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The 1st of October. 

Even more pain tonight, but for a good reason – London trip for Christine’s birthday! Had to be awake ridiculously early so we could be at New Street for 8:40. I bought a Guardian and a Pumpkin Spice latte for the train because I am so very basic, and we sped down the country to Euston. 

Christine met us there, and we got a cab to Berner’s Tavern. Had it not been pissing it down, we would have walked/wheeled. Not today. The restaurant is within The London Edition Hotel and it is niiiiice. Very fancy. We were early for our reservation, so sat in the lobby, had coffee and gave Christine her presents. Just token things because we’re giving her a voucher for a fancy cooking lesson of her choosing, so I gave her a crocheted mini manatee and whale. She is going to add them to her crochet corner at work. 

We moved through to our table, and I already knew what I was having, so while everybody else perused the menu, I just looked at all the pictures on the walls and watched the other people coming in. I was the only one who went for a sweet brunch dish – buttermilk pancakes with Nutella and bananas (no hazelnuts, I had those omitted). They were so good, but I couldn’t quite finish them. Curse my tiny stomach. I had a curly kale, apple, cucumber and lime juice to go with it, so I had some of my five a day. Plus the banana of course. Then everybody else wanted pudding, which I most definitely did not, so I had a flat white while they ate their desserts. I’m fairly certain Liam Gallagher came in while we were there – I tried to take a stealthy photo but it didn’t work out very well. 

By the time we left, the rain had stopped, so we decided not to get a cab to the theatre, where we were seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in No Man’s Land. On the way, we happened to pass a Crosstown Doughnuts, so I went in to buy a cinnamon scroll to eat later, and while in the queue, I petted a dog called Cherub who was a chihuahua/Japanese Chin cross and I was happy as a clam. 

We arrived at the Wyndham’s just after two, so we stashed the wheelchair and found our seats. We had an excellent view, but it is an old theatre, and the seats were not good for my back. For the most part, I managed to forget about the pain, because the play was so good. I have not seen any Pinter before, so being introduced to his work by two of the world’s greatest living actors was pretty cool. Obviously it was an incredible performance from all the four actors involved (there are two younger men as well), sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes funny (and some lines taking on new meaning in current context) and overall amazing. Standing ovation at the end, and I found myself welling up for no reason that I could think of. Maybe because I just felt so lucky to be there. 

From there, we went to Picturehouse for a drink and a nibble before returning to Euston. I just had a St. Clements because I still didn’t want any food, but I did get a Mini Egg cookie to take home and eat tomorrow. We talked about the play, found that Daddy had nodded off a couple of times but not missed too much, tried to work out why the man sitting in front of us had left in the interval, and before we knew it, it was time to get a taxi back to the station. Hailing one wasn’t yielding results, so I whipped out my phone, and within five minutes we were on our way home. 

We were sat in the quiet coach on the train, but I put my earphones in anyway, and listened to a Flatshare Slamdown podcast while wishing the journey faster so I could lie down. 

So much fun, but so much pain. 

The 2nd of October.  

I don’t feel quite as awful as I thought I would, but still not great. I think I was helped by the Zopiclone I took last night, and I made no effort to get out of bed before I wanted to. I was up by ten though, I’m not an animal. 

I threw on my huge green polo neck for the first time this year, and spent what was left of the morning curled up in the armchair, writing about yesterday. Long post ahoy. I did get it finished by the end of Sunday Brunch, and to take my mind off my stiffness, I had scrambled eggs on one of my rainbow bagels for lunch, then my Mini Egg cookie. It definitely helped. 

This afternoon, Mommy took Grandma to get her hearing aids adjusted, and while I waited for her to return (so we could watch last night’s Strictly), I have just sat and crocheted. It is not super interesting to write about but I’ve made a good amount of progress and I don’t think it’ll take much longer to finish. I do look forward to being able to reveal it after Christmas. 

Going to lie down on the floor again now. I am going to be doing lots of stretching until I see the pain team.

The 26th of November. 

A relatively more exciting day. This morning, Mommy and I went to the German market again as there were foods I wanted to get. On the way, I got a replacement Babydoll mascara from YSL, and a card for Fiona and Nick for Friday. 

I decided to have an ostrich burger with Jack Daniels onions which was nice enough but not worth £6, and a cinnamon/chocolate doughnut which was very tasty. 

Since we got back, I’ve been working on a scarf for Grandma for Christmas. Making good progress but it’s not tremendously exciting. 

Tonight I am really tired and I have to get up early as we’re picking up Grandma at nine to go to the food show. That will be lots of fun though – I plan on eating all the things!

The 27th of November. 

Good Food Show day! I had to get up early, so my body didn’t really rest overnight m and now I am drained. 

We arrived just after half nine, so after collecting my mobility scooter (necessary because Mommy was pushing Grandma so couldn’t push me, I can’t self-propel, ergo scooter), I went in search of a good coffee and I found a flat white of acceptable standard at The Shack Revolution. I drank it while planning my day, parked in the corner at the Saturday Kitchen stage, after I’d bumped into Miss Mold (my head of key stage 3 from school and terrifying back in the day) and so we had a chat. She is exactly the same, minus the terror. 

I watched Glynn Purnell do the omelette challenge, then I went off to go round all the stalls I had my eye on. I bought a set of 3 chocwiches from 5d chocolates, 2 brownies (Nutella and Oreo) and a corker from The Brownie Bar, a brownie from Gower Cottage and another one from Tarte and Berry. I also got some whisky marmalade, some shortbread and a bottle of carrot, orange and apple juice. I sampled nearly all the juices from b. fresh. For my lunch, I had a burger from The Naked Sausage and it was so much better than the one I had yesterday. Beef, sliced and cheese put in the middle, caramelised onions, Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. So good. After I’d stuffed all that in my face, I met up with Mommy and Grandma and we came home!

By the time we left, I was so sick of pedestrians and being in a scooter. Nobody has any spacial awareness and they just glare at you if they have to make any slight movement to accommodate you. At so many points, I just wanted to cry in frustration. Sometimes everything seems so difficult.  





The 15th of October.

A year ago today, we “went public” with the news that I’m unfixable. Funnily enough, I had liver clinic this afternoon. Nobody in that room expected me to still be alive today. My tests are all good – everyone is really happy with me. 

I don’t know how I feel. I’m still really scared, but I don’t go to bed petrified every night. I plan stuff because I can’t afford not to. There are things I’ve come to terms with, like not having children, but there are things I try not to think about, like how my family will cope after I do die, especially at Christmas and on my birthday. 

I can’t think about those things. Day to day is enough of a challenge at the moment  – concentrating too much on my lack of future would sap me of any remaining will to live. 

I am tired. In every sense.

The 16th of October.

Today was just as great as I hoped it would be. We had an early start, having to be on the half nine train, but I am used to this and coffee helped. Even all the assistance went to plan which is rare.

We were going straight to Wild and Coffee for cronuts, but they had run out, so we went to Timberyard Seven Dials instead where they had many unexpected cronuts! I considered the Oreo cheesecake one but I thought it might be a little heavy, so I had a lemon drizzle one and a flat white. Mommy had a flat white too and some blueberry loaf, and  she spotted Seb Coe walking past! As you do. 

We though we’d walk down the river to get to Borough Market because if we got a cab, we wouldn’t be hungry yet, so we took the scenic route and saw the most runners I have ever seen without there being some sort of race on. So many lunchtime joggers!

Upon arrival at Borough Market, we were slightly overwhelmed by the amount of choice, so we went to BreadAhead  where I got a vanilla custard doughnut, then we were just dithering when Amy arrived! We looked round all the stalls, and  eventually Amy and I both had salt beef on rye, and  Mommy had a chorizo sandwich that I’d bought for myself but couldn’t then get past a few bites of because it was too spicy for my mouth.

Then we went on a treasure hunt for Momma Bottrill involving British cheese and ham, then we were queueing for Monmouth Coffee while waiting for Christine, and I spotted Arthur Darvill aka Rory from Doctor Who ahead of us! Such fun. So Christine arrived and we swapped her thermos for some Betty’s tea loaf and chocolate owls. We had a little catch up, then we got a cab to Fortnum’, and  while we waited, I ate half of my doughnut and Mommy finished it. I can see why Christine and Kim get spoons to eat the filling with! At Fortnum’s I bought some marmalade and four mini cronuts, and Amy got her dad the best mini chocolate in the world. I hope it was!

Oh, we went to Konditor and Cook too where I got a slice of curly wurly cake and chocolate noisette cake for Daddy and a fudgepacker brownie for Becky. Christine and Amy both left at Fortnum’s, so then we went to Selfridges where I bought two challah rolls and magazines to read on the train, then there was nothing else that took our fancy so we got a cab back to Euston for a relaxing warm beverage before catching the train home. Now  I am a super schweepy bear. 








The 1st of October.

I spent my entire morning in a state of pure fear because I had such a terrible stomachache, and I thought it was a stone and the klebsiella had returned. Thankfully we were in clinic and they were running late so I curled up on the sofa in the quiet room for a few hours and even managed a little sleep, I think. I was feeling better by the time Manoj called me in and he felt my tummy and didn’t find anything untoward.

We got out just after noon and went across the road to the Women’s to see Elle as she’s in having three days of steroid injections. Next time I see her she will probably have a tiny baby!

After seeing her, we went into town and had lunch in Pret, then we went to Starbucks where the man recognised me, then to House of Fraser for more wool where the woman recognised me! I think it’s the facial bruising. We went to Topshop to get some socks to give to Christine, and to River Island to buy some collars to wear under jumpers.

Since we got home, I have wrapped Christine’s biscuits and finished crocheting a snuggly scarf. Tonight is Bake Off semi final!

The 2nd of October.

Such a brilliant day. I got tweeted by Katherine Ryan, had a delicious latte from Faculty Coffee, and received a lovely email from Leukaemia Care which I need to respond to properly tomorrow.

We got the train down to London to meet Christine at The Dorchester for her birthday lunch at Alain Ducasse. We went to the bar where I had a Marmalade Dream cocktail. I don’t know what was in it bar champagne but it was yummy. Christine opened her presents and cards, then we went through to the restaurant and per used the menu. Before we’d even ordered, we were brought a pyramid of choux puffs flavoured with paprika, cheese and black pepper, then we got breads – I had a little brioche-y roll with some soft cheese and another bread that had bacon in it. Then as an amuse-bouche, we were given these ceramic eggs that had a parsnip soup poured over a quenelle of Stilton in and I love parsnips so that was fabulous. I had to stop myself eating all the bread in case I didn’t have room for the actual meal! For my starter, I had baby squid a la grenobloise, then braised ox cheek, which made my wine choices interesting! I had what the sommelier recommended, and it was the first red wine I’ve had that I’ve actually liked. I made a tiny mess with my gravy (literally a few spots) and they came and covered it up with a napkin. Before pudding, we were offered some more Stilton which we all declined, but then they brought some pre-desserts – macaroons (chocolate, caramel and lemon), chocolates, cocoa-dusted almonds, toffees and nougat! My actual pudding was the chocolate/orange combination and it was gorgeous. Then coffee. By the time we were finished, it was nearly four o’clock, so we only had time to go to Selfridges before getting a cab back to Euston. We went there because I really wanted to get some Crosstown doughnuts but I don’t think I’ll be eating anything more until tomorrow.

I am stuffed and exhausted.