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The 8th of February.

Got to get used to these new frames. I’ve got so much more lens.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, had a bit of trouble getting it up because my iPad wouldn’t connect to the blog so I had to go on the laptop. I rang up Piccadilly to see if my glasses had arrived but they weren’t in yet, so I watched the latest How to Get Away with Murder. Poor Asher! Then I just started to crochet when I got a text saying they were in, so we hopped in the car.

Jenny fitted them up, then we went to pick up the train tickets for Monday, but the whole system was broken. Sigh.

Home, lunch, out to Black Sheep for haircut. It was getting too long and needed trimming before Monday. Michaela hadn’t got Lulu with her this time but I got to see a super tiny two week old baby that another customer had with her so I was very happy. Such small feets!

Tomorrow is speech writing. Gah.

The 9th of February.

Ugh well today has been incredibly boring, I am sorry to say.

Actually, this morning was quite exciting, because there were only 75 tickets left for Still Standing, then I got another email from Music Glue saying it had nearly sold out with only 54 seats to go! If we sell out, I think I will probably cry.

Apart from that, very dull. Shower, shaved legs (in case I end up wearing something that shows some ankle), lots of moisturising. That took about an hour, and caused rather a lot of back pain.

After lunch, I made the sudden discovery that iCloud had essentially put 30,000 photos on my phone and there isn’t space for that. I went upstairs to sort it out, and pretty much lost my afternoon to it. Hours of photo library bollocks. I’ve left it updating to the new iMac software. This is not over.

No writing got done at all.

The 31st of January.

Today has been fine, although I got a disappointing email this afternoon so now I feel quite gloomy.

I had a better sleep, thankfully, and got up when my alarm went off. I wrote up a blog post, then I got back to work on Woody. The leaves, for want of a better word, of the pine cone take ages, and I have to sit in a position that is really uncomfortable for my back while doing them which is not ideal.

After lunch, I finished the pine cone bit off, then I decided that I was going to do some exercise. It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions to start working out again, even if it was much less than before, because I can still regain some muscular strength, even if I can’t do things I’d do in the gym. So I got out my yoga mat and did some very basic stuff, mainly on the floor for about half an hour, which was enough.

Since then, I got an email from Anthony Nolan about the blog I wrote for them. They want to publish it on Friday, but have edited out a lot of the best and most important parts, because they are either “scary” or “don’t offer a shared experience” for patients reading it. I wasn’t writing it for potential patients, I wrote it to be published in the press somewhere and why will they pick it up now a massive chunk is missing? I’m aware my story isn’t very inclusive for other patients but my uniqueness is exactly why it’s so incredible. I can still put it on my blog but what’s the point when the audience is so small?

The 1st of February.

It is too cold, bleah. I had to have my extra blanket in bed last night, but I at least had a decent sleep.

This morning, I did much crochet. Simon the snowman now, and currently he has legs, a body and eyes. Very productive, but not very interesting.

After lunch, we had to go into town because it was time for my eye test. I had a long chat with the optician about what’s been going on since my last test two years ago, when I had the eye GvHD but hadn’t started any treatment. We went through all the drops in currently using, and I showed her my last letter from Dr. Barry on myhealth which was useful.

My eyes are a bit worse, as I suspected, so I’m having a new prescription and I decided to try on some new frames as well to see if there was anything I preferred to the ones I currently have. I tried on several pairs, and have chosen a green pair by Jono Hennessy, who did my previous pair, so they’ll arrive in 5-7 days. I’ll have to come up with a new logo for the blog!

The 8th of May.

Ooh busy day! Started with needing a hairwash before Mommy went to Grandma’s residents and relatives meeting at quarter past ten. When she came back, we went to the chiropractor to see Trine. Neither of us have really had any niggles, so we’ve extended the gap untilĀ our next visits. There were a few bits to be crunched but really nothing major.

We came home to eat lunch, then went back out to town because my new glasses were ready and the new Jeffery Deaver book came out today. We went to Piccadilly for my specs first, as it wasn’t raining too much, and Jennie fitted them up for me. They’re purple L’Wren Scott ones and I love them. Then we were off to Waterstones to buy The Skin Collector and I got The Farm by Tom Rob Smith too. I always buy books faster than I can read them. We went into Chanel in Selfridges to see Mary and get some new nail varnish (Orange Fizz), plus she gave us some pretty perfume samples because she is lovely.

Upon our return, I had a brownie, and Becky came round to see the new frames. I think she is a bit pooped from school. I could never be a teacher; stupid children infuriate me.

The 9th of May.

Ugh Jeffery Deaver is so clever and now I’ve finished The Skin Collector I’m even more annoyed that he didn’t come to Birmingham on this tour! I must have another Lincoln Rhyme ASAP.

I got up at nine because Anne-Marie was coming to flush my line at half ten, then Danny was coming at twelve. In between seeing them, I wrote up a blog post. With Danny, he had me keeping my heart rate above 140 the whole time, although it levelled out around 160. I wasn’t doing any super-sets today, just things with more reps or weights so I’m a bit knackered but there are some new exercises I can add to my routine. We also did my measurements and fat percentage which was interesting to learn. I’ve lost half a pound too so I’m pleased.

The entire rest of my day has been devoted to reading The Skin Collector. I won’t say anything about the plot but it’s safe to say that fans won’t be disappointed.

My tongue is sore. I’m going to the dental hospital on Monday to see Mrs Richards. I don’t know what she’s going to recommend but I think it’s quite likely that I’ll be getting stabbed in the tongue.

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The 30th of April.

Woke at quarter past nine and spent the majority of my morning refreshing my inbox until I heard from one of the X Factor producers about Sunday. When the email came, she wanted my phone number which I gave and she rang.

We had a very nice chat; I am to turn up at 12 when I will sing for two producers within about half an hour, then if they like me I’ll go to see an executive producer to sing again and talk a bit. That is the bit I really need to get to as that will get me through, I think. And that means I have to knock the socks off of the first people.

So I spent my afternoon practising lots and lots and I think I have decided on my songs. I really need it to go well. It is all I have ever wanted.


The 1st of May.

May! Back in October, I would never have thought that I’d get this far without another hospital admission. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I’d see the first of May at all.

This morning, I went to Piccadilly Optician’s to get my eyes tested and pick some new frames. My eyes have changed very slightly – the astigmatism is a point worse in each eye but generally all is fine. I tried on several frames, mainly purple? Discovered that I can’t do pale colours. I’ve chosen some L’Wren Scott ones and now I have to wait about a week before they are ready! This is terrible because I am the least patient person in the world.

This afternoon, we had lunch and watched last night’s Great British Menu (we are not fans of Aktar), then Mommy went to Grandma’s while I practised some more, then worked out. This evening, I wrote up a blog post and gave Oscar a hug because he’s been out and got wet a lot today.