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The 12th of June.

It’s Daddy’s birthday!

He had already gone to work by the time I got up, which was a good thing because I hadn’t written his card yet. We’re going to take him to the Pink Floyd exhibition in London for his present, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

I had a phone call with Anthony Nolan this morning because they need examples of post-transplant care, so I was telling her how excellent mine has been. I know not everyone is so lucky. Then I had a chat with Nationwide because they had frozen my debit account for no apparent reason and hadn’t told me. It turns out that I had used it at a cashpoint or on a website that has left me exposed to fraud so they’ve had to cancel it. Well, that’s fine, but they could have sent me a letter? I’ll get a new card,it’s all fine.

This afternoon, Mommy and I went into town to take back all the kimonos I didn’t need. I also needed to get some facewipes, then we went into Selfridges to get Daddy some token bits – essentially fudge. I also bought myself some espresso chocolate spread so I’m very much looking forward to my toast in the morning.

Once home, I finished crocheting the bear, so he can go in the post this week!

The 13th of June.

I am annoyed and sad. Finally managed to speak to Tracey (the booking coordinator) and she hasn’t even had the paperwork yet. I have haematology clinic tomorrow so we’ll get them to chase Andrew. It’s all well and good for him to say “Yes we need to do another venoplasty” but if he doesn’t send the paperwork for three weeks I’m going to have to wait even longer for this nightmare to be over. It has been six months and it should not be this hard.

My alarm didn’t go off this morning so I didn’t wake up until quarter past ten. Thankfully I didn’t have anything that needed doing, but I still don’t like waking up that late. I got to have my coffee spread on toast for breakfast though, so there was that.

Since talking to Tracey early this afternoon, the heavy cloud has descended. I don’t think it’ll be a long-term storm, but it’s here all the same. I’ve just sat crocheting, listening to podcasts, trying not to think about it. I’m just so tired and it feels like nobody is trying.

The 11th of June. 

It is Daddy’s birthday weekend, so we are having family bonding fun time. 

We have celebrated by going to the Cholmondeley Power and Speed Festival. We were leaving at eight, so I was the first one up, at six. I don’t know why I require two hours to be ready, I just do. The weather was supposed to be pretty grey all day, so I did not take my sunglasses. As soon as we arrived, I realised this had been a mistake. It was cloudy, but too bright for me, and I was struggling. Thankfully, Daddy had his clip-on sunglasses and they fitted on my specs too. Without them, I’m not sure what I would have done. Probably bought some sort of hideous hat with a large brim (not that hats with large brims are hideous, I look great in them, but this was not the sort of place where they would sell good hats). I was also grateful we’d brought the manual wheelchair, because although I do not love being pushed around, the motorised chair would not have coped with today’s terrain. There was a stand selling fancy off-roading chairs but they cost about £4000 and I am not in regular need so I don’t think that’ll be necessary. 

To be honest, there is not a great deal to say about what we saw. Lots of cars and motorbikes, some helicopters and a plane. Oh, and many retro ice cream vans. I had a pulled pork bun for lunch which was only a tiny bit spicy so my mouth could tolerate it, then we had some tiny fried funfair doughnuts and frankly I could have devoured the whole bag on my own. 

We left when we’d seem everything we wanted to, about half two, and on the way home it chucked it down, so I listened to Pillars by Josh Record and my sore eyes didn’t really matter anymore. 

The 12th of June. 

I came downstairs today with arms full of presents, and I interrupted Daddy’s viewing of the Grand Prix qualifying to give them to him. I bought him a Rubik’s Cross (like a cube but harder) which I suspect may never get scrambled, and a Vinyl Pop figure of Flash, the sloth from Zootropolis, who brought him much joy. 

My breakfast was very exciting because it was an enormous crumpet! I have wanted to try one for ages but we couldn’t find them in shops, and suddenly Tesco decided to stock them so I got to eat a crumpet as big as my face. Hooray!

I let the kittens have a run around while Christine and Mommy were very busy in the kitchen, ganache-ing Daddy’s cake and making delicious foods for us all. Grandma was collected from up the road to join us, and we were round the table by half past one for roasted venison, followed by our favourite, chocolate mousse. There was also rhubarb galette but I had no interest in that. 

Spent the afternoon watching the Queen’s celebrations, letting the food to down, while I crocheted a dumpling kitty (as it’s called in the pattern). We paused for birthday cake, chocolate and vanilla marble, then Daddy took Christine to the station so she could go home. 

This evening, I went to see Sara Pascoe at The Glee. I was sat on one of the side benches, along with all the other lone people. So cool. Obviously she was brilliant, even when a lady fainted in the middle of the first half. Lights went on, the line “Is there a doctor in the house?” was heard, and Sara told us some lovely stories about Lanzarote and did some impressions (once we we fairly sure the passed out woman was awake and okay).

I went to see her in the interval, any we talked about her book and the dramas of the first half (she was fine, awake and talking, paramedics in attendance), then she had to work out if she needed to cut stuff so I left her to do that. 

I’m still trying to compute the massacre in Orlando. Their laws won’t change, because the NRA is too powerful, and they love guns so much. Gay clubs are supposed to be a safe space, somewhere to escape the stares and prejudices of Straight White World, and that security has been shaken. But I am heartened by the queues of people wanting to give blood for the casualties. Most people are good. 

The 16th of October. 

Definitely going to be a short one. I was woken up by Daddy shouting “MORNING KATHRYN!” as he and Mommy returned from taking the car for its MOT and service. Thrilled about that. 

This morning I wrote up a blog post, and while I was doing that, the postman delivered my wool for Luna’s presents, and since then, I have been going cross-eyed crocheting. I have made one thing, then I started on another pair of mittens for myself using a new pattern. However, in getting going, it was way too complicated and I just got lost. I might try it again one day, but for now, in going to use the wool to make another pair using the pattern I’ve used before, and try to add in some cabling or something. 

I was doing that until about five o’clock, then my eyes were getting tired. I might pick it up again after tea but for now, I’m going to have a wee rest. 

The 17th of October. 

Getting kittens tomorrow! Only two instead of four now. But I shall explain. This morning I read the paper while awaiting a delivery from ASOS of four pairs of jeans, as I currently only have two pairs that fit me somehow. I’m not quite sure how that’s happened. 

They came just after lunch, so I went to try them all on in the back room. I got so out of breath! Just getting in and out of clothes and I needed oxygen, for fuck’s sake. Bloody lung disease. I would have been no use at the gym today. I’m keeping one pair. 

Later, Daddy and I went to see Sicario. We were going to watch Crimson Peak, then I decided it would probably give me nightmares so this seemed safer. It was, although I think I expected slightly more ass-kicking from Emily Blunt. It’s definitely more education than entertainment. 

During the film, I got a text from Lynn, saying she’d bring the kittens some time after six. However, having just taken my first forkful of dinner, my phone rang. Nelly got homed today, and Noah is going tomorrow, so she thought it would be mean to make him spend the night alone. Which is fine, I don’t want to upset any of them. And I think it’s less stressful for us too. So all is good!

The 26th of June.

Woke up with a still broken lower half, so I’ve tried to move more today to stop myself seizing up so much. I’d got half-dressed and so was still in pyjama shorts when Kate came to flush my line, and she brought a student with her. I do love being an opportunity for learning. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see the Minions movie. It was kind of disappointing. As much fun as all the gibberish is, I just didn’t find it as clever as the Despicable Me’s, and there was no Agnes and she is my favourite. The younger members of the audience seemed to enjoy it a lot though. I took the new chair and negotiated lifts and didn’t hit anything! Most pleasing. 

Came home to the good news that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that all the states have to allow gay marriage, and the horrific news of the terror attacks across the world. Such polar opposites. 

The 27th of June.

I have had a day off not doing very much at all. I got up about half nine but didn’t really want to. Mommy suspects anaemia again but I think my body’s just being pathetic. I keep getting a really dry mouth overnight and I think it’s because I’m still on furosemide, but I can’t come off it because my right leg is still too big. On Monday I’m texting Igor. 

I spent my morning reading the paper, and being rubbish at the puzzles. Then a fairly leisurely afternoon of sewing up Mandy’s bear and finishing off season 3 of Dexter, then painting my nails. 

I heard news of another one of the Alton Towers girls having her leg amputated. I feel a bit bad for the two of them, because it will change their lives to a degree, but frankly, not that much. To be honest, I’d rather have lost a leg than the full function of my lungs. They’ll have some rehab, then what will it stop them doing? Nothing. They’ll get loads of compensation to buy a fancy prosthetic leg and probably pay for some counselling. They’ll be fine. 

I’m not bitter, not bitter at all. 

The 20th of December. 

I am now fully prepared for Christmas – all of my wrapping is finished! It’s all under the tree except Mommy’s Chanel stuff and big box. I need Daddy to bring that downstairs. 

I spent my morning updating the blog and reading the paper, then at lunchtime, Daddy and I went to see The Hobbit. It was suitably enjoyable – Kili is my favourite dwarf. Other favourite character is Galadriel because she is ace. The women in general in this film are all badasses. 

When we came back, I finished my wrapping while I watched Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium which is one of my favourites. It is full of poignancy and I just adore everything about it. It fills me with warmth and magic and brilliance. It makes me happy to have lived. 

The 21st of December. 

Another day, another anniversary. Today is six years since I was given my liver. It’s nearly nine o’clock, and around this time we were getting ready for me to go to theatre. Paolo and Darius scrubbing in before they cut me open, took out an organ (or two – gall bladder goes too) and  put a new one in! Couple of days later, I woke up in PICU, incubated (not my favourite), went to ward 8, then a day or so later, it was Christmas. It feels like another life. 

This morning, I watched Sunday Brunch and put my new charm on my bracelet – it’s a letter to Santa. Six years ago, I got everything I could have wanted in another chance. Mommy washed my hair, then I had “posh” (read: Heinz 5 beans) beans on toast and watched Miracle on 34th Street. I feel super festive and I just can’t wait for Christmas. Eee!

Here is a link to the photos from Daddy’s birthday on my flickr:


The 11th of June.

A really rather positive day. I woke up early but that’s neither here nor there, and I took some photos of our cupcakes before Daddy took them to work. First thing I ate was a tiny fresh mini doughnut – breakfast of kings.

I decided to work out this morning because I won’t have chance for the next few days, and besides, they’re going to be something of a write-off, foodwise. I’m going to have to up my weights or reps as things are getting a bit easy. I do have rock hard abs now though.

After lunch, Mommy and I had chiro appointments, both had bits to crunch. Back in five weeks. Then we went to Sutton and Tesco to get food for tea and some chocolate and whiskey for Daddy. Oh and Jelly Babies. They were a bitch to wrap.

We have now iced Daddy’s proper birthday cake and it is sitting in the fridge until tomorrow. It was a bit like plastering a wall. A wall that is round. It is going to be delicious though. Well, I’ll be very disappointed if it isn’t because it looks great.

Daddy came back from work with banners, cards and wine so he’s had a jolly day. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

The 12th of June.

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!

It has been a lovely day. We had to go out at about ten, but first we gave Daddy his presents and cards. His proper present will be either a night at the opera or a lawnmower, or something else of equal value that he might prefer. This morning I just gave him a box of Jelly Babies, some Bendicks mints and nice chocolate.

After breakfast, we went out to the Cotswolds Falconry Centre to fly some birds! We got there a little bit early so went and had coffee, then went over to the falconry bit. Our session started at 12:30, and it was just the three of us. A man called Chris appeared and first we all held a falcon which was easy and quite light, then I think we had a kestrel, then an owl called Desmond who was really chatty. I like him. Then we went out to the field to fly a hawk! He did not stay on your hand for long so we all had a few goes, but Daddy got more because it’s his special day. It would fly off into a tree, then as soon as Chris got out the chick leg, it was on you. And he made it fly over our heads! The tail feathers whapped me on the forehead. We trudged back up the field, avoiding the deer poo, then I needed to do a lot of breathing. As a special treat, Chris let us hold the bald eagle, although I needed some assistance as he’s rather heavy! At the end, there was a flight display but there was no wind so they did not really want to fly. By the end, we were all quite warm and sleepy, so we drove into Moreton-in-Marsh where we had tea and enormous sandwiches, then it was time to go if we were going to pick Christine up from New Street on time. When we all got home, there was just time to have some birthday cake, get changed and go out to Simpson’s for dinner.

It was totally amazing. The only downside was that the fire alarm kept going off because the kitchen was too hot, but they opened all the windows and it was fine. Christine and I both had mackerel to start, then I had the beef, and there was bone marrow which I have always felt squeamish and apprehensive about in the past, just because. I shouldn’t have been; it was deep-fried and utterly delicious. The cheek just melted and the fillet was perfect. For pudding, I had “chocolate”, and it came with a warm raspberry sauce which melted the chocolate sphere and revealed nougat, raspberry jelly, raspberries, crunchy chocolate, chocolate mousse and crumbly cookie cake. Oh my God.

I think by the time we got home, we all just really needed to lie down.

Daddy said it was his best birthday ever.


Daddy made a bird friend. This is Desmond.


Me and the eagle! (I’ll upload more photos to flickr another day.)


The humongous sandwich.

photo 3

Chicago Fudge Cake.

photo 5

What I wore to dinner.

photo 4

Basil, melon, feta.

photo 1

Mackerel, cauliflower salad, quail eggs, parsley.

photo 2

Beef, cheek and fillet, bone marrow, asparagus, parmesan, olives.

photo 3

Elderflower, cassis, watermelon and lime.

photo 4