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The 1st of December.

Food show day! So I got home last night about eleven, didn’t get to sleep for ages, and was up early at seven. Bleah. I’m having Zopiclone tonight.

We were at Grandma’s for 9 and it was freezing. I had to put a blanket over my legs for the car journey. When we arrived, I went straight to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha, then I got a programme and worked out where I wanted to go. Mainly cake-based stalls.

I bought three brownies – one from Gower Cottage, two from The Brownie Bar (triple chocolate and Nutella), a slice of chocolate rainbow cake from a coffee stand, a box of drinking fudge and a slice of salted caramel fudge from Fudge Kitchen, and some filter papers for my advent calendar. Then I was done! So I had to kill time until Mommy and Grandma were done, which I did by watching cooking demos and reading a book on my phone. I caught up with them for lunch (wild boar burger), then we came home.

I got to finally open my advent calendars! First coffee in my Christmas mug and biscuit. Super tasty. Then this afternoon has been lots of planning, and Ann and Tom came to visit the kittens again.

So tired. 

The 2nd of December.

Today has been exasperating and tedious. I had planned to spend my day doing loads of crochet, but very little has happened at all.

It was all because my phone kept crashing whenever I tried to use it, which was obviously infuriating. After trying the basic resetting, to no avail, I thought I was going to have to spend the day at the computer trying to back it up. So I put my diary (so I could type up a blog post), some crochet and some other bits and pieces in a bag and took it upstairs for the slog.

After having it plugged in for over an hour and the progress bar not moving while I typed, I gave up on that. I managed to somehow score a Genius Bar appointment at half three, so I then sat on my bedroom floor and plugged it into the wall while I tried to back it up over the WiFi. It actually got to about halfway, and part of me wanted sack off the Apple Store but thought I ought to go and get it checked out. If they told me to go away, back it up and come back that was fine, I just wanted to know how to resolve the issue.

Town was horrific, as expected on a Saturday afternoon, and I hated everyone, meandering aimlessly in my way. Still, got to the Apple Store, waited for twenty minutes, to find that many people have had this problem today! It’s Apple’s fault – they did something that made lots of phones crash and the way to fix it was a software update. Because I hadn’t had a notification, I didn’t check for an update. Boy, did I feel like a willy. So the chap who was looking after me sat there and we waited for the update to happen while talking about security. Riveting.

Now I am home, all is sorted, and my back kills.

The 24th of November. 

Another early start, but I can sleep in tomorrow. To combat my tiredness, I had three coffees before lunchtime, but that means I am very yawny now. 

The food show didn’t open until ten, when normally it starts at half nine, so when we arrived, everybody was still queuing to get in. I managed to get through the crowd, avoiding the stand where they were selling show guides, and chose to instead drive up and down all the aisles and see where I wanted to purchase things from. I stopped at Fudge Kitchen, because once it gets busy they’re impossible to get to, so I bought some drinking fudge and we had a lovely chat about GameBoys and hen dos. I went round all the drinks but bought none because I don’t want vodka that tastes like toffee. Bleah. I did as I always do, buying four brownies and a corker from The Brownie Bar, and at Gower Cottage I got a brownie, plus jars of brownie and blondie butter. Very excited about them. I also got a muffin from the Merangz people (disappointing) and a BBQ pork sausage roll for lunch. There was a stand of vegan chocolates and it was nice chocolate (I tried some) so I bought some for Lauren, and then I was pretty much done! We were home by half one. 

This afternoon, I had some more CP admin to do (apparently there is not normally so much back and forth with people but I have really been thrown in at the deep end) and now I am waiting for a lady and her daughter to come and see Ava and Amira. Hoping they can get through the Boldmere Christmas Extravaganza traffic. 

The 25th of November. 

One kitten down, two to go. I’m taking the gap between adoptions to do this. 

I got to sleep in until a vastly preferable nine o’clock this morning, and I was glad I didn’t have to do any blog typing up because I had to fill in all the paperwork for this evening’s adoptions. Three lots of PetPlan forms takes time. Plus I managed to buy a couple of Black Friday sale items for Christmas. Well, one thing for a present, one thing for me. I have not been an organised as usual – need to get going. 

After lunch, Daddy and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s alright. I mean it’s very well made and all looks impressive, but the story is crap. So thin. The amount of non-white characters can be counted on one hand. I don’t know why Johnny Depp was there. How they can stretch this out into five films I have no fucking clue. 

We got home with about ten minutes to spare before Stephen came for Archie. He was very good about getting into the carrier (Archie, not Stephen) and I really think he will be happy in his new home. He will be loved a lot

I think I will be most sad to say goodbye to Ava. She is just lovely and I love her. I must not cry. 

The 15th of June. 

Bloody kittens. The day before they get neutered and I need Gracie to eat as much as possible before 9pm (when they have to be nil by mouth from) and she can’t be arsed. She was 950g when we weighed her the other day so she might be alright. We have to get them to the vet super early tomorrow, half eight, then off to the food show, so at least we’ll be there before the rush. 

I was meeting Vicky and her girlfriend Laura in Yorks this afternoon for a long overdue catch up. I  literally do not know when we last hung out – it was before we had any kittens so probably at least a year? We are really bad at meeting up. But we always have a lovely time. We drank coffee and tea, and I presented them with a housewarming gift of the dumpling kitty, which they love. Chatted about the referendum (we are all firmly pro-in), our various ailments, the shooting in Orlando, kittens and giant dogs. After two and a half hours, we needed to go our separate ways, so I got picked up and they went to buy a broom.

Once home, I let the kittens out to run around and gave them a late lunch as they’d finally finished their breakfast. Had to stop Gabby climbing behind the tv several times, and eventually they had to go back to bed. They are going to be a nightmare tomorrow when they’re starving. Not looking forward to that. 

The 16th of June. 

Today was going so well. Now all I can think about is that Jo Cox has been murdered in a senseless attack. There is speculation as to the motive, but it’s tough to comment until it’s official. Whatever it is, a three and a five year old are now without a mother, and they will find it difficult to separate a real memory of her face from a photograph. 

We started the day by taking the kittens to the vet to be neutered and chipped. They were ready to bite my hand off, having had no food since last night. Dropped them off, then went to pick up Grandma to go to the Good Food Show. I took my ticket and went off by myself in search of coffee. My usual supplier wasn’t there this time, so I had to get some from an untested source, but it didn’t taste like garbage. I worked out where I wanted to go on the map, which involved mainly purveyors of baked goods. I found The Brownie Bar first, where I bought four brownies – Nutella, rich chocolate, oreo and salted caramel, plus a corker, which is a cookie with brownie in the middle. Then I went to Gower Cottage, just for a brownie, but then I tried this brownie butter they’ve made and it is orgasmic. I had to have some. I picked up some macarons from Sweet Little Things who are new (bourbon and smoked sugar, coffee, mint chocolate and salted caramel), and they were so delicious – they actually tasted of what they’re supposed to, which is rare. I could detect the salt in the salted caramel. My only other food purchase, apart from my lunch, was some cinnamon bun oreos. Very exciting. When I was bored and bimbling around, I got talked into buying some microdermabrasion stuff, which I have to use now or it’ll be a waste of money. I had a cheese filled burger for lunch, then met back up with Mommy and Grandma and we came home. 

We just had time to unpack our purchases before having to go back out to pick up the kittens. Everything went fine, we have to keep them in the cage tonight and feed them little and often. They are starving and want to run around. It’s not going to be fun. 

The 25th of November. 

Been out all day! I was up at eight, had breakfast, coffee, did a blog post and crocheted a bit of present before going out to Black Sheep to get my hair cut and coloured. I presented Michaela with the hat I’d made for Blossom, so I’m now awaiting a picture of her in it. We went a bit more red and copper in my hair today, less gold, and I’m going to get it brightened up again just before Christmas. Michaela trimmed all my ends but that was all that was needed, and by half twelve I was free again. 

Home for lunch, then we were out again to town to return the last Oasis dress. A girl in the shop was actually wearing it so I definitely couldn’t wear it for Christmas now. We also went to John Lewis to buy crackers, and on our way back bumped into Kate Warnaby, an old friend from the Hippodrome, and we had a good natter in the middle of Grand Central. 

On our way home, we stopped to get some hamster bedding and we also picked up some “poultry paté” to try Nick with because he appears to like the wet food until he’s licked all the jelly off, then he doesn’t want it anymore.

Christine called and she is a poorly panda. Coughs and sniffles, she needs lots of rest. No sport for her. 

The 26th of November. 

It’s been a good day. Admittedly, it didn’t start off brilliantly with the boiler man arriving at five to eight but he got the heating working again without all the noise so we were able to be on our way to pick up Grandma and go to the Good Food Show by just after ten. 

We didn’t have to pay £12 for parking this time because the shed was full so we just parked near the shed and saved some money! We arrived just in time to see Michel Roux Jr in the supertheatre. Perk of being disabled is that we all get sat together near the front so always have a good view. He made a duck dish which looked delicious. 

Once I’d got out (I got stuck behind a woman taking up a lot of space in her chair, going very slow, and she wouldn’t move slightly to the left so I couldn’t get round her), I got myself some caffeine in the shape of The Shack Revolution, then find a quiet corner to go through the show guide and find the places I wanted to visit. It basically involved the places I could buy brownies, and somewhere for lunch. I had a kangaroo burger which was adequate, but nothing to write home about. I got another Christmas present for Daddy and had a long chat with the lady on the stall because she asked why I was in a wheelchair. I told her, so then I got to hear about how inspirational I am, and how well I look. That’s always nice. 

Got five brownies (Gower Cottage, and triple chocolate, Oreo, Nutella and vanilla and white chocolate from The Brownie Bar) and a sticky toffee flapjack for Daddy, then met up with Mommy and Grandma who were also done so home we went  

Ate one of my brownies when we got back, then spent the rest of my afternoon with Nick and Netflix. Tonight is Nish at the Glee so I’m very much looking forward to that – we’re going to have a pre-show hang, Widdicombe style. 

The 10th of June.

A very sleepy bear. Awake at half six for early clinic, and for once, getting there early worked – we were out by half ten. Nothing different, got some drugs, waiting to hear from a kidney doctor about my blood pressure. Heard that a friend of a friend died. Again. 

Had to go to M&S to take back a skirt, and I got some Peppa Pig toothpaste (it seems I’m stuck with her – not even the dentist/hygienist have any ideas) from Boots. Got home, and have been wrapped in a shawl since. Why is it so cold in June?! This is not on.

Daddy did go back to work today, and we’ve had to do a load of baking (or in my case, icing) for some charity cake sale tomorrow, so there are chocolate cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, ginger flapjack with salted caramel and feltop cake. 

I have a crush on someone which is a) ridiculous because nothing would ever happen for multiple reasons and b) annoying because I made the decision to not do romance but my brain isn’t cooperating with that. 

The 11th of June.

I went to bed last night at half past nine while it was still light, and was woken at about half past five by some foxes screaming outside my window, which scared the shit out of me. We picked up Grandma at 9 and went to the NEC for the Good Food Show.  

I got myself a flat white from The Shack Revolution and found myself a table and worked out where I wanted to go. I bought a Nutella brownie and a cookie/brownie for myself and a Nutella and peanut butter blondie for Christine from The Brownie Bar, and a different brownie from Gower Cottage. I really like brownies. We had tickets to see Tom Kerridge in the supertheatre at 11, where all the disabled get sat together. He made a really nice steak thing. After he’d finished, I went to get some lunch. I had a steak burger which was sliced down the middle and then had cheese inserted and Jack Daniels BBC sauce on top. It was as good as it sounds. After lunch, Mommy and Grandma went back for a plant, so I went to get a frappuccino and wait for them. A man thought I was being ignored so did some berating of staff on my behalf, then we had a nice chat about my wheelchair. I did pretty well today, weaving through the slow folk, and it only tried to drive me into the road once.

This afternoon, I watched the beginning of the new series of Hannibal and mainly coveted Gillian Anderson’s wardrobe, and I’ve had my foot up on a dining chair because it is massive