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The 5th of January.

What is with the fucking weather? My feet are absolutely frozen. Stupid crappy circulation.

I slept better, woke up at a more reasonable time. This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then I started crocheting a donkey I got in a kit for Christmas. It is coming out much larger than I expected! Also, the wool they provide for the feet and nose feels like string. On the box, they claim it’s renowned for its softness when it is in fact really stiff and rubs on my index finger. Thank god it’s not used for the main body.

After lunch, I went to sit with the kittens and finish How to Get Away with Murder. Mommy and Daddy went to see the Blue Man Group, so I had that house to myself anyway and could afford to be antisocial. I had a very warm lap, but cold toes. In the end, I had to come back to the living room because I couldn’t get them warm. Can’t wait to put them in my nice toasty bed.

The 6th of December.

It’s too cold when my nose is running inside the house and I’m not ill. This morning I was dressed like a normal person because I thought the house would be warm enough but I was wrong. I had to change my jumper for the fleecey twosie one, and put on my cashmere socks over my normal ones, plus my Uggs. Then I was warm enough.

Lots of crochet today. I put together the donkey from the kit and he is quite cute, then I decided to make another bear from a different pattern. Started with a large version but I realised I would run out of wool so I unravelled it and started again on the small one.

This afternoon, because the weather was so horrible, I curled up with my wool and decided to watch Gone Girl. It felt appropriate. Mommy sat with the kittens so she could make friends with them as they haven’t really sat with her yet. Daddy and I had talked about going to see Molly’s Game, but when I went to book the tickets, I saw that the two back rows were already full and that doesn’t bode well for a good cinema experience.

The 3rd of October. 

9mg of steroid! We are getting there. I might not be off them completely by the end of October like I planned, but hopefully it won’t be far off that.

I’m pretty knackered today, so I have just lived in the armchair. The nurse came to flush my line and clean the site which was all fine, I crocheted a snood using triple crochet so it was really quick, and I replied to emails from Julie and Leukaemia Care.

My hands are really trembly and it’s really hard to write so I’m going to stop.

The 4th of October.

Everything has been a huge effort today. I think my muscles are getting even weaker – I’m out of breath going from the living room to the kitchen, my heart rate is through the roof and I’m almost constantly trembling. I think the last time I was this weak was when I came home in 2009 after my liver transplant.

This morning I read the paper and watched Saturday Kitchen, and this afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Gone Girl. On the way, we stopped at B&Q for him to buy some light fittings, and I listened to music on my phone on shuffle in the car.

Gone Girl is really quite exceptional. Everyone in it is so good, and I think I’m glad I haven’t read the book.

Tonight I feel out of sorts. I don’t know. I think I just need to get off steroids.