They came back about one o’clock, had a few things to get on the way out, and we were home about quarter to two.

I have spent my afternoon with the kittens, trying to make up for leaving them. They have forgiven me and we’ve had lots of hugs. I think they probably forgave me as soon as I fed them. 

Some of our neighbours are still doing fireworks and they ought to be shot. 

The 8th of October. 

Not a lot of sleep. Got in from Rob Beckett (lots of fun, and at the end, he stands and shakes everyone’s hand and says thank you for coming, and remembered me from the Comedy Gala) at about twenty to eleven and Mommy watched Bake Off with me, even though she’d watched it earlier. God, it was so bloody tense. I was so happy Nadiya won. I had a little cry at her speech. I can and I will!

Anyway! TODAY. Had to get up at 6:25 to get to my lung function tests at 9:15. I got through the first three tests fine, then on the last one, the machine cut out. Someone came and they took it apart, then put it back together. I got two consistent results so that was enough. Dr. Thompson called me in and we had a chat and he agreed that there really isn’t any research for me, all we can do is try to keep my lungs stable. Sigh. 

We went into town afterwards to take the Oasis dress back, which I did while Mommy took back an umbrella. We met in Foyles where I bought The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler (I didn’t know there was a new one! So exciting.) and Yes Please by Amy Poehler, then I got some chunky and fluffy wool from John Lewis because I want to do a chunky ribbed snood and a fluffy one to replace a really good one I had and lost. 

Hi I’m Kathryn and I’m apparently addicted to making soft things. 

The 9th of October. 

Tom’s funeral today. I spent my morning crocheting the fluffy snood until I ran out of wool, but I’ve already ordered some more – I think I’ll only need the one ball to finish it. I was waiting for a delivery from Uniqlo of thermals, including a black jumper which I was going to wear this afternoon, but it still hasn’t arrived this evening so I’m now tweeting Uniqlo to try to find out what’s going on. 

We left for Telford just after half one because we allowed time to get lost. However, we got there really easily, so arrived at about half two and had to sit and twiddle our thumbs in the car until we saw someone we knew. Eventually, we spotted Gayle so dashed out to meet her, then everyone gathered in front of the crem to watch the coffin be taken in. I managed to get a seat (it was really full), and the service got started. Joely read a poem she’d written, and Tom’s dad also spoke. I was really proud of Joely – she really has been dealt a shitty hand and is coping admirably. She’s had Kelli’s cancer, her mum’s, then finally finding Tom and losing him so soo. 

We are able to speak to Joely and Carole afterwards, but we didn’t stay for the wake. They were the only people we would’ve known there, so it would have been awkward for everyone. We will raise a glass to him tonight during Stand Up to Cancer. I think it’s kind of appropriate – Tom would want everyone to stand up and say “Fuck you” to cancer. Kelli and Fletcher shouldn’t be growing up without a dad.