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The 29th of January. 

My arm has not gone down at all. I think we’ll be phoning the booking co-ordinator in the morning, not to actually arrange something, but she might be able to help us work out how to proceed. What’s ridiculous is that I will probably be able to get this surgery relatively easily, but if I had an aneurysm or something, it would be a lot harder to pin down. 

This morning, I stayed in my pyjamas and blogged. I had Shreddies for breakfast for the first time since my mouth flared up, and they’re not as good as I remember. Might have to rethink my choice of morning meal. 

Most of the day, I’ve wanted to just retreat from the world because what Trump has started is so bad already, and I am sickened that there are people who think he is right. Disgusted by the actions of our unelected Prime Minister. The only heartening thing is the amount of people protesting, who refuse to submit. I hope he does come for a state visit, so he has to come to a city to a Muslim is the mayor and see the thousands of people who will not stand for his new brand of fascism. 

The 30th of January. 

No arm progress. I made some phone calls but by the time I got the number of the woman I need to speak to, she had gone home, so I have left her a message. I’m having a minor panic because my jeans feel tighter around my right leg today and I can’t tell if I’ve gained weight or if my leg has swollen up. I can’t use the scales to check because they can’t be relied upon while my arm is the way it is. Ugh.

I had a mini Cats Protection meeting with the homing team this morning to discuss some creases that need to be ironed out. It was meant to be just a brief chat, but turned into an hour and a half discussion. We did at least make some decisions and I’ve got one job to do but it’s not urgent. 

This afternoon, I did some CP adoption admin, and Mommy and I watched the first episode of Case, a new Scandi-Noir on Channel 4 that has already drawn us in. My copy of The Good Immigrant arrived, which I bought with my Amazon voucher that I got for participating in the Anthony Nolan group on Thursday. Really looking forward to getting into it. Also I am greatly enjoying the photos from the Birmingham anti-Trump protest – wish I could be there but it’s not advisable. I cannot afford to get sick.

The 10th of November. 

It’s been a weird day. Nobody knows what Trump is going to do. We’re already hearing a multitude of stories of racist and sexist acts committed by hideous people. I just hope that there are enough decent people who have the balls to stand up to the attackers. FUCK. 

This morning was a blog post and crochet. I could at least bear to watch topical television which is a step forward. Just got to call people out when it’s necessary. Adam Hills on The Last Leg yesterday was insisting that everything will probably be okay but his doing so is just indicative of his privilege. As much as I would like it to be true, now he is ignoring the very legitimate concerns of the people who are afraid. I wonder if people told the Jews when Hitler came to power that “everything’ll be okay”. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. Unfortunately, everything was really hard because I was really cough-y for some reason, so I only stayed for an hour and a bit. I don’t know why I felt so crappy – I don’t think I’m getting sick. Hopefully it’s just a bad day today and tomorrow I’ll be fine. Got things to do. 

The 11th of November. 

Today has been very, very busy. I had a strange dream that I was singing Hallelujah while in a supermarket and when I woke up, I found out that Leonard Cohen is dead. Bizarre. 

I spent my morning filling in the paperwork for tonight’s adoption and realised I don’t have an email address for the lady. I texted her granddaughter to ask what hers was but she doesn’t have one! A 19 year old who doesn’t have an email address! How can she exist? Anyway. I filled in all the rest, then Daddy took me to Sheila’s house to talk about being the homing officer. 

When I arrived, she showed me her two cats (both old, one completely blind, bless her) and I met the ones she’s fostering who are very unfriendly. Then we sat down for an hour or so and she went through what she does. I will just be taking on the homing of CP cats, she’ll still do the directs and the website, so it will not be a massively arduous task. 

When we were done, Daddy picked me up and we went to see Arrival. It’s really rather excellent. Amy Adams again. I really can’t say anything about what happens because the surprises are part of why it’s so good. I definitely recommend it. Enjoyment of sci-fi not a requirement. 

Tonight: adoption, then Nish!

The 8th of November. 

Well we know Dixville Notch in New Hampshire has done the right thing. Just got to hope the rest of America follows suit. Honestly I am so nervous – as someone on Twitter said, it’s like Christmas Eve and the night before dangerous, life-threatening surgery at the same time. 

I have had a very quiet day – still no building to wake me but the skip arrived today so that might change tomorrow. I have to get up for the hairdresser tomorrow anyway so hopefully it won’t matter. I did a blog post, then did a lot of crochet. Making myself a scarf/snood in the softest wool to ever exist. My face is going to be snuggly as fuck. I came across it in John Lewis, and now I am hearing disturbing reports that they are going to get rid of the haberdashery. They deny it, and I do hope they are not lying because I love it. 

This afternoon, we had to take all the cats to the vet for their second jabs. We kind of had to force Amy into her carrier and she wasn’t thrilled but I gave her lots of treats to try and appease her. When we took them in, the vet asked if we wanted a sickly chicken – someone found a chicken roaming in the park and brought it in. We declined. 

Got a couple coming to see Archie tomorrow evening. Hooray!

The 9th of November. 

It really happened. I was dreaming that Hillary won by a landslide, woke up at 5am and checked the news. Trump had 240, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to put the news on (still can’t) so I listened to two RHLSTPs until it was a socially acceptable time to get up. 

I’ve been at Black Sheep for a lot of today, having my hair whitened for Christmas. Obviously Trump is all we could talk about. I think we are all still in shock. Disbelief. I’m seeing Nish on Friday and I think we might become hysterical. The only way to cope with it right now. 

I left at half two, and we went to Pets at Home to buy a tank for the hamster to live in. This morning, to add insult to injury, Graham decided he would projectile pee in spurts out of the cage. We cannot have that so now he’s got a big plastic tank. He’s still registering the fact that he no longer has bars he can climb and chew. I am sure he will adjust. 

The people who were coming to see Archie have pulled out because they feel they’re not ready right now. That’s fine; we’d rather they worked that out now. 

The world is a scary place.