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The 28th of July. 

I actually had a thing today – endocrine clinic, but I’d forgotten to put it in my diary. Thankfully, Mommy had it in hers, so we didn’t miss it. 

Andy Toogood usually runs pretty well to time, and today was no exception, so I got very little of my book read. He called me in shortly after half eleven, and I updated him on my current state. There’s nothing he can do about any of it but he needs to know these things. He did want some bloods to check my thyroid function, so I did that, then we had a quick trip into town. I needed to stock up on facewipes, and Mommy wanted to get her glasses tightened up a bit. We went our separate ways, and I searched all the aisles of Superdrug, but it think they’ve stopped stocking the range I use. Curses. So I bought some other ones and some toothpaste, and had a very entertaining time in the queue – a child in front was being a dick, doing fake crying because he couldn’t have some mint imperials. Then, when I had to pay, he was blocking my way, and refused to move. The woman with him (grandmother?) couldn’t get him to move until she physically moved him, and she apologised to me a lot. As I left, I heard her say “That’s it, I’m not taking you to McDonald’s now.” Bwahahaha. 

This afternoon, I have been assembling the minion. I got the arms and legs on, but when it came to attaching the eye, it was too big, so I’ve had to make it again with a smaller hook and it looks a lot more promising. 

The 29th of July. 

Finished the minion and season 2 of Zoo. What a productive person I am. 

Started my day with a phone call from Black Sheep to rearrange my hair cut appointment because Danyl has left! Don’t know why, he’s just gone. So June is going to cut it instead. Mysterious. Then I finished the minion’s face and took some photos to send to Robyn and Stu, who were greatly appreciative. Then I wrote up the blog post I forgot to do yesterday, and sorted out what I need for the panda. 

Lunch (pretzel and cinnamon swirl, thank you M&S), then this afternoon has been spent on the last three episodes of Zoo (had a tiny cry) and began work on the panda. He does not contain an immense amount of black and is less tricky than the minion so won’t be as hard as I thought.

I have also been trying to find a Pandora charm that is appropriate for tomorrow. I found a toy soldier, because I am a brave soldier? These links are getting very tenuous now but there is not much I haven’t thought of in ten years. 

The 2nd of November. 

Another busy morning! Not busy enough though – should have done a blog post but I forgot all about it again. I have nothing on tomorrow though so I’ll have no excuse. 

Today was endocrine clinic. I thought I might just get my book finished while we waited for Andy, but people started talking to me because they thought my transplant was recent (short hair), so then I had to do a brief explanation of the past eight years, and I just hope I didn’t scare them too much. The appointment with Andy was fine – he did check if there was a referral to the pain team about me and couldn’t see anything on the system, so he’s going to chase that up. Then we went to see the pharmacist for some drugs, and on the way out, some paramedics came in to attend to a patient who’d had a problem. A clinic full of doctors but the actual clinic doesn’t have the kit that an ambulance does.

When we got home, we had lunch while watching the series finale of Taskmaster, then Mommy went to Grandma’s and I went upstairs to look at my books and decide what to get rid of. I spent an hour and a half removing books from shelves and filling bags with the ones I’m getting rid of. Currently there are four and a half bags full of books to go and I’m not even finished. I really had to stop because I was inhaling so much dust, I was beginning to suffer. I don’t even know what I will do with them – either various charity shops or a place that will find them useful. 

This evening, I have been finishing off the crocheting of one of my Christmas chaps, Claus the candle. He’s adorable. 

The 3rd of November.

Started the day with an early phone call from Sheila. She’d had Christina (the potential adopter of Amira and Ava) on the phone asking if she could pick up the kittens this evening. I don’t know why she didn’t ring me but that’s by the by. I have now spoken with her and explained that she can’t adopt them until she’s viewed them again here with the grandchildren, so that’s going to happen tonight instead. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

I had to stay out of my bedroom all morning because Mommy was doing more dusting and vacuuming so there are particles flying about all over the place that I didn’t want to be breathing in. That was fine, it meant I could work on Xaver the Christmas tree. So far he has legs and a body. I will hold off posting any photos until I’ve made all three. 

This afternoon, I gymmed. Shoulder press is still broken, boo. I suspect it might stay that way for some time, as it usually takes a while for things to get fixed. In terms of people, I am pretty sure I saw a girl who used to be on Hollyoaks who I know is local. Not something you can really go and ask though. 

Also I’m very amused by the High Court ruling on the triggering of Article 50 today. Mainly because Brexiteers are so angry and are saying it’s “Remoaners trying to subvert the will of the people ” even though it’s just THE LAW BEING ENFORCED, and they voted for Parliamentary sovereignty and now that’s what the court has ruled in favour of, they’re upset. 

The 3rd of June.

Long, busy day. I slept until half nine and spent the morning in front of the television, then this afternoon I did a pretty high-intensity workout (for me) – I didn’t really let my heart rate drop below 130 for the entire hour and half so I burned 730 calories and got really quite disgustingly sweaty.

When I was done, I ate some chicken, then went upstairs to rinse my hair and got ready to go to Hallfield for the OHS committee meeting. We actually had a quorum! Made up partially by the chef and the groundsman but they were necessary as the main discussion was of the dinner we’re having in October (any Old Hallfieldians who read this and want to come back for a fancy dinner and drinks, hit me up). I need to organise a table.

Tim Venner gave me a lift home, and we had a long chat about Masterchef. He is going to The Hand and Flowers next year and I am incredibly jealous. When I got in, I ate my tea and Mommy and I watched Great British Menu.

I am bleeding again and this is just fucked up so I am really glad that I’m seeing Andy Toogood tomorrow because this shit is not acceptable.

The 4th of June.

And now I’m back on steroids. I went to endocrine/haematology clinic with my power eyeliner on and demanded answers. Well, not demanded; I was polite.

We sat down with Andy and I told him all about my totally sporadic bleeding, which he agrees is not good and we need to find out what’s going on and not just whack up my estrogen dose again. I had some blood tests to check my thyroid, and he’s going to refer me to a gynaecologist at the Women’s called Miss Robinson, so hopefully I get in to see her soon.

Then we went back to wait for me to be called in by Ram, which actually happened sooner than I expected. I told him what I’d told Andy and he went to speak to him, I think to make sure the referral is done pretty urgently as he seems quite eager for it to get sorted (as am I)! Then I updated him on my mouth and skin and he had a look and a pinch (GvH doctors like to pinch) and he thinks I need to go back on some steroid, with which I reluctantly concur. We’ve held it for as long as we can with the topical management, and it’s not getting worse, but it’s also not getting better. I hate it, but it’s necessary.

This afternoon, I watched tv, blogged and Becky came round to show us her victory rolls that she’d done for a 1940’s themed school trip today. Mommy went to get Oscar from the vet as he’s had his kitty MOT today and his kidneys are not very good. He’s very chatty now.

photo 1

Mommy bought me some flowers.

photo 2

20mg of steroid means 10 extra tablets a day – 4 pred, 2 voriconazole, 4 aciclovir.